Black Shark JoyBuds Wireless Earbuds Review

Black Shark JoyBuds Wireless Earbuds Review 3

Black Shark’s JoyBuds TWS Bluetooth wireless headphones are considered by gamers as alternatives to AirPods for their almost similar shape and audio performance.

Black Shark JoyBuds will be a great choice! 14.2mm drivers are responsible for crystal-clear sound, and the Bluetooth 5.2 connection ensures lightning-fast, stable transmission with ultra-low latency. A durable battery provides a working time of up to 6 hours, and the ENC noise reduction allows you to talk on the phone without any problems. The headphones are also incredibly light, comfortable, and easy to use.

Today we will not talk about a mobile device but wireless gaming-style headphones called Black Shark JoyBuds.

Black Shark JoyBuds Wireless Earbuds Review 6

Although their light and compact design are very similar to that of the AirPods, the JoyBuds clones have a much more robust and ergonomic design and increased autonomy because they are aimed at hardcore gamers.

Apart from their wireless connection in Bluetooth 5.2, these headphones also act as a hands-free kit since they integrate two NEC microphones – environment noise cancellation – and touch controls on their stem. They also benefit from IPX4 certified waterproofing. You will be able to use them outdoors and indoors to play video games, take or make phone calls or listen to music.

This full review will try to cover all the device’s features and talk about its shortcomings. At the same time, you need to pay attention to the cons before you buy headphones. In addition, here we will share with you the quality of performance, sound, touch control settings, delay, and even the work of microphones.

As for the cost, now you can buy Black Shark JoyBuds TWS headphones at a rather interesting offer for $35. Yes, the price tag is not particularly high, but not ultra-budget.


From the manufacturer’s official website, you can see that the Black Shark JoyBuds headphones come in two colors – white and black. As you can see, my version of the device was in black

Black Shark JoyBuds Wireless Earbuds Review 1But naturally, when you are looking for true gaming headphones, it is the black color that pays attention. At the same time, the appearance of the headphones was not only in black but also in green notes.


You won’t find any LED indicators on the case of the Black Shark headphones. Yes, it isn’t very pleasant, but they will only be present on the charging box.

As for the quality of performance? The headphone housing was made of matte black plastic. This is a very good decision, both from the manufacturer’s side. The headphones remained without any scuffs and scratches. Therefore, you should not have problems with wear resistance.


Black Shark JoyBuds Wireless Earbuds Review 5

The same goes for the build quality; all connections, gaps, and joints were in place. The elementary protection against water under the IPX4 standard. You may not even be afraid of sweat and small splashes.


The latest version of Bluetooth 5.2 is responsible for the wireless connection of the Black Shark JoyBuds gaming headphones. Also, onboard the device was presented AAC and SBC audio codecs. No particular complaints in terms of signal transmission quality. 

Also, Black Shark offers its user to use a mobile application to get more opportunities. At the same time, the application’s name was Shark Arsenal, and it was available for both Android and iOS devices.

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The application’s main menu informs me about the battery level of the headphones and the charging case. There is also a switch from music to game mode. You can also reset the touch controls according to your comfort. We also like to highlight a feature that automatically pauses the track when one or two headphones are removed from the ear canal.

Now let’s activate the game mode and talk about its abilities during real use. For example, in games, the headphones performed very well. The delay was minimal, though. Therefore, playing games such as PUBG Mobile was a comfortable experience. 


As for the operation of the touch control:

  • One-touch played, paused, accepted, or dropped a phone call.
  • Double-tapping switched the track forward or backward, depending on the headphone tone.
  • Triple tap increases or decreases the volume level.
  • Holding down for 1.5 seconds, switched from music mode to game mode.


The new Black Shark JoyBuds are powered by a 14.2mm dynamic driver with a titanium-coated diaphragm. The margin in terms of volume was good, and listening to music at 100%, in general, will not be a particularly comfortable experience.

Black Shark JoyBuds Wireless Earbuds Review 4

In addition, these are in-ear headphones, but the manufacturer has focused on low frequencies. The bass sound was voluminous and quite deep, which is not typical for this class of headphones.

As for the mid and high frequencies, they are greatly distorted. The mid and high frequencies were compressed and did not have the detail, as usual, the earbuds show us.

It also occurred to me that the Black Shark manufacturer focused solely on the device’s gaming capabilities, not on music. Therefore, this headphone model will come in for gamers, but for music lovers, it is better to look for something else.

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If we talk about the quality of the microphones, then it was not even all that bad here. Two microphones were installed inside the headphone case. Most of the noise from the outside was blocked quite well.


Each Black Shark JoyBuds uses a 35 mAh battery. At the same time, the charging box received a battery of 400 mAh. The manufacturer indicates about 6 hours of battery life of the headphones. Is it so? Let’s tell you more.

The earphones were able to run for about 5 hours and 15 minutes at 50% volume using the AAC audio codec. Yes, the result is not quite the same as that of the manufacturer. For most users, this indicator will be enough for daily use.

At the same time, the full charging cycle of the headphones was about 1 hour, while the charging case fully charged in 1.5 hours via a Type-C connection.


The new model of Black Shark JoyBuds wireless headphones is not suitable for every user. But if you are a fan of gaming devices from Black Shark, then the new version of gaming headphones will not be an extra purchase or gift.

Among the positive aspects, First of all, the good quality materials of manufacture did not bring negative emotions even after in-depth testing.

Other than that, we didn’t have much to complain about the fit and wearing comfort. Another plus point is the presence of a mobile application, the operation of the touchpad, and even the minimum delay in games. Another plus is the good performance of the microphones and good battery life.

If we talk about the minuses, then they were also present. For example, the sound quality did not cause positive emotions, especially in the middle and high-frequency ranges. Also, features, such as active noise reduction and transparency mode.