Best Smartwatches for Seniors

Smartwatches and bracelets are convenient and, most importantly, handy gadgets that allow you to monitor your health effectively. They can be used to monitor heart rate, blood oxygen levels, body temperature, and even sleep quality. The best models detect deviations from the norm and can also offer a solution to the problem. All this is very important for the elderly, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Manufacturers are trying to add as many useful functions as possible to smartwatches and bracelets, making it difficult to manage them. Savvy users can grasp new technologies quickly, but for older people, it can be difficult. We have selected several models that, in my opinion, are suitable for older people, both in terms of capabilities and ease of operation.

Functions of smartwatches for the elderly

The smartwatch for seniors has as many features as the unique stories of our grandparents. That is, too many to stop counting them, although we can try.

For that, from miResi, we have grouped them by categories so that it is easier for you to know them and see how each of them helps your family member:


This category integrates all those applications whose purpose is to ensure that the health of the elderly is in perfect condition. In addition, mishaps are avoided.

Some examples are:

  • fall sensor calls 112 if the person does not get up from the ground within a specific time.
  • Measurement of physical constants and vital information

Sport and well-being

Active aging is a concept that is gaining more weight in our society. And brands have been able to incorporate it into their smartwatches. That older people not only maintain a pleasant social life but also exercise (low intensity) is essential for their physical and mental well-being

  • An accounting of the daily steps and exercise of the elderly
  • knowledge of the location through a GPS. very useful in case your elderly suffer from memory problems and get lost while on the go.


Something that is entirely out of a science fiction book (it was probably the only thing that George Orwell failed to foresee) is the fact that the clock has become a kind of telephone. Thus, it fulfills functions that until now had only been possible through these devices: 

  • Make phone calls or send text messages to loved ones. If necessary, contact emergency numbers.


Old age is not synonymous with a less busy life. In many cases, it is just the opposite. For this reason, one of the most important functions of smartwatches is the fact that all activities can be programmed and alerts configured:

  • A calendar to write down all the events (you are never too old to go to museums or go out with friends!).
  • Notification of plans with the family, appointments with the doctor, drinking water, taking medication, etc.

Huawei Band 7

The Huawei Band 7 is the company’s lightest and thinnest smart bracelet brand, measuring just 9.99 mm thick and weighing 16 grams. It also features a 1.47-inch AMOLED screen for deep blacks and better battery management.

The accessory, which comes in the colours of Obsidian Black (black), Flame Red (red), Nebula Pink (pink), and Wild Green (green), offers 5 ATM protection (for dives up to 50 metres) and a 14-day battery life. The bracelet also has sensors for tracking heart rate, blood oxygen levels, menstrual cycle detection, and other activities.

Additionally, the model works with TruSleep 2.0, enabling users to access more precise sleep records and even spot sleep disorders. The presence of NFC, which supports not only wireless payment but also payment on public transportation, is another difference.

The bracelet also features a diverse gallery of dials in addition to a wide range of sports modes for physical activities.

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The Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6

The main advantages of these smart bracelets are their effortless operation, having good screen brightness, and relatively low cost. At the same time, it helps to keep track of health and tracks the overall level of physical activity. With moderate use, the bracelet can last up to 14 days on a single charge.

The sixth version of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band has a larger screen compared to the fifth version, and, thanks to the increased size, the font is easier to read. The updated version of the alarm clock can now be configured directly on the bracelet itself without using the application, which is also very convenient.

By default, the bracelet comes with several convenient dials that are very easy to switch and customize. There are customizable widgets on modular watch faces and the main part of the screen, where the time is usually displayed. With the help of widgets, it is easy to display a variety of indicators on your own display, for example, heart rate, number of steps, weather, or oxygen level in the blood. In addition, the bracelet can track stress levels and monitor sleep quality. During a short walk, the system will inform you about the level of humidity, UV intensity, and air quality.

The measurement of the personal activity index deserves a separate mention. The bracelet tracks the user’s actions for several days and converts all the information received into one standard indicator. Such information helps to adhere to a certain rhythm of life and always stay in good shape, which is very important for an older person.

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The HONOR Band 6 is a direct competitor to the Xiaomi Band 6, which we reviewed above. Both bracelets have a very similar feature set and similar tracking capabilities for health and activity levels. However, there is also a difference between gadgets.

If the model from Xiaomi, due to its narrow screen, completely follows the canons of the classic architecture of bracelets, then the HONOR Band 6 can be called a transitional option. It has a wider display due to which the gadget looks larger, and there is a mechanical button on the body that helps to control some functions. In this design, the tracker is even more familiar to the elderly.

The HONOR Band 6 is equipped with sensors that measure heart rate and blood oxygen levels. The system records estimated calorie consumption, monitors stress levels and sleep quality, counts steps, and collects weather information. The bracelet allows you to control music, set the alarm, and send messages about incoming calls.

