Bose QuietComfort Ultra vs QuietComfort: Difference You Need to Know

Bose QuietComfort Ultra vs QuietComfort

Bose QuietComfort Ultra vs QuietComfort: Bose, a brand synonymous with top-tier audio equipment, has just unveiled its latest flagship headphones, the Bose QuietComfort Ultra.

Bose recently introduced the latest additions to their esteemed QuietComfort line, featuring both the QuietComfort and the QuietComfort Ultra headphones. As part of a series that has been hailed for its noise-canceling capabilities, these new releases have been the talk of the town. Let’s delve into a detailed comparison between the two, making it comprehensible for school students.

Today, we’re going to break down the differences between Bose’s upcoming QuietComfort Ultra and the QuietComfort model.

The QuietComfort Ultra headphones seem to be a fusion of features and design elements from previous Bose headphones, especially the successful 700 series model. However, there are some notable changes and improvements:

Bose QuietComfort Ultra vs QuietComfort

One of the most striking changes in the QuietComfort Ultra is its design. Featuring an aluminum yoke for the very first time, the headphones finally sport a modern and stylish look. Gone are the days when Bose headphones were associated only with top-notch sound quality. Now, they’re a fashion statement too!

QuietComfort Ultra

Appearance: The QuietComfort Ultra headphones possess a modernized look. With fewer visible seams and part divisions, these headphones exude a sleeker and more polished appearance.

Design Continuity: There is seamless padding that runs across the headband, making it look more elegant.

Colors: They are available in two colors: black and white smoke.


Appearance: This version retains a design that is strikingly similar to the earlier QuietComfort 45 headphones, featuring the signature oval-shaped ear cups that prominently display the Bose logo.

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Colors: Apart from black and white smoke, these headphones are also available in a unique Cypress Green.

Performance and Sound Quality

The Ultras are set to replace the ANC 700 and come equipped with the same driver. From what we’ve seen with past Bose headphones, it’s unlikely that the Ultras will be bass-heavy. This might be a disappointment for those looking for that extra thump in their music. However, for audiophiles who prefer a more balanced sound profile, this should be music to their ears (pun intended).

Bose’s signature sound has always leaned towards a balanced audio profile, and many hope that the Ultras will stay true to this tradition. Given their premium pricing, they’re targeted towards serious music lovers who won’t settle for anything less than the best.

Immersive Audio: Bose’s Take on Spatial Sound

Perhaps the most exciting feature of the QuietComfort Ultra is the introduction of “Immersive Audio“. Though the name might sound fancy, it’s essentially Bose’s version of spatial audio. In simpler terms, it’s head tracking. This isn’t a new technology per se, as many headphones already offer this feature. However, coming from Bose, expectations are naturally high.

Another exciting feature of the QuietComfort Ultra is the immersive audio mode. This is Bose’s response to Apple’s spatial audio technology. The immersive audio mode will come with adjustable settings, such as “still” and “motion.” These settings help optimize sound quality, providing listeners with a richer and more dynamic audio experience.

What does this mean for the listener? An expanded soundstage! Imagine being able to pinpoint the direction of every instrument in a song. That’s the kind of experience immersive audio aims to deliver.

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Noise Cancellation

Both the QuietComfort and the QuietComfort Ultra uphold the line’s reputation for superior noise cancelation. However, the QuietComfort Ultra boasts a leg up with its revamped system, which integrates proprietary signal processing, a robust chipset, and state-of-the-art microphones. Additionally, it features custom-tuned technology that tailors the audio performance according to the unique shape of the listener’s ears.

Both headphones come equipped with adjustable active noise cancellation, ensuring that the user can modify it according to their surroundings and preferences.

Battery Life and Connectivity

The Ultras don’t disappoint when it comes to battery life. Promising up to 24 hours on a single charge, they’re perfect for long journeys or extended listening sessions. Moreover, the headphones support the aptX adaptive codec. This includes both lossless and low-latency capabilities, ensuring a seamless and high-quality listening experience.

Foldable Design

One of the most significant changes is the foldable design of the QuietComfort Ultra. Unlike the noise-canceling 700 series headphones, which were fixed in structure, the Ultra version can be folded. This design feature offers flexibility and portability, making it more convenient for users on the go.

Not Just Headphones – There are Earbuds Too!

The QuietComfort Ultra series isn’t limited to just headphones. Bose is also gearing up to introduce the QuietComfort Ultra earbuds. These earbuds are designed to be more compact than the headphones and will be an upgraded version of the QuietComfort Earbuds 2 model that Bose launched the previous year.


An essential factor for many buyers is the cost. The QuietComfort is priced at $349, making it $80 cheaper than the QuietComfort Ultra, which comes with a price tag of $429. For those shopping on a budget, this price difference might be a significant deciding factor.

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Wrapping Up

When you choose between the Bose QuietComfort and the QuietComfort Ultra, your personal feature preferences and budget play a crucial role. Both headphones continue Bose’s legacy of providing top-notch audio quality and noise cancellation. However, the Ultra version presents a slightly more polished design and better audio features. On the other hand, if you want good-quality headphones without spending too much, you might prefer the regular QuietComfort version.