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Asus ROG Chakram X Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

Everyone’s favourite gaming mouse is different. Others prefer a high polling rate over longer battery life. Who wants something different? Joystick and hot-swap switch? Now they know:

The Asus ROG is an ergonomic mouse similar to the Logitech G502. It also has 8,000Hz polling and 36,000 max DPI.

However, with so many features, it also carries a hefty 127 grams and a higher price tag of $160.

The mouse comes in black and red, ROG-themed. There is no previous generation accessory box, but the same accessories are present, as is an additional C-mount adapter.

  • ROG Chakram X gaming mouse
  • 2 ROG Micro replacement switches
  • 2.4GHz RF wireless receiver
  • ROG sheathed cable (Type-A to Type-C)
  • USB RF Adapter (Type-A to Type-C)
  • Carry bag
  • Short joystick
  • Joystick cover
  • Switch caliper
  • Lighting cover without a logo
  • Sticker collection
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty card

Asus ROG Chakram X

6.7 out of 10

Asus’ ROG Chakram X is a versatile mouse. The manufacturer claims precise sensors, an analogue stick, socketed switches, 2.4 GHz radio, Bluetooth, and a long battery life. 

Ease of Use
Look & Feel


Clean and stable processing

8,000 Hertz (via USB)

Decent battery life

Customizable RGB lighting


Not suitable for left-handers

DPI button at the bottom



Asus ROG Chakram X
Dimensions132.7 x 76.6 x 42.8 mm
Sensor modelROG AimPoint
Switch typeROG Micro Switches
DPI36000 dpi
Max Speed650 IPS
Max acceleration50 G
Number of buttons11
BacklightYes, RGB
Scroll wheelYes
Battery TypeRechargeable Lithium-Polymer
Battery lifeUp to 150 Hrs
Cable2 m ROG Paracord Cable
Wireless ChargingQi wireless charging supported


The translucent upper cover texture and hazy black silk temperament of the ASUS ROG Chakram X are carried over.

The mold’s size and shape have remained essentially unchanged, and it still has the ergonomic plump figure of the right hand.

The button seams are joined by side stripes and an engraved ROG logo.

The mold’s size and shape have remained essentially unchanged, and it still has the ergonomic plump figure of the right hand.

The thumb rocker remains the most prominent feature on the side.

If you hold a ROG Chakram, you will notice that the most noticeable difference in the appearance of the ASUS ROG Chakram X is the increase in the side buttons.

At the bottom are white foot stickers, evenly distributed and medium in size.

The tail and head chassis are dark grey, as opposed to the black of the other parts. The front face’s twill grille decoration, the interlayer headlight strip, and the TypeC port remain unchanged. This port is still not picky about wires, and non-original wires can be plugged in as well.

The thumb side retains a significant amount of height; the rocker position is guaranteed, and the finger rest is worry-free. The number of side buttons has been increased to four, which is also a clear distinction between the ASUS ROG Chakram X and the regular magic blade.

The most interesting part of the ASUS ROG Chakram X is its detachable design, which includes the entire upper cover, the back panel, and the left and right buttons, all without screws, using a complete snap and magnetic suction method. This type of gameplay is not unique to the ROG Chakram X, but it is present in the majority of previous products. The shell is loose and shaking, but the magic blade has achieved the rapidity of the magnetic attraction and the structural stability without interfering with each other, so it is relatively successful.


The ASUS ROG Chakram X mouse is impressive. It has a translucent shell, a pivot button, a thumb rocker, and ergonomics for the right hand that are rare at the moment. It can also be used wirelessly and can be charged with Qi. 


ROG’s Chakram X gaming mouse Its 36,000 dpi optical sensor and 8000 Hz polling rate provide excellent precision, while seven buttons and a 4-directional joystick provide true control.

