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10 Key Points When Choosing Dedicated Server Hosting

A dedicated server provides power and control for an online business, making it the best hosting solution on the market. However, choosing the right plan is a real challenge. Here are 10 key points you should consider before making the final decision!

A dedicated server rents one physical server, unlike a shared server or VPS. The user must do work such as internal construction and maintenance. Therefore, knowledge is required to operate it.

The benefits of a dedicated server

Dedicated servers have better specifications and stability than shared servers. In addition, since the line and capacity can be used exclusively, the most stable operation among rental servers is possible.

Another advantage is that it is not affected by other users at all.

The disadvantages of a dedicated server

The entry cost is higher than others. Also, server maintenance is done by ourselves, which is costly to operate. Depending on the server company, you can have the operation performed on your behalf, but in any case, it will be costly.


When it comes to performance, Intel Xeon processors are a great alternative. A 4 core CPU with 32GB of RAM may be enough for users that just started with dedicated hosting. As your company gains popularity, you might consider upgrading your plan. 


An online business that works with thousands or millions of visitors each month requires at least 99.9% uptime. Downtime can damage the company’s reputation as well as its profit. It’s important to analyze this aspect to ensure high availability.


Bandwidth refers to the total amount of data that goes through your website or application. If you expect to have spikes in traffic, you might want to have at least 100 Mbit. This will provide good time response and a better UX for people that visit your website.

4.Storage type

With an HDD server, you might get more space for a low price, but the speed is not going to be the best. In SSDs, all the files and databases are kept within integrated circuits. If you want to complete heavy computing tasks without delays or have a fast website, this technology will cover your needs better.

5.Operating system

Windows operating systems are beginner-friendly, but you must pay licensing fees for them. Linux is by far the preferred choice, running most of the world’s web servers. This happens especially because you can have the system active for years without crashing or needing a reboot.


If you’re tight on budget, consider dedicated hosting plans within the 50-100$ range. Big companies might invest more in a better processor with additional RAM memory. This factor is also determined by the provider.

7.DDoS protection

DDoS protected servers have hardware and software set up to detect and eliminate these threats. Your website will have a shield which will stop your website from crashing and prevent financial losses.


Most reliable dedicated servers include an automated backup system. It’s critical to get this service, because otherwise your brand can disappear overnight as an impact of data loss.

9.Physical location

The location of the server determines network quality. It also matters for SEO since it has a direct impact on the speed and bounce rate.

10.Control Panel

Having a control panel is great if you want better management for server functions and applications. Make sure you are able to add one to your cart, such as cPanel.


Keep in mind these 10 factors and you will find the perfect hosting plan. Still not sure what to do? Buy now a dedicated server that fits your needs from, starting at just 59 $/month!


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10 Key Points When Choosing Dedicated Server Hosting

A dedicated server provides power and control for an online business, making it the best hosting solution on the market....