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ASUS ROG Delta S vs Turtle Beach Recon Spark: Gaming Headset

Light, gaming, backlit so advanced with the proprietary ASUS ROG technology that it’s hard to chew it all at once. This is, in short, the ROG Delta S headset, which overwhelms other models from the Delta family with its possibilities.

Turtle Beach, the leading brand in the USA, has been trying its luck in our market for a long time. You can answer for yourself if she’s doing well, remembering how often you hear about her, but now we’re going to add to that with the White Recon Spark.

ASUS ROG Delta STurtle Beach Recon Spark
Amazing audio clarityComfortable ear cushions
Solid build qualitySolid build at affordable price
Customizable RGB lightingGood stereo sound
Lightweight gaming headsetPerfect for gamers
No wireless optionNon-removable vanity plates

The ASUS gaming branch, Republic of Gamers, knows how to make a good impression right from the start, and Delta S is no exception. A solid cardboard box with a black and red design opens up in front of us like a box, catching the eye not only with the shimmering logo but also with functions and a welcome to the ROG family.

The interior, however, is a bit disappointing, as the headphones simply lie in a traditional, though tough cover, under which we can find a detachable microphone, user manual, a set of replaceable ROG Hybrid earpieces, and a USB-C to USB-A adapter in the form of a cable. The wide compatibility with modern equipment was thus more than ensured.

  • General
    • Predominant material: black plastic
    • Closed circumaural headphones
    • Three-dimensional adjustment
    • RGB Aura Sync illumination
    • Integrated USB-C cable length: 150 cm
    • Length of the USB-A cable / adapter: 100 centimeters
    • Both cables have slim, nylon braids
    • Volume and ear cup microphone control
  • Neodymium converters
    • Diameter: 50 mm
    • Impedance: 32 Ohm
    • Frequency response: 20 – 40 kHz
    • 130 dB signal-to-noise ratio
  • Detachable microphone with noise reduction
    • On an elastic headband
    • Unidirectional
    • Frequency response 100 – 10,000 Hz

Turtle Beach packed the Recon Spark in a gray cardboard box with a traditional set of renderings and information, and inside, it only packed the user manual, sticker, and PC cable in an eco-friendly case. The manufacturer has clearly gone out of hand by simply welding two wires together, which looks not very attractive.

  • General
    • Predominant material: plastic
    • Closed circumaural headphones
    • Three-level adjustment of ear cups
    • Cable length for console / mobile devices – 120 centimeters
    • The length of the cable for computers – 125 centimeters
    • Both wires in thin rubber sheaths
    • Volume control built into the cable
  • Neodymium converters
    • Diameter: 40 mm
    • Impedance: 32 Ohm
    • Frequency response: 20 – 20 kHz
  • Microphone
    • On a hard headband on the left shell
    • Deactivation after pickup
    • Multidirectional


ASUS ROG Delta STurtle Beach Recon Spark
BrandASUS Turtle
ReleasedDec 4, 2020Sept 29, 2019
Weight300 grams230 grams
SoftwareArmory Crate softwareNo software


Noise Cancelling
Foldable DesignYesNo

To describe the ROG Delta S as a gaming headset is like saying nothing. This model has been designed from scratch with gamers in mind, and although at first glance it is difficult to accuse it, because it seems to be more simply a futuristic set, activating the RGB backlight on the shells in the form of a logo and inserts is more than enough to define the character of ROG Delta S. Is it good or bad.

The price is 250 USD, so if ASUS decided that RGB backlight with AURA Sync support is crucial in ROG Delta S, so be it. The overall design of the ROG Delta S can be liked, although its main distinguishing feature from the competition is only triangular earcups and ear cups. With the typical adjustment of the spacing of the ear cups based on a metal plate with a scale, the headband itself is simply traditional. It is built with a modest amount of foam covered with artificial leather. It is connected to the shells via a fork that can be rotated by 90 degrees and vertically adjustable. All this is built by matte plastic, which translates into a total weight of 300 grams. Together, it only makes a good, and not particularly top, impression, especially in my copy, which initially creaked horribly on the hinges of the forks.

