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Comparison and differences iMac vs Mac mini

Whether for the office or with the family, relying on a stationary computer can allow a considerable performance gain. But as with laptops, Apple’s range is relatively complex and many hesitate, for example, between the two cheapest solutions from the Californian brand: the iMac and the Mac mini. So here is our verdict.

First released in 1998, the iMac is probably Apple’s most iconic computer. With its domed design recognizable among miles, it is indeed renowned for its versatility and its aesthetics and can be found in traditional homes as well as in graphic designers for whom a stable material is essential on a daily basis. But that’s without counting on a more recent alternative: the Mac mini.

Arrived on the market in August 2006, the Mac mini looks like an Apple TV that would have eaten a little too much between meals. In short, it is a central unit integrating all the components necessary for the proper functioning of macOS except the control modules: no screen, no keyboard, and no mouse. To be purchased separately, therefore. But that doesn’t mean that the device offers the same specs as the iMac in terms of performance: indeed, as you’ll see in this review, there are clear differences between the value proposition of the iMac and the Mac mini. Details.

General Info

iMacMac mini
Weight5.44 kg1.2 Kg
Dispay4K Display
Dimensions528 x 450 x 175 mm197 x 197 x 36 mm
ColorsSilver, Space GraySilver, Space Grey

The iMac is, therefore, a large screen behind which are inserted all the parts that run the software, which gives it its characteristic semi-convex shape. This dates from the model unveiled in 2007 and were the result of significant engineering work overseen in particular by Steve Jobs who made a point of honour that the structure is arranged so as to make the machine the least thick possible. And it is now successful: the borders measure only a few millimetres, like the MacBook Air. In addition, we can choose from three different iMac families: one with a 21.5-inch panel, the second with 27 ″ and the last being the iMac Pro, with its dark tint and more premium features.

The Mac mini, meanwhile, can fit into any backpack with its featherweight of just over a kilogram. A mass that contrasts clearly with that of the iMac, which never weighs less than 5 kg is therefore not at all suitable for mobile use. This is not the case with the Mac mini, since, with dimensions of 3.6 x 19.7 x 19.7 cm, you just need to take some cables with you too and you can connect it to any what setup to start working.


iMacMac mini
Display Type4K LEDNo
Display Size21.5 InchNo
Display Resolution1920 x 1080No
Display TouchscreenNoNo
Operating System TypeMac OSNo

The iMac is more powerful than the Mac mini

The 21.5-inch iMac in its minimum configuration features a 2.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor with Turbo Boost mode that can reach 3.6GHz. Coupled with this is 8 GB of RAM as well as an Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 graphics card. But it is enough to invest more to go up to the i9 (eight cores), with 64 GB of RAM and a Radeon Pro Vega GPU 48. As for storage, it can be delivered with a 3TB Fusion Drive or an SSD up to 2TB. With the iMac Pro, we can even choose an Intel Xeon W CPU with eighteen cores @ 4, 3 GHz with Vega 64X, 256 GB of DDR4 memory and 4 TB SSD. A real monster of power, then, next to which the Mac mini is poor.

Indeed, with a maximum of a six-core i7 processor, 64 GB of RAM, an Intel UHD Graphics 630 graphics chip and an SSD of up to 2 TB, the Mac mini will withstand harder than the iMac. intense requests such as editing video edits with Adobe Premiere Pro or gaming sessions with gourmet titles on Apple Arcade.

With or without a screen?

The iMac is the most complete of Apple’s desktops since it is the only one that is also equipped with a screen. And not just anyone, since it is equipped with Retina technology specific to its manufacturer and which is also found on the iPad Pro including the 2020 model, also used by some professionals. But that’s not all, since its resolution can reach 5K, supporting more than a billion colors for a particularly striking rendering during film or drawing sessions. With this, the luminance reaches 500 nits, both with the 21.5-inch iMac 4K and with its big brother.