  • Precision, performance, perfection
    The ROG AimPoint optical sensor on the ROG Chakram X tracks your every movement with great precision at sensitivity levels ranging from 100 to 36000 dpi.
  • Tri-mode connectivity
    Connect the ROG Chakram X any way you want: go with the ultrafast wireless RF 2.4 GHz mode, pair up to three devices with Bluetooth fast pairing technology, or fast-charge while dominating a game with the wired USB mode.
  • Programmable joystick
    The joystick design featured on the ROG Chakram X lets you offload keyboard commands to your right hand and can be used in analog or digital mode to suit your play style. This larger joystick has a concave shape and is repositioned closer to the palm for better reach and control.
  • More commands at your fingertips
    program functions on the ROG Chakram X for tactically customized controls for different games or tasks. You can also save up to five profiles on the onboard memory for personalized settings wherever you go.
  • Excellent click feel
    The pivoted button mechanism of the Chakram X ensures great speed, responsiveness, and consistency for better performance.
  • Push-fit switch socket II
    The ROG-exclusive push-fit switch socket design makes it easy to drop in 3-pin mechanical switches or 5-pin optical micro switches—so you can tailor operating force and feedback to preference, or replace worn or broken switches.
  • The dpi on the scroll
    The dpi on the scroll enables on-the-fly mouse sensitivity adjustments. Alternatively, you can click the button to cycle through up to four different dpi levels.
  • Easy and effortless
    The ROG Chakram X features screwless magnetic buttons and a top cover for easy access, giving you the freedom to customize the click feel or insert a personalized insignia.


The mouse is designed for right-handers only. All buttons (including joystick) have a direct, precise pressure point. The mouse wheel’s ratcheting isn’t overly soft or too crisp. Grippy.


The ROG Chakram X supports wired and wireless connectivity via a 2.4GHz receiver or Bluetooth. In addition, Chakram X can be charged in two ways: wired and via Qi. The mouse can work for up to 114 hours with a 2.4GHz connection and up to 150 hours with Bluetooth on a full charge.

The ROG Chakram X includes two joysticks of varying lengths. The mouse’s design allows you to customise the buttons and top panel. Switches can also be replaced with 3-pin or optical 5-pin switches thanks to the Push-Fit Socket II slots. The mouse is outfitted with ROG Micro Switch branded switches that can withstand up to 70 million clicks.


The ASUS ROG CHAKRAM X has a thumb joystick. The Republic of Gamers’ Armory Crate software lets you customize this joystick. Here’s the software. All mouse buttons except the left can be programmed. Joystick modes include digital and analogue for 360°. You can program the joystick’s arrow keys with the game’s commands, for example. You can set them to leap, crouch, and other joystick motions.

In addition to polling rates of up to 1,000 Hz via radio and 8,000 Hz via cable and DPI settings, you can activate angle detection or “angle snapping” in the programme. We maintain the parameters as RAW as possible without aid. So, angle detection is off, DPI is 800-1200, and angle tuning is 0.

The ASUS ROG CHAKRAM X works best with a QI-chargeable gamepad. The mouse may also be calibrated for regular mouse pads.

In the power settings, the LEDs can indicate low battery. Set the energy-saving mode, too. You can check the battery level in Windows without opening Armory Crate. Stand-by time is an important setting to preserve energy and not lose wake-up time.

In the lighting category, you can choose preset modes, use Aura Sync, or program individual lighting. Investing time here will unleash your creativity. We don’t change Aura Sync’s rainbow mode.

Battery life

The mouse can be charged quickly using either a USB 3.2 port or an appropriate charging plug. The battery life has been increased to up to 114 hours, and a 15-minute quick charge via cable is said to restore up to 25 hours. Wireless charging can also be accomplished with the Qi charging pad.


With the “Chakram X“, manufacturer ASUS is launching the first mouse with the new optical sensor “ROG-AimPoint” under the gaming label Republic of Gamers (ROG).

The ASUS ROG CHAKRAM X wireless gaming mouse does everything perfectly. The high level of individualism allows for unrestricted creativity. The click-behaviour suits us perfectly. There are numerous accessories included. The numerous buttons, including the joystick, are the cherry on top of this model.

Once you’ve mastered the controls, you’ll have a lot more freedom to carry out various actions even more effectively. Whether gaming, working, or editing images, the sensor allows the mouse to be precisely guided. Asus has once again established itself as a luxury brand. We are excited and enthusiastically support the innovative progress with a strong high-end recommendation.


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