BURGA iPhone 15 Series Protective Cases

Check out BURGA’s iPhone 15 Series Protective Cases

BURGA iPhone 15 Series Protective Cases: BURGA from Lithuania brought their cases with beautiful patterns this year. The brand has been creating iPhone cases for a long time, but it hasn’t gotten much attention in this area. That might change now because their new iPhone 15 cases have a cool look and feel, almost like marble or ceramic. The latest cases from BURGA are different from others we’ve seen and they’re worth taking a closer look at.

The brand from Lithuania called BURGA makes phone cases with lots of pretty designs. They’re going to release new cases to match the iPhone 15.

BURGA has made some cool iPhone 15 cases with strong protection. They have the ELITE series that can really take a hit, and the TOUGH series that you can quickly switch out to show different patterns. These aren’t like the iPhone 14 cases because they’ve changed the shape for special phone models. The best part is the ELITE cases now have MagSafe, which means they can snap onto a charger with magnets, making it super easy to charge your phone.

Let’s talk about the ELITE series of phone cases from BURGA. They’re really tough and can protect your phone if you drop it. They have a matte finish on the back that doesn’t get scratched easily, and the colors and designs won’t fade or peel off because they use a special printing method. Plus, they have a special cushion inside called CloudGuard that can soak up 90% of the shock if your phone hits the ground.

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ELITE series
Wave Green Lake, Midsummer Jungle, Snow White Pattern, and Purple with Gold

There are four cool designs: Wave Green Lake, Midsummer Jungle, Snow White Pattern, and Purple with Gold. If you’ve seen the iPhone 14 series cases, these designs might look familiar because BURGA released them before. Wave Green Lake and Purple with Gold have the cool, flowing patterns that BURGA is known for. Midsummer Jungle and Snow White Pattern have a wild, animal-like look to them.

The two top tier anti fall series
Day and Night and Green Daisy

The two top-tier anti-fall series, “Day and Night” and “Green Daisy,” stand out for their unique colors. “Green Daisy” is easily recognizable from its appearance. In contrast, “Day and Night” is an official style known for its striking blend of white and black, accentuated with a marble texture. This style, merging stark contrasts and elegant design, is my favorite this time!

ELITE anti fall series
Morning Mist Gray Frame

Moreover, “Day and Night” stands out as a special model in the ELITE anti-fall series. Unlike other styles that feature a gold rim around the camera, this model showcases a “Morning Mist Gray Frame” with a metallic primary color texture. This design complements the original titanium color of the iPhone 15 Pro series, creating a harmonious and stylish look.

Burga Magsafe cover
BURGA MagSafe styles for the ELITE series

This time, BURGA has introduced MagSafe styles for the ELITE series, which differ from the previous iPhone 14 series. The official MagSafe styles come in only three designs: Wave Green Lake, Midsummer Jungle, and Snow White Stripes. However, there’s still a solution for more variety!

Antifall design

The ELITE top anti-fall series features one-piece molding with added anti-slip granular materials on the frame for better grip. BURGA designed it with openings on the action button for a more comfortable feel. Although the lower height might slightly affect this, it doesn’t compromise operational accuracy. Additionally, there are two hanging rope holes near the top of the phone on both sides.

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BURGA has released nine new models with magnetic repeating patterns for the ELITE top anti-fall series, available for direct purchase. If you find a style you like on the official website that isn’t part of this release, don’t worry. This time, BURGA offers an exclusive custom ordering service without any extra cost. This service is also available for the TOUGE special anti-fall series.

Tough Antifall series
Green Field Daisies, Hand-drawn hearts, Pink Plaid, Shimmering morning light

The TOUGH premium anti-fall series emphasizes replaceable back covers. Its main features include a printed hard case that covers the detachable back of the phone and an internal silicone buffer with a double-layer design. Additionally, the TOUGH series maintains the previous generation’s design, including MagSafe magnetic suction style.

From left to right, we have the newly introduced Green Field Daisies, followed by Azure Love Song adorned with hand-drawn hearts. Next is the iPhone 14’s Pink Plaid, featuring a similar design, and lastly, the Shimmering Morning Light, which showcases the same mineral texture.

Tough Side Antifall series

The TOUGH extra-grade anti-fall series features a double-layer structure with a hard shell covering the frame. Unlike the ELITE top-grade anti-fall, it doesn’t have anti-slip particles and lacks a sling hole. However, since USB hangers are the mainstream choice for slings nowadays, this isn’t a major concern.

The TOUGH series, compatible with the iPhone 14, supports the MagSafe magnetic suction function. When you use the original card holder, the BURGA logo remains visible. Regarding the magnetic part, the TOUGH premium anti-fall series has the MagSafe label on the inside of the case. It’s more convenient to place the label on the inner silicone layer. In the ELITE top-level anti-fall series, you might not see the MagSafe label as it could be hidden under the printing layer.

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You can buy Elite series from Amazon.com and official website burga.com.