Anker Soundcore Life Q10 vs Logitech Zone: Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Good headphones these days are essential, especially in this busy life we ​​lead. So, having quality equipment is essential to maintain this routine. The Soundcore Life Q10 of Anker combines the best quality audio with a powerful battery that lasts much time. Also, its design is stunning and elegant. We can find the P2 cable in the phone package – used for listening without a battery-and a USB-C cable – to charge the phone. 

Bluetooth headsets, often desired, are increasingly available in various forms on the market, and with a large number of devices, more and more options disappoint. However, brands with histories in the headphone market already convey a greater sense of security, as is the case with Logitech. And it’s just her Bluetooth headset that we’re going to evaluate today: the Logitech Zone Wireless. Does this phone do justice to the quality of the brand?


Anker Soundcore Life Q10Logitech Zone Wireless
ColorsBlack + Red / Blue + OrangeBlack
Battery life60 Hours16 Hours
Weight259 g181 g
Connectivity‎Bluetooth, Wired‎Bluetooth, Wired


Anker Soundcore Life Q10Logitech Zone Wireless
Driver TypeDynamicDynamic
Noise CancellingYesYes
Dimensions earphone183 x 174 x 78 mm176 x 174 x 70 mm
Foldable DesignYesNo

Anker Soundcore Life Q10

The Soundcore Life Q10 has a sleek design that doesn’t draw too much attention, despite contrasting black with red. It has adjustable stems, adapting it to different types of heads. Personally, the earpiece has a small resistance in the fold, but it is a fact that, over time, it will stop being as effective, making it soft.

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On the right side, there are four buttons with specific functions. An exclusive to turn the ” Bass up ” on or off, the two buttons that control the volume (if pressed for a certain time, they can select a previous or previous song in your list), and finally the on and off button the device, which can also pause the audio.

As mentioned before, it can be used with a P2 cable, which is present next to the UBS-C input, which has the function of charging the phone. Finally, Soundcore Life Q10 foams are extremely comfortable and delicious. They prevent the feeling of tightness in the head, not bothering you after several hours of use.

Logitech Zone Wireless

In the Logitech Zone Wireless box, the handset, charging cable, and USB receiver are present. The headset structure has a wonderful and shiny metalized material, which effectively conveys a premium product feel. Its microphone, present in the left earphone and mobile, brings a very stripped look to the headset as a whole, showing a lot of modernity.

The Logitech Wireless Zone has two buttons on the left phone: the on/off button and activates the noise cancellation. On the outside of the same left earpiece, the volume and playback control buttons, also used to answer calls or change connected devices, are present. Also, on the same phone, the micro-USB input is present.


Anker Soundcore Life Q10Logitech Zone Wireless
Music ControlsYesYes
Quick ChargeYesYes
Frequency Response20 Hz to 40 kHz 85 Hz to 20 kHz
Impedance16 Ohms15 Ohms


Anker Soundcore Life Q10Logitech Zone Wireless
Battery TypeLi-PoLi-Po
Capacity680 mAh
Battery LifeUp to 60 hoursUp to 16 hours
Charging Time2 hours2 hours
Charging PortUSB-CUSB-C
Qi Wireless ChargingNoYes

Anker Soundcore Life Q10

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According to Anker, it lasts for at least 60 hours. And it held up all the time mentioned by the manufacturer. To keep track of the amount of battery remaining, you can see the Bluetooth connection screen on the cell phone; and the handset also informs you when the battery is low, close to 10%, through audible warnings during use.

One thing that Soundcore Life Q10 for 5 hours with only five minutes of loading. While listening to music on Spotify and with the mentioned charging time, the phone lasted 4 hours directly connected.

Logitech Zone Wireless

The device’s battery is pleasing, reaching up to 12 hours with noise cancellation activated and a little more with it off. The possibility that it can be paired with 2 devices simultaneously and quickly switch between them is also extremely functional.


Anker Soundcore Life Q10Logitech Zone Wireless
Bluetooth Version5 5
Range15 m30.5 m

Anker Soundcore Life Q10

The connection of Soundcore Life Q10 can be made via Bluetooth 5.0, which allows the user a distance of up to 15 meters from the device where the connection is active, or via cable, which is already included in the package.

Furthermore, if the battery runs out, which is very difficult to happen, it is still possible to use the Soundcore Life Q10 using the P2 cable present in the package, which fulfills its function well while it is not possible to recharge the phone.

Logitech Zone Wireless

Comes with a compact USB adapter to which you can connect up to 6 compatible devices. The Logitech Zone Wireless Plus can be connected to two audio sources at the same time, such as a smartphone and laptop. The device seamlessly switches between them, this function works quite correctly, for this it is definitely a plus.

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Anker Soundcore Life Q10

Durability, that word sums up Soundcore Life Q10 well. It was made of steel and promised to last a good few years. Its battery is designed to hold many hours away from the power outlet and make it the ideal partner for places where recharging is not so easy, such as camping or hiking in the woods.

Soundcore Life Q10 audio is good and is even better with “ Bass Up ” turned on. Its Bluetooth connection is of high quality and can help those who need to answer calls while busy with something else, making the Anker headset one of the good options.

Logitech Zone Wireless

Honestly, for the price, Its comfort is absurd, in fact, and most likely for the environments that Logitech wants to sell the phone, work, and the like; this is very important. But the fact that the sound is only good and that the noise-canceling even affects content being played through the earphone are strong negative points. We would definitely recommend it for a user less focused on sound quality, who wants to listen in a good, wireless, and very comfortable experience.


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