The entire command center with an integrated cable at the head and a microphone port is located on the bottom of the right earcup, where there is an interestingly solved volume knob and the above-mentioned switch for the backlight, which turns it off, activates Aura RGB or switches to our voice response mode. (Soundwave). This “knob” is actually a lever, which, when pulled down and held down, successively reduces the volume level, upwards increases it, and when pressed, it deactivates or activates the microphone. A red LED indicates its mode at its end.

Recon Spark is clearly targeted at women, emphasizing only the colors, combining white with lavender. In other respects, however, this headset will work on everyone’s head. As the manufacturer himself emphasizes – it will work especially for users who are condemned to glasses, thanks to a different foam in the upper section of the earpiece. The Recon Spark builds mostly from hard plastic with the only metal element in the ear cup adjustment system, so it weighs just 230 grams without the cord.

However, it is worth emphasizing that the Recon Spark’s greatest strength is not so much the quality as the design itself, which may and may have a few weak elements (thin wires on the headband, a few unsightly joints, visible screws). Still, it is unique in its own way. All because it is accentuated by a nice “palm” logo of the manufacturer and the finish of the shell and the headband in the form of bark made of that wood, a combination of white and lavender, which is simply refreshing compared to other models.

The Recon Spark can boast of both the traditional adjustment of the earpiece spacing (this one works too lightly) and the more modest but equally important one because it concerns up-down, left-right movements. All thanks to the combination of earpieces with a headband, which allows the earcups to be rotated by 90 degrees, and an interesting fork that covers the earcups in the middle.

The rest of the Recon Spark elements are completed by a simple, rotating microphone on the left earcup and a volume knob in the same place. There is also the output of a thin, lavender four-pole 3.5 mm jack cable on this shell, which can be plugged into the included adapter, extending the whole thing by 125 cm.


Music ControlsYesYes
Quick ChargeYesYes
Stereo speakersYesYes

ASUS ROG Delta S- On the convenience side, the ROG Delta S headphones can reach either leather earpieces or ROG Hybrid earpieces, mainly fabric earpieces. The former is a bit thinner, and the latter is thicker, but both are filled with a great amount of memory foam. Although Asus suggests some for stationary gaming and the others for fun on the move, you should reach for the material ones when you expect higher comfort. For leather ones, you prefer slightly higher passive soundproofing.

Unfortunately, in both cases, the soundproofing is still average. Regardless of choice, you can still count on high ergonomics, thanks to the earpieces’ low weight, pleasant pressure to the head, and extensive adjustment.

Turtle Beach Recon Spark- The comfort issues are in the hands of artificial leather and foam, which was supplemented with material from the inside in the case of quite small earpieces. Although the size of the earpieces made its mark on my apparently large auricles, the feminine, usually smaller ones, felt much better in them. Then the combination of low weight and strong pressure of the headband works great, although longer playing with the Recon Spark will start to “tire” our ears a bit, requiring airing.


The ASUS ROG Delta S headset is full of great and unusual technologies and solutions that you will not find in cheaper models. The ROG Delta S does not look like a model that boasts a quadruple Hi-Fi ESS 9218 DAC and Master Quality Authenticated technology.

However, when we omit the visual envelope and problems with the application, ROG Delta S will be an interesting choice if you are looking for modern, unusual headphones for gaming and listening to music in really great quality. So is it worth it? It is worth it, but at this price, it isn’t easy to imagine a model that could not be recommend in some way. Among them, the ROG Delta S is distinguished primarily by its technological facilities.

Turtle Beach clearly does not want to conquer the rankings of the best headsets with its Recon Spark, rather wanting to fit into a visual niche and offering the highest possible compatibility. The appearance itself is the most important in this model because it can be liked by a small group of customers, i.e. women, which is confirmed especially by the smaller design of the earpieces themselves.

Aside from the appearance itself, the Recon Spark will not impress many. This is an average headset, offering a traditional set of functions and nothing else.



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