With the Mac mini, the screen is up to you. The most appropriate is obviously the Pro Display XDR – also at Apple – but its price beyond 5,000 euros may put off more than one buyer. In this case, we can then turn to other brands: Asians LG, Samsung, TCL or Asus thus offer products compatible with the Mac mini, both entry-level and large and expensive. The Mac mini can also support up to three screens, which should give free rein to the imagination of the most seasoned hackers.


iMacMac mini
ProcessorIntel Core i7Apple M1 8 Core
GraphicsIntel Iris Plus Graphics 640
Storage256 / 512 SSD256 / 512 SSD


iMacMac mini
Clockspeed2.3 GhzNo
Graphic ProcessorIntel Iris Plus No
ProcessorGraphics 640No


iMacMac mini
SpeakersStereo speakersStereo Speakers
Microphone JackYes 3.5 mmYes 3.5 mm
Wireless LanYesYes
Sd Card ReaderYes


iMacMac mini
Line Voltage100–240V AC100–240V AC
Frequency50Hz to 60Hz50Hz to 60Hz

Not the same connections on the iMac

The other key difference between the iMac and the Mac mini is the list of plugs available on the back of each machine. On the iMac, we are thus entitled to:

  • a headphone jack
  • an SDXC card reader
  • four USB ports 3
  • two Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports
  • an Ethernet socket
  • to which are also added two other universal ports (for the iMac Pro version only)

The Mac mini, meanwhile, offers:

  • a 3.5 mm jack
  • two second-generation USB 3.1 ports (up to 10 Gbps)
  • four USB-C ports (Thunderbolt 3 up to 40 Gbit / s) and an HDMI 2.0 socket, mainly dedicated to connecting screens
  • a Gigabit Ethernet port configurable with 10 Gigabit Ethernet technology

Of course, it is also always possible to acquire adapters or hubs separately if that is not enough.


In conclusion, the iMac is, therefore, an overall better desktop computer than the Mac mini. Although its price is more expensive (count 1576.66 USD for a 21.5-inch iMac with a 2.3 GHz dual-core processor and 1 TB of storage), it is still more affordable than some iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The classic iMac version will therefore be an ideal choice for individuals who want to enjoy a smooth experience with macOS without having to invest time in complicated editing. From printers to architects, many also call on the iMac or its iMac Pro version for their performance, the reputation of which is well established: it is a safe bet.

If, however, the screen quality of the iMac is not your thing and for example, you want to play with a curved diagonal or you have an unused screen left at home, then you can buy the Mac mini. But you will probably have to invest in several additional cables, and buy a keyboard and a mouse separately: the Magic Keyboard and the Magic Mouse 2 are the best references in the field. The Mac mini is also an opportunity to travel more easily since it is easily transported thanks to its much less imposing design. In reality, we can therefore only blame its technical sheet which even in its maximum configuration does not allow it to achieve the results of the iMac.

The Mac mini is however more affordable than the iMac in general since it can be found from 929 euros at Apple. A sum that can quickly climb beyond 4800 USD in maximum configuration and with the Logic Pro X and Final Cut Pro X software supplied in the box.


Thermal Paste Buying Guide For Your Processor

If you decide to update your thermal paste yourself, you’ll have to buy it first. We will tell you how much volume you need and which brands are worthy of attention.

Computer components, like any other technically complex device, require the user’s attention. If you care about the health of your PC, then you have to take care of it. One of the most accessible computer care procedures to take is replacing the thermal paste. Thermal grease is a multicomponent heat-conducting compound between the element that needs cooling and the heat removal system. The component most affected by heat is the processor. The smoothness of the gameplay depends on the level of its heating. At high temperatures, the CPU starts to throttle, and games will slow down in this case. Therefore, if you do not want to interrupt regular friezes during the passage of some AAA project, sooner or later, you will have to think about the degree of heating of the computer heart.

There are many ways to monitor the health of a component. You can read more about this in this publication. If you notice that the temperature of the stone is too high, it’s time to think about replacing the thermal interface. Today we are going to tell you which thermal paste to choose for your processor.

Processor Thermal Grease: Which Is Better?

To answer this question, you need to understand by what criteria this tool is selected. There are only three of them.

