Wireless earphones are gaining popularity due to the comfort of not having cables and their ease of use. However, there are so many types that many people don’t know which one to choose.

This article will help you with the recommended wireless earphones in an easy-to-understand manner!

To choose the TWS earbuds that are right for you, you should decide on four main parameters:

Price. Bluetooth headsets TWS now cost as much as $ 50 or $ 300 or more. And in any budget, you can find more or less good models. But the most optimal options cost around $ 100-200.

Sound. The better and more reliable, the more expensive. TWS earbuds with mic and powerful bass can get for $ 100. And cheaper, of course, if the bass quality is not very important. The main thing is that in 2021 there are already TWS Bluetooth headphones that sound good without amendments like “well, but no wires.” 

  • Supported codecs
  • Types of drivers
  • Whether the sound is your favorite

When choosing earphones, functionality is essential, but the sound quality is also essential to enjoy listening to music.

Comfort. TWS in-ear headphones and vacuum options. There is something closer to someone. The best sounding options are in-ear.

  • Does the earphone fall even when worn on the ear?
  • Is the inside of the ear sealed?
  • Is the bass squishy?

No matter how attractive your fully wireless earphones are, if they don’t fit your ears and fall off easily, their comfort will be halved.

Also, if you use earphones that do not fit your ears, not only will you risk losing them, but the tightness inside your ears will also decrease, and you will not be able to bring out the original sound of the earphones. Choose the earphone that suits your ear; use it for a long time.

You can freely try on completely wireless earphones with earphones, so if you have a store near you, please check the fit before purchasing.

Replacing the rubber-like part “earpiece” at the tip of the earphone may improve the fit even with the same earphone.

Connection stability . Noise reduction, transparency, protection (IP), touch control, application, support for aptX codecs, Bluetooth version (TWS 5.0 headphones, so to speak and others. Some people don’t care, but for others, a TWS wireless headset is useless without them.

  • Is it equipped with the latest Bluetooth chip?
  • Is the Bluetooth version 5.0 or later?
  • Is there any interruption in sound?
  • Noise canceling function
  • External sound capture function
  • Waterproof

The disadvantage of fully wireless earphones is that the connection with the player may become unstable. The left and right sounds may be interrupted during music playback, causing stress.

Most of the latest models are equipped with a high-performance Bluetooth chip, making the connection easier. Some earphones do not disclose chip information, but models with Bluetooth version 5.0 or later tend to have a stable connection.

Popular models such as Apple’s “AirPodsPro” and SONY “WF-1000XM4” have a noise-canceling function that insulates the surrounding sound and a microphone that allows you to hear the surrounding sound while playing music. There is an external sound capture function.

You can switch between noise canceling in places where noise is a concern, such as in a train, and external sound capture function when you want to hear your voice, such as paying at a convenience store. Also, if it is waterproof, you can use it with confidence even if it gets wet with rain or sweat while jogging.

Playback time (battery life)

  • Continuous playback time of the main unit only 
  • Maximum playback time including the case
  • Is it compatible with quick charging?

Battery life is also essential when using fully wireless earphones. If the model can be played for 5 hours or more with only the earphone body, the battery will not run out efficiently, even during business trips or work, so that you can use it with confidence.

The case that holds the earphones also acts as a charger. In the product’s specifications, the maximum playback time of the earphone body and the case is often indicated, and some models can be played for 100 hours or more together with the charging case.

In addition, some models can be played for over an hour with a 10-minute charge if they support quick charging.

These TOP TWS headphones include the best fully wireless models in sound, comfort, and functionality. We have tested all TWS earbuds shown below over the past years. This TWS headphone ranging from $ 95 to $ 300.

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Apple AirPods Pro

Earphone weight (one ear): Approximately 5.4g (one ear)
Playback time: Up to 4.5 hours (up to 5 hours when active noise canceling and external sound capture mode are turned off)
Charging method: Special case (24 hours or more with built-in battery ) playback possible)
Corresponding codec: SBC, AAC
Colors: White

Among the many completely wireless earphones, a new variation has appeared in Apple’s “AirPods,” which is overwhelmingly popular and maintains the number one share. That is this “AirPods Pro.”

