Black Friday 2023 is Getting Closer

Black Friday 2023 is Getting Closer

Black Friday 2023 is Getting Closer! It’s a big sale day where you can save a lot of money on stuff you want. Even though we have sales all the time, the discounts on Black Friday are usually the best.

So, when is Black Friday 2023? It’s on November 24. It always happens on the first Friday after the American Thanksgiving holiday, and this date is the same everywhere in the world.

From what we’ve seen in the past, the big sales will probably start even before Black Friday. They might have “Black Weeks” with sales leading up to the big day. And after Black Friday, there’s the “Black Weekend” which includes Saturday and Sunday. Then, right after that, there’s “Cyber Monday” on November 27. On Cyber Monday, you’ll find lots of online deals.

Is Black Friday 2023 a good time to shop?

Every year, Black Friday gets bigger in Europe, even if it’s not as popular in the USA. Last year, in 2022, many sales just lowered the high prices from inflation. But this year, things might be different, and it could be a great time to shop.

What can you expect on sale? Well, we usually see big discounts on things like electronics, clothes, and makeup. We’re super excited about the electronics sales, especially since big stores in Poland plan to have huge deals. And don’t forget, there’ll be lots of online sales for software and digital stuff too!

Black Friday 2023

But be careful on Black Friday! Some stores trick you

Sadly, some stores try to fool people on Black Friday. They might raise the prices before Black Friday and then give a “discount” that isn’t really a discount. So, you’ve got to be smart!

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Here’s a tip: We always make sure the deals we tell you about are real. But you can also check prices on websites that show how much things used to cost. This way, you can see if the Black Friday price is really a good deal. You might want to write down the prices of things you want now, so you can compare them on Black Friday. Also, make a list of what you want and set a budget. This way, you won’t buy things you don’t need.

Remember, if you buy something online and don’t like it, you can usually send it back within 14 days. Just fill out the return form the seller gives you, and they’ll give you your money back. But be careful, because some items, like things with open packages or special orders, might not be returnable.