Nevertheless, there is no way to answer voice calls, and there is no GPS tracker that allows you to control the user’s movement without using a smartphone. Another disadvantage of the HONOR Band 6 compared to the Xiaomi model is the smaller choice of installed watch faces. Some versions of the dials are not paid at all.

In terms of cost, the HONOR Band 6 is comparable to the model from Xiaomi, but in terms of usability, it slightly outperforms its main competitor due to the more comprehensive screen.

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Canyon Lemongrass Smartwatch SW-70

The Lemongrass CNS-SW70 model is recommended if you need a spectacular and, at the same time, inexpensive gadget with good functionality. The cost of this smartwatch is comparable to the cost of the Band 6 fitness bracelets from Xiaomi and Honor.

The main advantage of the Canyon Lemongrass CNS-SW70 is its stylish design. The slim round dial is secured on a beautiful metal strap with a magnetic buckle. The IPS screen in sunlight is not as bright as the AMOLED displays on the Band 6 fitness trackers, but the differences ​​are quite distinguishable. Even though the clock’s shape is round, the display area on the screen is square. Users often criticize this decision. However, the design of the dials takes this feature into account, and watches with the screen turned on do not lose their presentability.

In terms of the set of functions, the Canyon Lemongrass CNS-SW70 watch resembles a classic fitness tracker: it measures the heart rate, counts the number of steps, the number of calories burned, and tracks the overall level of physical activity. They have a smart alarm and a sleep monitoring mode. As for the quality of measurements, it, like in many inexpensive models, has some errors that should be taken into account. With moderate use, the watch can last up to four days on a single charge.

The Canyon Lemongrass CNS-SW70 watch is well suited for seniors who value design. In addition, this model is an inexpensive chronometer that helps the user effectively monitor their health, which is why it enjoys a certain popularity.

Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro

The HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 Pro smartwatch is one of the best Android models in the premium segment. The main advantages of this gadget are its spectacular design, excellent screen and case protection, long battery life, and the ability to answer phone calls. In addition, it contains all the essential functions to keep track of your health and physical activity. It is also easy to operate the watch, thanks to which it may well become a suitable replacement for ordinary wristwatches.

It’s hard to find fault with the appearance of the HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 Pro. They not only look beautiful but, in all respects, fully correspond to a premium smart chronometer. The case is made of a durable titanium alloy. The part where the watch touches the hand has a ceramic insert. The strap is made of genuine leather. The display is covered with a sapphire crystal, which is well protected from scratches.

Good battery life is another important plus of this model. With moderate use, the watch can last up to 14 days, but one charge is often enough for about 11–12 days.

The HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 Pro can measure heart rate, blood oxygen levels, count steps, and monitor sleep quality. They have a barometer and an intelligent alarm clock; the watch synchronizes with a wireless Bluetooth headset and allows you to listen to music while walking, even if the phone is left at home. And most importantly, this watch has a compass and a GPS tracker. Older people on tourist trips and during out-of-town walks come in handy with the function of moving on the return route. To find your way home, you need to move in the direction indicated by the clock.

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Apple Watch series 6

Smartwatches Happy iPhone owners can recommend Apple Watch Series 6 to happy iPad owners. Compared to the fifth, the sixth version slightly added to the set of functions, so owners of Apple Watch Series 5 or even Apple Watch Series 4 do not need to change their gadget. Of the exciting innovations, we can only note the emerging sensor for measuring the oxygen level in the blood and a reduction in the charging time by about 20 percent. The design of the sixth version has hardly undergone any changes, except that models in blue and red have been added.

Nevertheless, let us compare the Apple Watch Series 6 with any other smartwatch in terms of convenience and the number of valuable functions. In that case, they lag far behind all their closest competitors. Suffice it to say that in order to operate this chronometer, an older person does not need to figure out how to turn on or off one mode or another. The watch supports the voice assistant Siri, which means that you can control all functions just with your voice.

In Apple Watch Series 6, heart rate and blood oxygen levels are measured not by pressing buttons but in a continuous mode, which allows you to build a full ECG throughout the day and monitor breathing without interruption. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is difficult to overestimate the usefulness of such features. The system monitors physical activity, sleep quality, and calories burned. The watch has a light sensor, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and an altimeter.

The only drawback to Apple technology is its high cost, which fully applies to the Apple Watch Series 6. However, we can confidently say that this watch will last for many years with careful handling, and its benefits for an older person will be invaluable.

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Fitbit Charge 5

The Fitbit Charge 5 should be the best fitness tracker, but it’s too expensive for a fitness band and underpowered when compared to a smartwatch.

Since the debut of the Fitbit Charge in 2014, the company’s yearly releases have emphasised clean lines and monochrome displays. The Fitbit Charge 5 is a reliable fitness tracker with features like an E.D.A. scanner and NFC payment support that most rivals lack. It surpasses its predecessor in terms of both aesthetics and functionality thanks to its bright full-color OLED display.

However, paying more money does not necessarily translate into a better fitness tracker all around. Although a color display is preferable to a monochrome one, it comes at the cost of battery life and an altimeter.

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