“AirPods Pro” is a model positioned above the conventional “AirPods” and is characterized by significant changes in design and functionality, such as the design of the earphone body and noise-canceling function. In addition, the multi-tap system, which has a knack for operation, has been changed to a pressure-sensitive sensor, making it even easier to understand and handle. In short, it can be said that the feature of “AirPods Pro” is that it has evolved into a product with higher functionality and easier handling by improving various points that users have requested. In addition, the canal-type earphones have dramatically enhanced the holding feeling, and together with the IPX4 level sweat-proof and drip-proof performance, they can now be used for sports use such as fitness and running. It can be said that it is an easy-to-use product with excellent improvements.

The earpiece of “AirPods Pro” has a unique oval design, and the pedestal part is also integrated so that it can not be easily removed from the earphone body. It’s welcome that the earphones don’t spill out of your ears or stay in your ears when you remove them, but it’s pretty challenging to change sizes instead.

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Technics EAH-AZ60

Earphone weight (one ear): 7g
Playback time: Up to 7 hours (noise canceling ON, when AAC is connected)
Charging method: Special case (Built-in battery can be fully charged about 2.4 times)
Compatible codec: SBC / AAC / LDAC
Color Variations: Black / Silver

Technics, a long-established audio brand in Japan, has released “EAH-AZ60” and “EAH-AZ40” for entirely wireless earphones. The product name seems to be a lower model of “EAH-AZ70W”, but among them, “EAH-AZ60” appears to have been created as a high-end model that stands side by side in terms of sound quality and function.

Another feature of the “EAH-AZ60” is its good microphone performance. It is equipped with the original microphone voice processing technology “Just My Voice” created by combining beamforming technology and voice analysis technology. It realizes a comfortable call in which the voice is firmly transmitted to the other party by separating the voice of the speaker and the noise by original voice analysis and reducing only the noise.

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Sony WF-1000XM4

Earphone weight (one ear): 7.3g
Playback time: Up to 8 hours (ANC on, ANC off up to 12 hours)
Charging method: Special case (Built-in battery can be fully charged about 2 times)
Compatible codec: SBC / AAC / LDAC
Color variations: Black / Platinum Silver

Sony’s highest-end model “WF-1000X” of entirely wireless earphones equipped with ANC (active noise canceling) function has been renewed for the first time in two years to become “WF-1000XM4”. This model is positioned as a successor to the “WF-1000XM3” released in 2019, and the design of earphone and case has been redesigned. Both have been pushed forward with considerable miniaturization. In addition, to further improve the famous noise canceling function, the following evolution has been achieved while maintaining the feedforward + feedback hybrid microphone configuration.

On the other hand, the most significant topic in terms of sound quality will be the support of the LDAC codec, which is the first for entirely wireless earphones. Until now, the aptX codec had the highest sound quality for Sony products and other companies’ products, but the “WF-1000XM4” is compatible with LDAC. This high-quality sound codec also supports high-resolution sound sources. You can now enjoy the even higher-quality sound.

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Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

Earphone weight (one ear): 8.5g
Playback time: Up to 6 hours (ANC ON)
Charging method: Special case (2 full charges are possible with the built-in battery)
Corresponding codec: SBC / AAC
Color variation: Triple black / Soapstone

BOSE has released two completely wireless earphones that can be called the second generation simultaneously. One of them is “Bose QuietComfort Earbuds.” This is BOSE’s first completely wireless earphone equipped with an “active noise canceling function”. While BOSE has a reputation for noise canceling, this product is surprisingly the first completely wireless earphone.

