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BeyerDynamic T1 Gen 3 vs iBasso SR2: Open-Back Headphones

The third-generation T1 and T5 are the flagship Headphones of the Beyerdynamic. They are similar only specifications differ in small details. However, one is closed, and the other is open, so they are designed for slightly different situations and needs. We also look at their common advantages and capabilities while weighing their capabilities against other high-end headphones.

On the other hand, the iBasso SR2 is an updated version of the SR1. This headphone is designed to offer High Definition sound quality. In addition, it features dynamic drivers that include Bio-Cellulose dome diaphragms, silicone suspensions.


BeyerDynamic T1 Gen 3iBasso SR2
Battery lifeNoNo
Weight360 g395 g

BeyerDynamic T1 Gen 3

The explosive growth in the supply of high-end headphones has prompted old, big names like Beyerdynamic to catch up more with modern user habits. The first T1, introduced years ago, was made with a chunky, fixed cable and thanked the high-performance electronics. The latest 3rd generation T1 (open) and T5 (closed) earphones now have an impedance of only 32 ohms, so even a good quality mobile USB DAC, DAP, or desktop headphone amplifier gives them plenty of volumes.

The T1 3rd Generation and T5 3rd Generation cost the same, approx. This price is beyond the reach of many. But there are those for whom the above amount is specifically friendly, and here we are not (only) thinking of oil cells. The total amount of a really high-quality hi-fi system made up of speakers can easily kick into the millions (not to mention eliminate the problems of room acoustics), so many people consciously opt for headphones when listening to quality music.

Headphones indeed display sounds like a different feeling, but many do not require them to feel their whole body, e.g., vibrations of concert halls. Even if the matching electronics are included, T1 / T5 The system pulled on the base will stop for well under one million (luckily up to half a million) forints.

iBasso SR2

The name SR2 isn’t very vibrant, but it communicates so clearly that there used to be an SR1 as well. Its predecessor has already successfully germinated the speaker technology used again. The sound waves are sounded by a silicone flanged bio-cellulose dome membrane called With Tesla magnet. It is not clear from the latter what kind of relationship, quantity match, or other meaningful relationship it has with Tesla magnets from Beyerdynamic, which also prefers to use the technology. In any case, it suggests that it is stronger than average, so the student can choose to shop in the hope of a dynamic, vibrant sound experience.

The semi-open in-ear headphones show the iBasso SR2 and its sleeker, sleeker design compared to its predecessor. At first glance, we could suspect the product of any well-known ear manufacturer, even Beyerdynamic, out of the corner of our eye, which can be interpreted as a compliment overall. The silver-glittering box carries simple and objective messages, displaying the subtitle “high-definition headphones” in addition to the official Hi-Res Audio logo. Thus, the headphones dance on edge between the audiophile and the high end, which is confirmed by approx.


BeyerDynamic T1 Gen 3iBasso SR2
Transducer TypeDynamicDynamic
Wearing StyleOpen backOpen back
Noise CancellingNoNo
Dimensions earphone289 x 215 x 150 x mm429 x 261 x 132 mm
Foldable DesignNoNo

BeyerDynamic T1 Gen 3

The Germans wanted to embody uncompromising quality, and they did. The T1 and T5 are the most thoughtful/clean/sophisticated Beyerdynamic products we’ve got our hands on so far. Their structural geometry is the same as that of the DT 770, widespread worldwide as a studio reference, only with just a more sophisticated use of materials. Why spend so many hours drawing extravagant shells, sci-fie-fitting capsules when this seemingly Spartan straight headband and round speaker chamber is also suitable for almost everyone?

In headphones, comfort is the most important feature, which is understood for use, touch, and wear. Alcantara and premium leather upholstery complement the housing with aluminum and steel elements; the memory foam liners have already been proven in our previous tests. In addition, the T1 has velvet/plush, and the T5 has leather ear pads.

The cables for both headphones are modular, but 3 are packaged for the T1 and 1.4 meters for the T5. However, it is also worth noting that monocrystalline copper is not an inexpensive material; OFC is a multiple of copper. The good news is that the 1.4m long cable is also available as an option alongside the T1. Beyerdynamic also offers a 2.5mm symmetrical Jack ending for those who want to listen to music from a suitable DAP. Unfortunately, the Jack plug on the headphones is unique, so only earphones can be used with the official “string.”

The “tying” just now is strongly compensated by the enclosed cases. The Beyerdynamic “understand” why it is important for good storage expedients. The bags are practical, part of the serving, and should harmonize with the contents. These zippered, hard-walled micro-cases encompass everything we’ve come across so far.

iBasso SR2

The box includes a hard-walled, zipped protective case (rather, a bag). The included silver-plated, transparent sheathed, bundled, braided cable with a 1.8-meter-long, 3.5-mm jack end (a 6.3-mm adapter is also included in the package).

The headphones give a good feeling of quality with mostly metal elements; plastic only contains more hidden details. The design around the ears makes it a rather roomy piece but not yet bulky in size. The chambers can be rotated 90 degrees, but the structure cannot be folded. A black metal grille covers the outside of the speakers.

It is a bit heavier than average with about 400 grams, yet the SR2 doesn’t feel particularly heavy, thanks to its wide headband and extremely soft faux leather cushions. The soft liners instantly take on the shape of the head, making them feel as if they have been specifically tailored to the user. All this is accompanied by average stability.

In a sitting/standing position, nodding to the music or shaking your head, everything is perfect – leaning backward or lying down. You can already feel the gravity pulling the chambers down very slightly.

After a thorough run-in, the SR2 became an everyday headphone. It remained used not only for the duration of our reference tracklist but for all other activities (on-the-job background music, HBO GO, YouTube, video games, etc.).


BeyerDynamic T1 Gen 3iBasso SR2
Music ControlsNoNo
Quick ChargeNoNo
Frequency Response5 Hz to 50 kHz3 Hz to 40 kHz
Impedance32 Ohms24 Ohms


BeyerDynamic T1 Gen 3iBasso SR2
Connection Type3.5 mm3.5 mm
Range3 m1.8 m


BeyerDynamic T1 Gen 3

The so-called T5 3rd Generation and T1 3rd Generation clearly stand out from the headphones of analytical character. It is not necessarily the beautiful, pampering experience, but the exact reproduction is their main intention, and it is worthwhile for the prospective owner to consider and experience this. All of this, of course, doesn’t change the fact that listening to the T5 was a fantastic experience, especially with instrumental music.

You may have had to give up the sound energy reaching your body while listening to T1 and T5, but there was still music in our brains. The T5 3rd Generation is one of the best-closed headphones we’ve come across so far, no more, no less. It’s also definitely worth a try for those who otherwise hate closed headphones, as it packs each sound fundamentally differently into the listener’s head.

iBasso SR2

The iBasso SR2’s stereocenter, dynamic hue, and overall resolution are so advanced that you can easily compete in the 600 USDcategories. The reproduction of bass is sometimes warmer and fuller than average, the judgment of which is quite subjective, but its directness and enthusiastic manner of communication counterbalance this—ideal for long-term music listening, certainly not in the bitter summer heat. We would have welcomed one or two more changes to the look for a more uniform look, along with it is best recommended for music omnivores at home.

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