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10 Tablets With Best Battery Life For Binge Watching

Battery life is very important for any technological device to be used. You have to face fewer problems if your device’s battery is long-lasting and better than others which are available. Here are the top 10 tablets with the great battery life which you buy at the best possible price and use in your appropriate way. We’ll talk about the top 10 Tablets with the best battery life for binge-watching. Let’s start and move ahead.

Amazon Fire HD 10

This is the newest Fire HD 10 from amazon with a great 11 hours of best battery life among all of the mentioned. Software for the same is still. But it is still very popular these days because it is a really good tablet. We can simply watch movies online on full HD display. Most of the Fire tablets are pretty cheap if we talk about built quality, but it’s not the same with this. It still needs some smaller improvements. It already has some popular games like PUBG. The speakers are also nice and loud. It also has a headphone jack. Moreover, you can get it for near 400$.

Lenovo Tab M8 HD

It has a lot more common things with Lenovo Tab full HD version. But it has better battery life. It has scored 9.5 hours in the battery drain test. It has nice speakers with headphone jacks. It gives pleasure to your eyes while gaming, reading books, or just browsing online or watching movies and other things you may like. Its current price is nearly 100$.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

It lasted for 9 hours in the battery drain test. This has performed best until now. The best thing about Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e is you got a fingerprint scanner on the power button. This is pretty uncommon in tablets these days. This probably has the best display. The resolution also turns out to be great and this is one of the very powerful tablets. It can work best for gaming, binge-watching, or anything you’d like to do unless something you want to work with a Spen. Because it doesn’t come with one. The price for this currently is under 400$.

LG G Pad 5 10.1

This is one of those tablets which has been definitely underrated in our opinion. Maybe most people don’t even know about the existence of this tablet. It has a great feature that is, it has a fingerprint scanner on the power button. This also lasted for 7.5 hours in the drain test. It has a full HD template 1.0 display. It has got a headphone jack similar to Galaxy Tab A. It works really smoothly if we talk about screen touch. The current price for this is 210$.

Amazon Fire HD 8

Number 5 is the Amazon Fire HD 8 2020 version. We don’t really admire how Amazon’s software actually works. But we admit that it’s getting better every coming year. You can play PUBG directly from the AppStore where they have other apps. Moreover, it also has great battery life. It lasted for 7.5 hours in the drain test. If you want something just to watch Netflix or stay updated from your news feed, this may work in the best possible way for you. It has a good display and great loudspeakers with a headphone jack. Its current price is near 90$.

Lenovo Tab M8 FHD

Number 6 on this list is Lenovo Tab M8 full HD version. It lasted for 7.5 hours in the battery drain test. It is again very similar to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8A tablet. It has a better gaming performance and also has a headphone jack. It has great speakers which are nice and loud with a great display. The current price for this is near 130$.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.4

It is similar to the smaller A8 version also has similar battery life. It lasted for 7 hours in battery drained test with 100% brightness of the screen. But there are some things in it which are quite better. Like you get a better gaming performance, it has a headphone jack with a Full HD display with great view and angles. It’s built quality is also great, the price for this is near 260$ currently.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8

If you want a smaller tablet for watching videos and reading books, that can handle a bit easier. This Galaxy Tab A 8, 2019 version may work in a better way for you, Though this is not best for gaming, you might find too much trouble. It has a headphone jack with great speaker volume. It also has a better battery life than the others mentioned above. It lasted for 7 hours in a battery test with 100% brightness. It is also cheaper, the current price for the same is near 100$.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1

Samsung has been one of the most popular devices these days. This has been a bit better than our previous one if we talk about battery life. In our battery drain test, it lasted for 6 hours with 100% brightness of our screen. This better than the previous for some other good reasons. It has a headphone jack and a solid build quality. Moreover, if you’re looking for a tablet for watching movies, staying online, or being watching on your favourite apps, this may work best for you. Even if you want this for gaming purposes or just want something larger than your phone for reading your daily news feed, it works great in all these basic things. Also, the price is cheaper, which is near 200$.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

At number 10, we have Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. It has a headphone jack. You’ll also have the best gaming experience in it. It’s great for watching the video and also has good speakers on each of the sides. The best thing is the battery lasts for 6 hours in our battery drain test with the screen brightness at 100%. If you like to draw or make notes, this tablet can work best for you. You may not find any other batter than this. The stylus or Spen works very well in this case. Moreover, it’s available at a very affordable price which is less than 300$.


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