Compare the Best: Razer Blade 15 vs MSI GS66 Stealth

Now if you read our comparison you might know that we’ve already reviewed the razor blade 15 base and razor blade 15 advanced model. So today we will compare that to the MSI GS66 because they offer very similar features and both are priced quite aggressively.

Pros and Cons

Razer Blade 15MSI GS66 Stealth
6-core Core i7 and GeForce GTX 1070Great battery life for a gaming laptop
Solid Full HD performanceStunning high refresh rate display
300Hz refresh rateSturdy but portable metal build
Pricey compared to the competitionStrong gaming performance
Only one M.2 slotHeavier than before

General Info

Razer Blade 15MSI GS66 Stealth
ModelBlade 15Stealth GS66
Model NumberRZ09GS75 Stealth 9SG-436IN
Weight2.03 Kg2.4 Kg
OSWindows 10 Home BasicWindows 10 Home Basic
Display15.6 Inch15.6 Inch

Now in terms of the build quality and design, we feel like the MSI GS66 is slowly starting to merge and look a lot like the Razer Blade 15. They’ve gone every year to more of a stealthy black matte look and it’s just getting closer and closer to what the blade 15 looks like. Build quality we’re still gonna give it to the Razer Blade 15. Razorblade 15 just feels solid, GS66 feels solid too but you can tell there are some compromises in order to reduce the price.


Razer Blade 15MSI GS66 Stealth
ProcessorIntel Core i7-8750H (8th Gen)Intel Core i7-9750H (9th Gen)
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080
ChipsetIntel HM370 Express
Storage1 TB HDD1 TB SSD
SSD Capacity512 GB SSD1 TB SSD


Razer Blade 15MSI GS66 Stealth
Clockspeed2.2 Ghz2.6 Ghz
Graphic ProcessorNVIDIANVIDIA
ProcessorGTX 1060RTX 2080
Graphic Ram6 GB8 GB

Now showing performance between these two laptops is kind of tough just because razer blade is the 2080 Super Max Q and MSI is the 2070 supermax q but both of these GPUs are performing exactly how they should. In fact, the 2080 Super Max Q is not a huge upgrade over the 2080 Max Q. In fact, in some games, this comes very very close in terms of frames per second compared to MSI.

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When it comes to heat management the MSI GS66 allows the laptop to run hotter, it gets to 90 degrees sometimes, sometimes it goes over, and sometimes you’ll see a power throttle or even thermal throttle to bring those temperatures back down. The Razer Blade 15 on the other hand is super conservative, you’ll never see this laptop get hotter than 80 to 83 degrees celsius and this leads us to believe that longevity with the Razer Blade 15 should be better than the GS66.


Razer Blade 15MSI GS66 Stealth
Display TypeLEDLED
Display Size15.6 Inches15.6 Inches
Display Resolution1920 x 1080 Pixels1920 x 1080 Pixels
Display TouchscreenNoNo
Dimensions335 x 235 x 19.9  mm381 x 261.62 x 24.5  mm

The other thing is the display the Razer Blade 15 can only open up a certain way whereas the MSI GS66 can go all the back to 180 degrees but if you’re that type of individual that wants that feature you’re only gonna get it with the GS66. The other thing to note is the one-hand ability both of these laptops can be opened up with one hand if that’s something you need to know. Both of these laptops are under five pounds or around five pounds we think the Razer Blade 15 is slightly heavier. The hinge system on both devices is very stiff we’re not worried about wobble but if you want to know which one is slightly stiffer, it’s definitely the Razer Blade 15.

Now since we’re talking displays, these are both 300-hertz panels in fact we actually think they’re from the same manufacturer, we’rere seeing zero difference, in terms of color accuracy gamut and brightness. Even though 300 hertz is a high refresh rate and it’s very hard to get 300 frames per second to match it. These panels are just better than the previous generation they have a slower response time and they have better color accuracy and gamut than the 144-hertz displays we’ve seen from last year.

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Razer Blade 15MSI GS66 Stealth
SpeakersStereo SpeakersStereo Speakers
Microphone JackBuilt-in MicrophoneBuilt-in Microphone
Wireless Lan802.11 a/b/g/n/ac802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
BluetoothYes 5.0vYes 5.0v
Sd Card ReaderYesYes


Razer Blade 15MSI GS66 Stealth
Power Supply65 W AC Adapter W51 W AC Adapter W
Battery TypeLi-IonLithium-Ion Polymer
Battery LifeUp to 6 HrsUp to 6 Hrs

Battery life is better on the MSI GS66 Stealth because they made it taller, they are able to cram more inside of here, so with that, you get a 99 watt-hour battery compared to 80 watt-hours on Razer Blade 15.

Which is better!

Here’s the bottom line if you are a hardcore gamer and you’re looking to squeeze as much performance for the dollar you’re better off going with the six-core MSI GS66 Stealth. You don’t need eight for gaming, you won’t see a performance difference and because MSI is priced lower you can spec it with higher components for the dollar. Yes, you’ll be sacrificing a little bit of build quality but you’ll gain more battery life. The Razer Blade 15 on the other hand is fantastic for gamers and content creators. You get slightly better build quality, you get an sd card slot and you get the better speakers, and better gaming performance plus it doesn’t thermal throttle But is priced quite high.

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