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AOC Q2781PQ vs BenQ SW271: Professional IPS Monitors

Here we have two gaming monitors that having a 27-inch screen size. The 27-inch gaming monitors are nowadays so popular that they are the most selling gaming monitor segment because of their compact size and budget-friendly pricing the buyers really convincing to buying them. Here we have AOC Q2781PQ 27 and BenQ SW271 27, we will compare them to know which is really worth your consideration.

Pros and Cons

AOC Q2781PQ 27BenQ SW271 27
IPS panelEasy calibration maintains accuracy
Best post-calibration accuracyColor calibration
2.5K resolutionBuilt-in card reader
Low accuracyExcellent wide gamut
Not adjustable tilt downExpensive

Key Specification

AOC Q2781PQ 27BenQ SW271 27
Model Q2781PQSW271
Gaming MonitorNoNo
Weight with Stand5.23 kg9.3 kg
ColourBlack & WhiteBlack
Dimension614.68 x 452.12 x 198.12 mm613.8 x 610.9 x 213.4 mm
Power Consumption45 W43.38 W

AOC Q2781PQ 27

It all starts with the design this is arguably the main selling point of this monitor and it’s an almost bezel list-style display well we mean by that is that the bezels are really thin and there isn’t hid that just really isn’t much here to look at. There are monitors elbow with a similar style bezel that doesn’t parade around the fact that it’s bezels this thin but they’re a lot more expensive and this does look very nice. The stand as well looks good and the whole thing when you put it on your desk.

If you’re going for a minimalist design this really will stick in there nicely there are a few trade-offs for this design though and that, unfortunately. Comes in the adjustment department. So if you do want to put this on your mount you won’t be able to do it and you don’t have any adjustments other than tilt. The main problem here is height adjustment and pretty much every desk. We put this on we’ve found the monitors just a little bit too low for our liking granted most people will get used to this but when it’s so simple as a height adjustment feature is a shame it’s not here.

BenQ SW271 27

This thing nice fan it’s pretty heavy again. All of this is kind of metal underneath it. We get just plastic on the outside but it’s metal on the inside. So a lot of weight holding this thing down pretty easy to carry. So it’s nice and easy to pour it around again tons of ports on this thing so basically anything that you’re using if any of you out there love cable management hiding those cables don’t have a whole lot of options.

You can just push things through here and that’s it you’re gonna see them unless your monitors down and then we’ll kind of remain mostly out of sight but a lot of you guys are looking for ten-bit HDR it’s gonna be a whole lot of fun using this thing out at $1,100 is what the prices have got some links in this article to check this monitor out. It is not cheap for a monitor is the most expensive one you may ever own. However, if you want ten-bit in each yarn a monitor it is pretty difficult to find anything cheaper than this from a reliable company this monitor comes with a three-year warranty on it which is also really nice again.


AOC Q2781PQ 27BenQ SW271 27
Display TypeAH-IPSIPS-Type LCD
Size27 inch27 inch
Dynamic Contrast Ratio50000000:120000000:1
Aspect ratio16:916:9
Resolution2560 x 1440 pixel3840 x 2160 pixel
Pixel Density109 ppi163 ppi
Response Time4 ms (millisecond)5 ms (GtG)
Refresh Rate76 Hz60 Hz

AOC Q2781PQ 27

This is a solid choice the IPS panel is really good here the color accuracy is on point everything is quite vibrant. It does pop a fair amount and just for most things that you’re going to be using it for it does do a good job. If you do want to play some games on this monitor then it’s not a bad choice at all.

The blind controller games is a real joy we mean you’re not going to notice much difference between this and a TV or 144 Hertz monitor, to be honest with the controller you can’t notice as much of a difference so hooking up an Xbox via HDMI socket you actually will have a very competitive game on this one. But it was a yeah it was a good experience nonetheless as we move over to the PC side of things again.

If you want to play controller games it’s a solid choice you want to play something like an RTS or something like civilization. Again it’s a very good choice because you’re not going to need anything more than 60 Hertz and the resolution and that IPS panel mean that games look nice and very smooth as well.

We would say there probably is a small amount of input lag not that much and it’s only 60 Hertz as well. So if you do want to play first-person shooters or you want to play competitively and this is the reason why you’re buying this monitor is probably not the best choice for you. It is not so bad in terms of gaming and it won’t be a bad experience at all. But if you’re doing something like video editing photo editing or general productivity of any kind the resolution helps here.

BenQ SW271 27

As far as 27-inch known photo monitors are regarded, the BenQ SW271 quite produces great affordability, however, more significantly this holds a 4K resolution display, an extra adaptable collection of inputs, and some extra working support to help with workflow capabilities.

The primary and leading thing is that the combination of a 27-inch display and 4K resolution remains a great one concerning both photographers and video-makers identical as it remains able to quite determine the nice features produced by the modern generation of higher-res sensors in both DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. This also guarantees rendering beats are yet very small and, in physical terms, it’s not too big so it’s relatively simple to move throughout and doesn’t take up an unnecessary measure of workspace.


AOC Q2781PQ 27BenQ SW271 27
HDMI1.4 x 22.0 x 2
DisplayPort1.2 x 11.4 x 1
Audio Output3.5 mmYes
HDCPYesYes V 2.2
USBD-Sub x 1Type-A x 2
Type-B x 1
Type-C x 1
Memory Card Slots1 x SDXC
Built-in SpeakersNoNo
G-SYNC SupportNoNo
FreeSync SupportNoNo

AOC Q2781PQ 27

In terms of inputs, it comes with a lot of ports. First of all, it got two 1.4 HDMI ports and one 1.2 DisplayPort. It also got an HDCP port which is a good thing. For the audio output, it got a 3.5 mm headphone jack. It also gets a USB-D sub for the USB connectivity. This monitor doesn’t come with a memory card slot.

BenQ SW271 27

The BenQ SW271 27 comes with two 2.0 HDMI ports and one 1.4 DisplayPort. For USB connectivity it will get two Type-A, a Type-B, and a Type-C USB port. Surprisingly it got a memory card slot which is an additional option for the user. It does get a 2.2 HDCI port which is again a good thing. For audio output, it does get a 3.5mm headphone jack. Both of these monitors don’t get any kind of in-built speaker set up so you have a buy an aftermarket external speaker set up for both of these monitors.


AOC Q2781PQ 27BenQ SW271 27
Power On100-240VAC,50/60Hz90-240VAC,50/60Hz
Power SupplyExternalInternal
DC Input Power10 W (USB Type-C)

Moving towards the power options from the above table you can observe that the AOC Q2781PQ 27 requires a 100-240VAC,50/60Hz, and the BenQ SW271 27 does require a 90-240VAC,50/60Hz of power on the power-on mode, and also the BenQ monitor additionally requires a 10 W (USB Type-C) DC input power. The BenQ monitor requires an internal type of power supply whereas the AOC monitor requires an external type of power supply.

Which is better!

AOC Q2781PQ 27

If you’re in the market for a svelte looking 27-inch display for daily practice that gives a reliable execution and a definite WQHD image, the AOC Q2781PQ remains unquestionably deserving consideration. Its IPS panel produces true colors, and it is more than sufficient for easygoing gaming.

BenQ SW271 27

The SW271, however, holds affordability as the main temptation, though it plays pretty strongly with costly 4K models in terms of performance, efficiency, versatility, and calibration perspective so it’s likewise about absolute value-for-money than the original price tag. Add the USB-C port, HDR mode, including hardware calibration, plus you’re receiving a number of the pro-level monitor’s features for your money.


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