The earphone body is designed to be slightly horizontally long when worn. This is probably the result of considering the fit and operability. In addition, the earpiece worn on the ear is familiar to BOSE users, and the earpiece of the nozzle part is an inner ear type that is close to the canal type. It has a good fit. In addition, the earpiece is an integrated earfick, which the company calls a stabilizer, and it is required to have a high wearing rating.

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Although it weighs 8.4g, slightly lighter than Imadoki’s product, it is overwhelmingly lighter than the company’s first model (completely wireless earphones). Its size is also significantly reduced. In addition, the codec supports SBC and AAC. It also has IPX4 drip-proof performance.

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Anker SoundCore Liberty Air 2 Pro

Earphone weight: 2.4 ounces
Playback time: Up to 7 hours (up to 6 hours when ANC is on)
Charging method: Special case (Built-in battery can be fully charged about 3.5 to 3.7 times)
Compatible codec: SBC / AAC
Color variation: Black White

The latest version of the Liberty Air series has been well received among Anker’s completely wireless earphones and is equipped with an ANC (noise-canceling) function. However, the design is different in detail from the existing model (although it has the same bar antenna), and the case is entirely different. Given the name “Pro,” it seems reasonable to think of it as a model that is one level higher.

The ANC function of interest is equipped with “ultra noise-canceling” that detects ambient sound and removes noise with two microphones placed on the outside and inside of the earphone.

Another feature of the “Liberty Air 2 Pro” smartphone app is the “ear tip mounting test,” which can be tested according to the guidance to confirm that the device is optimally mounted. By the way, earpieces come in as many as nine sizes, so most people should achieve the best fit. In addition, you can also set the equalizer from the app.

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Jabra Elite 75t

Earphone weight (one ear): 6.75g
Playback time: Up to 5.5 hours (ANC ON) / Up to 7.5 (ANC OFF)
Charging method: Special case (Built-in battery can be fully charged 3.4 times * When ANC is ON)
Compatible codec: SBC / AAC
Color Variations: Black / Gold Beige / Titanium

Jabra, which has a good reputation not only as a wearable device but also as an audio earphone, released the completely wireless earphone “75t,” which is the 4th generation of the “Elite” series, in 2019. The earphone body and charging carrying case have become more compact than the previous model, and the continuous playback time has also increased by about 1.9 times, which has been well received. Still, the other day, a noise-canceling function was added by updating the firmware. Will be added. It may be the first time for a fully wireless earphone to add noise canceling in the update. So, let’s introduce the details of “Elite 75t” again.

The battery life is up to 5 hours for the main unit alone and up to 24 hours, including charging from the particular case. By the way, if you turn off the noise canceling function, you can play for up to 7.5 hours and up to 28 hours when combined with the special case. It also has a quick charge function that allows you to play music for up to 1 hour with a 15-minute charge. On the other hand, IP55’s waterproof performance, directional external sound capture by installing 4 microphones, voice control such as Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, sound adjustment using apps, etc. Popular functionality, wearable The excellent quality as a device is firmly inherited.

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Sony WF-1000XM3

Earphone weight (one ear): Approximately 8.5g
Playback time: Up to 6 hours (NC ON) / Up to 8 hours (NC OFF)
Charging method: Special case (Built-in battery can be fully charged 3 times)
Compatible codec: SBC / AAC
Color variations: Black / Platinum Silver

Sony’s completely wireless earphone “WF-1000X” equipped with various functions, including noise-canceling, has been remodeled. It was reborn as “WF-1000XM3”.

If you want to describe the characteristics of the new model in one word, is it an image of a perfect realization of the concept? The predecessor “WF-1000X” became very popular due to the world’s first digital noise canceling function as a completely wireless earphone and the high-quality sound that seems to be a flagship model. Still, it is the first Sony to handle it. Perhaps because it was a completely wireless earphone, users often complained about the stability of the connection and the feeling of wearing it. From everywhere in the new model “WF-1000XM3”, you can see that we tried to eliminate all such parts and create an “ideal” completely wireless earphone suitable for the flagship model.

