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Compare: Blue Ella Planar Magnetic Headphones vs HyperX Cloud Orbit S

Hey, guys your at Top2Gadget and we have brought another interesting comparison for you. Today we will compare two fantastic gaming headsets, two high-quality premium gaming headsets with some fantastic audio, brilliant features, great comfort and significant price tags.

Blue Ella PlanarCloud Orbit S
Superb audio performanceGood battery life
Design offers more versatilityAccurate head tracking
Powered by an internal amplifierImmersive Waves Nx motion-sensing
3D audio effect
Hard clamping forceNo Bluetooth connectivity
Extremely expensiveTedious cord and mode switching


Blue Ella PlanarCloud Orbit S
TypeGaming HeadsetGaming Headset
ColorsBlack Black 
Weight1.93 Pounds0.78 Pounds

These two headsets are the same device the odyssey Mobius and the Hyperx Cloud Orbit S. Now the reason these are the same is that the hyperx cloud orbit s is essentially based on the Mobius and uses all the technology from odyssey within it and they are some minor differences in it. But otherwise, as you’ll see from this comparison styling wise they’re very different and features wise, sound wise and other things they’re also very distinct, there are a couple of minor similarities.


Blue Ella PlanarCloud Orbit S
TypeOver EarOver Ear
Noise CancellingYesYes
Weight1.93 Pounds0.78 Pounds
Foldable DesignYesYes

Starting with Bluer Ella Planar, The Ella’s have a big metal frame and large leather cushy ear cups. The leather padded headphones are comfortable and easy to use. But they’re bulky and heavy to use as well there were a total of one pound. So for those of you wanting to use them to go for a run they may not be your best option. If you’ve tried using these to jog and surprisingly they stayed in place the entire time however we still think we’d prefer something more lightweight. If on the go the only time you will notice the earphones not staying in place or when you look down while walking they ended up sliding forward towards your face so in short perfect for indoor listening not meant for outdoor activities.

In terms of bodily design, the Cloud Orbit S remains quite comparable to the wired HyperX Cloud Mix, including large, flattened, oval earcups wrapped within matte black plastic beside silver HyperX logos toward the backs of every panel. The headset does come with more synthetic, with strong synthetic black-and-gunmetal struts that attach via a mainly black plastic headband moderately than compact, modest metal struts including a faux-leather-wrapped headband. This doesn’t indicate the Orbit S seems cheap or weak, though, notwithstanding the lack of metal, the matte, soft-touch synthetic seems nearly being comfortable and seems equally attractive to other high-end gaming headsets within this price range.


Blue Ella PlanarCloud Orbit S
USB3.5 MM3.5 MM
Music ControlsYesYes
Quick ChargeNoNo
Stereo speakers

The Ella has planar magnetic drivers and also features an internal amplifier for the drivers in addition to having three different listening modules. This means you don’t need to buy an amplifier to power these headphones because one is built inside of them. Now they don’t have active noise cancellation but do a great job at blocking out any external noise. The cables are covered in a shoelace-like cloth to prevent tangling and getting damaged it also comes with three of them one micro-USB to change the internal amplifier one audio cable with an inline mic and remote control and one audio cable without a remote. The remote has three buttons with a scent a button that controls playback went to answer calls and went to track navigation. It also has two volume control buttons the headphones also come with a nice microfiber drawstring bag for storage and a point 2.5-inch headphone jack adapter the circular switch surrounding the top of the cable allows you to switch between three listening modes on/off plus and off the often one is for passive listening.

Talking about the Cloud Orbit Connections and controls, beginning with a power switch, a pointer LED, and a mic mute button on the rear panel. A USB-C port faces down and forward on the base edge of the earcup, including a boom mic connector within the front of it and a 3.5mm connector following it. Headphone and mic sound controls rest behind the 3.5mm port, and a 3D audio button rests above the boom mic port. The added boom mic remains a foam-covered unidirectional condenser enclosure attached to a light, adjustable black metal elements arm, and can be detached if not in use. The HyperX Cloud Orbit S gives insulation for noise as immeasurable or more reliable than most gaming headsets. There’s no noise cancellation here, though the memory foam pads remain deep and give a proper seal.


Blue Ella PlanarCloud Orbit S
Battery TypeLi-PolymerLi-polymer
Battery Life12 Hours10 hours
Charge Time3-4 HoursApprox. 2.5 hours
Charging PortUSB-CUSB-C

Both of these headphones come with a Li-Polymer Battery. But the Blue Ella Planar returned you a total of hours of battery life and it will take 3-4 hours of charging time. Whereas the, on the other hand, the Cloud Orbit S will be returned you a total of hours of battery life and it will take 2.5 hours to charge completely.


Blue Ella PlanarCloud Orbit S
Bluetooth RangeApprox. 10 meterApprox. 10 meter

Talking about the connectivity both of these headphones come with an adapter that will connect with your device and then attach your cable to your adapter and you can enjoy your game or your music So connectivity is a very plug-and-play scenario. Another thing is that you can use them passively which is a convenient feature.

Which one is better…???

They both have very identical features and connectivity. But in terms of design and sound quality, the Cloud Orbit S is much better than the Blue Ella Planar. The sound quality of the Blue Ella Planar is not that bad but the Sound Quality of the Cloud Orbit S is somehow better. Also, the cost of the Blue Ella Planar is much higher than the other one and it will affect the budget of the buyer. So it is more suitable for you to go for the HyperX Cloud Orbit S.


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