AMD Ryzen TR 2920X vs Intel Core i9-9900K

The Ryzen Threadripper 2920X model has 12 cores and has SMT, therefore, allowing 24 threads to be displayed on its counter. The SMT is a system similar to Intel’s HT (Hyper-threading) and makes it possible to optimize performance in certain types of applications (audio/video/rendering in particular). The base frequency is 3.5 GHz and it is possible to reach 4.3 GHz via the Boost mode. Its thermal envelope is 180 watts.

The Core i9-9900K model has 8 cores and has Hyper-threading; it, therefore, displays 16 threads on its counter. The base frequency is 3.6 GHz and it is possible to reach 5 GHz on 2 cores in some cases.

Pros and Cons

AMD Ryzen TR 2920XIntel Core i9-9900K
Affordable 12-core, even
better value than 2950X
The cheapest HEDT CPU
Quad-channel memory support
Supports up to 64 PCIe lanes
Has 16 MB larger L3 cache sizeIncludes an integrated
GPU Intel UHD Graphics 630
Supports up to 2048 GB
DDR4-2933 RAM
Requires powerful cooler
to prevent overheating
Intel Core i9-9900K has a greater
Lacks stock cooler

General Info

AMD Ryzen TR 2920XIntel Core i9-9900K
CPU ModelAMD 2920Xi9-9900K
Manufacturing Process12 nm14 nm
Maximum CPU Configuration1S1S
Number of PCIe Lanes16 Lanes16 Lanes
Weight416.01 g99.79 g
Release dateOctober 1, 2018October 8, 2018

AMD Ryzen TR 2920X

The AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2920X is a high-end desktop processor with 12 cores and hyperthreading (SMT), which is why it can process 24 threads simultaneously. Due to the high performance, the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2920X is also suitable for smaller workstations, as well as parallel encoding and gaming (streaming). The AMD Ryzeb Threadripper 2920X is now the smallest CPU that AMD has presented for the X399 boards this year. The Threadripper 1900X is being phased out and will not have a successor with 8 cores. For this, AMD offers a significantly more attractive alternative with the AMD Ryzen 7 2700X based on AM4.

The manufacturer does without a new socket, which in turn means that all X399 boards also support the 2nd generation of the Threadripper models after a BIOS update.

The AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2920X offers a base clock of 3.5 GHz and, with the improved features (XFR2 and PBO), better utilization of the turbo function. The AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2920X can be clocked up to 4.3 GHz. In the case of the TDP, however, nothing has changed. The AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2920X is also specified with a TDP of 180 watts, just like the Threadripper 1920X.

Intel Core i9-9900K

The Intel Core i9-9900K is a high-end CPU with eight cores based on the Coffee Lake architecture, which was presented in October 2018. The processor clocks at 3.6-5.0 GHz and can process up to 16 threads simultaneously thanks to hyperthreading. The Inter Core i9-9900K is manufactured in the improved 14 nm process (14nm ++). Thanks to the free multiplier, the processor can be overclocked relatively easily. A prerequisite for this, however, is a mainboard with a Z390 chipset.


AMD Ryzen TR 2920XIntel Core i9-9900K
Number of Cores12 Cores8 Cores
CPU Threads2416
Base Clock Speed3.5 GHz3.6GHz
Maximum Boost Speed4.3 GHz5.0GHz
L3 Cache32MB16MB
CPU SpeedDMI3 (8 GT/s)DMI3 (8 GT/s)
CPU Temperature100°C100°C

AMD Ryzen TR 2920X

The performance of the 12-core processor is very high in multi-thread applications, even if the single-core performance is a bit behind. Compared to the Threadripper 1920X, however, this could be improved a bit. This means that the second generation of the Threadripper series offers better performance than before, especially in games.

Overall, the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2920X convinces with consistently very high performance. At $ 649 at release, the Threadripper 2920X offers a relatively good price/performance result compared to the competition. With the start of the second generation of the Threadripper series, the predecessors ala 1900X, 1920X and 1950X should then be significantly cheaper.

Intel Core i9-9900K

The two additional cores increase the performance when all cores are used compared to the Core i7-8700K by approx. 25 per cent. The single-core performance could be increased slightly due to the increased turbo clock rates. As a high-end model, i9-9900K is also suitable for the most demanding applications and video games.

The iGPU now referred to as Intel UHD Graphics 630, clocks just as fast as before with 1200 MHz. therefore no significant performance advantage is to be expected. As a low-end solution, current video games can only be played smoothly in reduced detail, if at all.

Intel puts the thermal design power at 95 watts. Correspondingly dimensioned cooling systems should be able to dissipate the waste heat generated during normal operation without any problems. The CPU quickly indulges in 200 watts and more when overclocking. A significantly more powerful cooling system should be used here.

Memory Support

AMD Ryzen TR 2920XIntel Core i9-9900K
Maximum Capacity128 GB64 GB
Memory SupportDDR4 2933 MHzDDR4 2666 MHz
ECC MemoryNoNo
Channel ArchitectureDual-ChannelDual-Channel
Maximum Memory Bandwidth87.42 GB/s41 GB/s

Integrated Graphics

AMD Ryzen TR 2920XIntel Core i9-9900K
Graphics ChipsetIntel UHD Graphics 630
Maximum Resolution Support4096 x 2304 at 60 Hz
Supported APIsOpenGl:4.5
Output SupporteDP, DisplayPort, HDMI
Number of Displays3


AMD Ryzen TR 2920XIntel Core i9-9900K
PassMark result (single)2551518709
Cinebench R20 (single) result440496
Geekbench 5 result (multi)103998608
Geekbench 5 result (single)10921322


AMD Ryzen TR 2920X

This second-generation Ryzen Threadripper takes the best of the first iteration and fixes its slight flaws. The result is a chip with, particularly interesting application performance. And while it doesn’t match Intel’s best chips in gaming, it gets close enough to it that we don’t really care. However, the practical difference between this Threadripper 2920X and its predecessor, the Threadripper 1920X, is not huge (8% on average). To choose between the two, you might as well take the cheaper one.

Intel Core i9-9900K

Intel offers here a processor whose performance could not be more solid. The Core i9-9900K excels in the application field and is formidable in games; where the second generation Ryzen are ahead. In absolute terms, it is therefore an excellent processor, and this, even if Intel has not offered anything new from an architectural point of view, since 2015. However, check the pricing position at the time of release. ‘purchase. The price/quality ratio was therefore totally unreasonable at the time of our test.

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