  • Price. The task is greatly simplified if you don’t care: we take the most expensive option and are guaranteed to get into the top ten of the best pastes. But, if you do not trade in oil or gas, you will have to consider more affordable options.  
  • Viscosity. Alas, you cannot determine it from the photo, and there is no word about this property in the characteristics. Meanwhile, the paste should not be too thin or too thick. Ideally slightly thicker than toothpaste. 
  • Thermal conductivity. This is the primary indicator for paste. Suppose you have a budget processor that doesn’t heat that much; in principle, any thermal conductivity will do. For game stones, you need to pay attention to this parameter – it is advisable to focus on an 8 W / mK indicator. 

How much paste do you need, how often do you change it? 

Thermal paste is usually sold in small tubes or syringes (2-4 g) for single-use or in 20-30 g containers for the needs of computer maintenance engineers. The amount required to connect the processor to the cooler is from the match head. So even a tiny syringe is enough. 

For your convenience, we’ve broken down the top processor thermal greases into three categories: budget, mid-range, and premium. 

Arctic Cooling MX-4

Probably one of the most popular products on the market that everyone has heard of, supplied in two variations. The first one is a small syringe with a volume of 4 grams, intended for single independent use. The second is a 20-gram syringe, which you probably won’t need.

Arctic Cooling MX-2

Affordable version of MX-4. When the price was reduced by half, the thermal conductivity did not fall by 50%, but decreased only to 5.6 W / mK. The mixture is also supplied in a 4 g syringe. Also, as with the previous version, there are several variations in delivery: you can find a syringe up to 65 g. The viscosity of the liquid is approximately the same as that of the previous product.

All the same, the level of thermal conductivity is not so high, which means if you are the owner of a gaming “bakery,” it is better to pay attention to the MX-4. During dynamic scenes, the processor can be loaded to the eyeballs. And if you are a fan of overclocking, you should understand that the amount of heat generated increases almost exponentially, starting from a certain level. So, for example, starting from 4000 MHz on the Ryzen 5 2600, 100 MHz from above can heat the stone by 5-10 ° C. Another 100 MHz after 4100 MHz, increase the temperature rise by 15-20 ° C, and so on.

Deepcool Z3

We are familiar with Deepcool from various PC cooling systems. Very often, this thermal interface is supplied with budget CPU coolers. This is the cheapest paste in our ranking, which is also best used in-office solutions. The developers assure that the liquid can withstand heat up to 300 ° C. But at the same time, the level of thermal conductivity leaves much to be desired—only 1.13 W / mK.

Users note that the consistency of the product is very thick, and therefore it is not so easy to distribute the thermal interface over the processor cover. But the Z3 has a 3-year warranty. The package includes only a syringe and nothing else.

Mid-Range Thermal Pastes

Noctua NT-H2

We saw an updated version of NT-H1 back in January 2019. It took Austrian developers 14 years to upgrade. And judging by the characteristics, it was worth it. According to the manufacturer, the product has a 3-year warranty, but when the thermal interface is applied to the processor’s heatsink cover, it will last five years without replacement.

The temperature range has grown compared to the old version. Earlier it was from minus 50 to plus 110 ° С. Now – from minus 50 to plus 200 ° С. The thermal conductivity of the liquid is 8.9 W / mK.

Thermaltake TG-4

Thermaltake already has TG-7 and TG-8 thermal pastes with diamond particles and increased thermal conductivity in the range, but they are premium solutions. Thermal paste TG-4 acts as a mid-budget analog. For 2 grams, you will have to pay about $10, which is enough for several uses. The declared thermal conductivity is 3.3 W / mK. Temperature range – from minus 50 to plus 250 ° С.

Users complain about too high density, but despite this, and relatively low thermal conductivity, the product is on a par with the previous thermal paste – Noctua NT-H2.

Expensive Thermal Pastes

Coollaboratory Liquid PRO

If you choose the quality and effectiveness of the product, then be prepared to pay about 13 USD for 1 gram of thermal paste. This is precisely how many German developers ask from the user. But in return, the buyer will receive an incredibly high thermal conductivity of 82 W / mK. This thermal interface will serve you for a very long time because it does not dry out or decompose.