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On the other hand, we can see many evolutions from the predecessor model in terms of functionality. The digital noise canceling function is the first fully wireless earphone to use “dual noise sensor technology,” with two microphones placed on the outside and inside the headphones. Furthermore, the accuracy of the noise canceling function has been improved by newly installing the “QN1e”, which is a power-saving / miniaturized noise-canceling processor “QN1” for the headphones. “WH-1000XM3”.

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Jabra Elite 85t

Earphone weight (one ear): 7g
Playback time: Up to 5.5 hours (ANC ON) / Up to 7 hours (ANC OFF)
Charging method: Special case (Built-in battery can be fully charged 3.4 times)
Corresponding codec: SBC / AAC
Color variation: Titanium Black

Jabra’s latest generation complete wireless earphone “Elite 85t” is a product that can be a different variation than the successor to the existing model “Elite 75t”. Compared to the “Elite 75t”, which has a slightly more compact body and particular case, the “Elite 85t” is a little larger, but it has a different size feeling from the “Elite 65t”, so it is still the “Elite 75t” system. It would be reasonable to think. For that reason, it has pretty characteristic details, such as a newly developed driver with a diameter of 12 mm, a semi-enclosed earphone body structure, and an oval earpiece.

First, the original system that the brand calls “Jabra Advanced Active Noise Canceling” for the noise canceling function is adopted. Here, while adopting a hybrid method of feedback + feedforward, by linking a total of four microphones on the left and right, it is said that only the noise component that interferes with listening to music is removed. Furthermore, adopting a semi-open type earphone body appeals that a natural listening feeling is realized (by capturing the surrounding environmental sound).

It is an attractive product in terms of functionality, noise-canceling, and sound quality.

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Sennheiser Momentum 2

Sennheiser Momentum 2

Earphone weight (one ear): 6g
Playback time: Up to 7 hours
Charging method: Special case (3 full charges are possible with the built-in battery)
Compatible codec: SBC / AAC / aptX
Color variation: Black / White

An updated model of Sennheiser’s first fully wireless earphone, “MOMENTUM True Wireless.” However, it is not a simple evolution version but a high-performance model with a new active noise canceling function.

The noise-canceling function is said to have been created by a “music first” policy that allows you to concentrate more on music by improving quietness and minimizing changes in tone color tendency and deterioration of sound quality. The noise-canceling effect of “MOMENTUM True Wireless 2” is a very natural impression.

The microphone is a two-microphone system with only feedforward, and the sound picked up from it is digitally processed for noise canceling. In addition, regarding the storage position of the microphone, it is said that it is uniquely made, such as drilling through nine small holes made in the earphone body and laying out inside it, and sticking to the performance of the microphone itself. Is this a particular commitment of Sennheiser, a professional microphone manufacturer? As a result, noise-canceling is achieved in which the environmental sound is suppressed with an overall natural balance.

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Master & Dynamic MW08

Earphone weight (one ear): 9g
Playback time: Up to 12 hours (when ANC is off) / Up to 10 hours (when ANC is on)
Charging method: Special case (Built-in battery can be fully charged 2.5 times)
Compatible codec: SBC / AAC / aptX / aptX Adaptive
Color Variations: White Ceramic / Black Ceramic / Blue Ceramic / Brown Ceramic

Master & Dynamic is an up-and-coming audio brand established in 2014. Mainly developing headphones and earphones, it is attracting attention for its bright and cheerful sound that skillfully balances power and clearness and has a sophisticated design that is different from other companies. The latest product of Master & Dynamic is “MW08”, a completely wireless earphone equipped with active noise canceling function.

First of all, the earphone body has been downsized to improve the fit. Along with that, Fit Wings, which was a feature of “MW07PLUS”, was omitted. The stainless steel case was famous for both design and compactness, has been inherited, and the tail has been changed to a thin type. Thanks to this, it is now possible to store smartly without inflating the pocket.

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