Best Budget Gaming PC Under 600 USD

Best Gaming PC Under 600 USD

At less than 600 USD, we often ask ourselves the same question: is it more interesting to move towards a console or a gaming PC? In practice, it mainly depends on your needs. If you only want to play your favorite games, the latest generation consoles, like a PS4 Pro or an Xbox One X, may offer better value for money than a full configuration under 600 USD.

Conversely, if your use is not limited to gaming, and you want to be able to enjoy a comfortable environment for surfing the Internet, editing videos, or even accessing all your multimedia content, we can only recommend using a real PC.

With a budget of 600 USD, it will obviously be necessary to make concessions, but it is now possible to set up a configuration that takes the road perfectly to enjoy your games in good conditions.


ProcessorIntel Core i3-10100FProcessor Intel Core i3 10100F
MotherboardGigabyte B460 DS3HGigabyte B460 DS3H
Graphics cardRX 580 / GTX 970 (Used)RX 580 GTX 970 Used
MemoryCorsair Vengeance LPX 2 x 8 Go @ 2666 MhzCorsair Vengeance LPX 2 x 8 Go @ 2666 Mhz
CoolingIncluded with the CPU
Power supplyCorsair CV550Corsair CV550
CaseCorsair Carbide 175RCorsair Carbide Series 175R

Processor- Intel Core i3-10100F

With this PC configuration of around 600 USD, you will be able to play the vast majority of games under correct conditions, limiting yourself to Full HD resolution.

The Core i3-10100F is not necessarily a racing beast, but it can keep up without too much problem with its 4 Cores / 8 Threads design and a maximum frequency of 4.3 GHz in Turbo mode.

The current shortage does not make things easier on the graphics card side, and we recommend here focusing on the second-hand market. It is currently possible for a budget between 100 and 200 $ to find RX 570 or GTX 970, allowing you to play incorrect conditions for the game in 1080p.

To get a better idea of ​​the performance of this configuration, the video below shows you some examples of gameplay in 1080p Ultra on about fifteen games:

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Processor Intel Core i3 10100FAt less than 121 $, high-performance CPUs do not necessarily run the streets, and our choice is naturally oriented towards the Intel Core i3-10100F.

With its design with 4 Cores and 8 Threads, the small thumb of the Core range displays a native frequency of 3.6 GHz and climbs up to 4.3 GHz in Turbo mode. Not bad for a processor now available at 120 $.

The model comes with a cooler in its box, but we still advise you to opt for more efficient and less noisy cooling if you have a small additional twenty dollars.


Motherboard- Gigabyte B460 DS3H

Gigabyte B460 DS3HSince the 10100F is not unlocked for overclocking and our budget is very tight, no splurge on the motherboard side.

We start here on an entry-level model, with a Gigabyte B460 DS3H  in mATX format. It is available for around $120; it is straightforward but offers everything you need to set up a gaming PC with a budget of $ 600.

We find an NVMe compatible M.2 port, 6 SATA ports, and at the rear 4 USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports and 2 USB 2.0 ports. RAM side, the card has 4 slots that can carry 128 GB of DDR4 at 2666 Mhz. There are also 3 PMW connectors for its fans and 2 RGB connectors for controlling its lighting.

Finally VRM side, no follies with this entry-level model since we remain limited to 4 + 2 power phases. Sufficient for the 10100F but a little limited if you want to upgrade to a Core i7 or i9 later.

Graphics card- RX 570 / GTX 970

RX 580 GTX 970 UsedFaced with our 480 $ configuration, we are clearly going to the next level with here a real dedicated graphics card and not a chip directly integrated into our processor. With the current shortage, however, it will be necessary to move towards the second-hand market, with no GPU being available in store.

Adjust according to your own budget and the ads you find. If possible, try to promote personal delivery so that you can test the equipment beforehand.

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Memory- Corsair Vengeance LPX (2 × 8 Go @ 3000 Mhz)

Corsair Vengeance LPX 2 x 8 Go @ 2666 MhzRAM side, we are moving here towards a 2 x 8 GB DDR4 kite at 3000 Mhz, even if we will be limited here to 2666 Mhz with this motherboard in the B460 chipset.

Below 95 $, the Corsair Vengeance LPX kit is one of the most affordable currently available, and you will even enjoy customizable lighting to add a little touch of color to your setup.

RAM prices can vary widely from day to day, so be sure to look at the other available kits. You can also opt for a kit with a higher frequency if you intend to upgrade your configuration later.

SSD- XLR8 M2 NVMe SSD – 500 GB

XLR8 M2 NVMe SSD 500 GBWe start here on a single M.2 NVMe SSD with a 500 GB PNY XLR8 model for storage.

For less than 80$, this is an excellent quality/price ratio with speeds that can climb 3500 MB / s in reading and 2000 MB / s in writing. Enough to enjoy a perfectly fluid machine, but also reduced loading times on your favorite games.

Its M.2 format also makes it possible to limit the number of cables in your box and facilitate cable management.

Obviously, this is an example, and adjust here according to your own storage needs. We can also imagine going on a 120 GB SSD associated with a 1 TB HDD for a similar price.

Power supply- Corsair CV550

Corsair CV550For the power supply of our various components, we start here on a 550W model. Sufficient power for our current configuration also offers room for upgrading certain parts in the future.

The Corsair CV550 model is available for around 70 $, with an 80 Plus Bronze certification. At this price, no modularity in the program, but you have to know how to make some sacrifices when you have a limited budget.

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Case- Corsair 175R RGB

Corsair Carbide Series 175RThe case is often a fairly personal choice, but make sure you orient yourself towards a model that gives you space and fixings necessary to mount your various components.

For this example, we opt for a Corsair 175R RGB, a simple and discreet model, delivered with a 120 mm RGB fan, a tempered glass front, and a cage for the power supply. For around 80 $, it does the job, just like the Sharkoon RGB Flow, for example.

For other choices, do not hesitate to consult our selection of the best PC Gamer cases.

Need a Upgrade

When you build a machine around 600 USD, the prospects for development remain numerous, and this is one of the main advantages facing a console of the same price.

Without necessarily changing everything, we can evolve our PC smoothly, depending on their budget and real needs.

A more efficient processor

The Core i3-10100F in our configuration can quickly show its limits, especially when we limit ourselves to a 1920 x 1080 px resolution.

If you want to move towards a beefier and, above all, more durable model, we recommend the AMD Ryzen 5 3600. Its 6 cores and 12 threads can adapt to most current graphics cards, even the most powerful.

Obviously, this change of processor here also involves changing the motherboard. You can go for a B450 model. There are very affordable ones from 100 $.

If you want to stay on the Intel platform, you will have to move towards a 9th generation processor to keep the same motherboard. We can imagine opting for a Core i5-10400F around 150$.

A graphics card for the future

If the RX 570 does well in Full HD, it will also show its limits. It is increasingly difficult to reach 60 FPS on the most demanding games without lowering certain graphics parameters.

Same fight if you want to enjoy a 1080p screen at 144 Hz or move towards a 1440p or 4K monitor.

In these cases, you have several choices depending on your budget. For around 300 $, its big sister, the GTX 1660 Super, offers a real performance gain and allows you to play in much better conditions in Full HD.