The manufacturer does not recommend using aluminum coolers because liquid metal can cause a destructive reaction. This liquid is best suited for scalping the processor. In this case, you will be able to significantly reduce the operating temperature of the processor: by 15-20 ° С. When applying any metal, be extremely careful. If it gets on the microelements of the motherboard, it will lead to a short circuit.

Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut

If we were to choose the best thermal paste for the processor, then among the top, we would select a product from a German company, which is well known to all overclockers. Among the offers from Thermal Grizzly, you can find syringes with thermal grease and special thermal pads. For a fabulous 51 USD, you will receive 5 grams of liquid metal, which can easily cope with extreme heating because the thermal conductivity is 73 W / mK.

The operating temperature range for metal is traditionally not so high and is minimum – plus 10 ° С, maximum – plus 150 ° С. The premium segment, as usual, has a solid package bundle (if that can be said about thermal interfaces at all). The scope of delivery includes cotton swabs, documentation, syringe, degreasing napkin, syringe attachment. If 5 g is a lot for you, then you can buy syringes with a smaller capacity. For example, 1 g of funds will cost you 1000 rubles. If you compare Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut with budget pastes, then you are guaranteed to see a 2x increase in inefficiency.



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15 Useful Apps For Android Available Right Now

If you buy a smartphone based on the Android operating system, then in any case, you will receive a device with a particular set of applications. However, not all of them will be useful, and some essential programs will not be on the device at all. In this collection, we want to talk about those utilities that you need to install first. Their presence on any smartphone can now be called virtually mandatory.

In the old days, a rare person installed additional programs on a mobile phone. Usually, the user thought about Opera Mini and ICQ, where his fantasy ended. But modern smartphones delight hundreds of thousands of applications. Here, willy-nilly, you think about which of them you need to download after purchase. In this article, we will tell you about the most useful applications for Android. You have to click on the button leading to Google Play to install this or that program on your device.


WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messengers in the world, a free application for communication, audio and video calls. It uses an internet connection and allows you to send text and voice messages, images, video files, documents, and other content.

The secret to the app’s success lies in its simplicity. Even an inexperienced user can figure out and configure WhatsApp, and using a mobile number as login will get rid of the need to remember a password. Your smartphone’s address book integrates with your WhatsApp contact list so that you won’t have any problems communicating with family and friends.

In addition, the program boasts useful functions: there are group chats, saving messages for offline users, exchanging contacts, sending geolocation and much more.


  • Convenient customizable interface.
  • Synchronization with the list of contacts.
  • Lack of passwords.


  • Minor issues that are fixed by updates.


Another essential application for Android devices is Telegram, a safe and fast messaging program.

Here you can send media of any size and type without worrying about any restrictions. The chat history is stored in the secure cloud of the application and does not take up space in your gadgets.

Telegram has ample opportunities. You can send documents and video files of any format and, if necessary, use the built-in photo and video editor to improve the quality of pictures and videos.

There are no annoying ads, bugs and expensive subscriptions in the application, and all your data is entirely safe.


  • Simple, user-friendly, pleasant interface.
  • There are no restrictions.
  • Complete security.
  • There is a large collection of stickers.


  • There are minor drawbacks that are fixed with an update of the application.


Viber is a useful application for communication. This messenger allows you to write free messages and make free voice and video calls on your smartphone and tablet. Here, you can send videos and photos and share contacts, stickers, links, and location data at no cost.

Also, in the application, you can create and participate in group chats, which can have up to 250 users. With the messenger, you will always be in touch with your family, friends and colleagues. In addition, there are games with the characters Legcat and Violet, in which you can spend time and compete with friends.

  • Free calls over the Internet in HD quality.
  • Calls and video calls can be made without setting up an account.
  • End-to-end content encryption.
  • Ability to delete sent messages and hide chats.
  • Stylish app design.


  • The presence of advertising.
  • There are paid stickers.


Now it is impossible to use a computer without some antivirus. A similar program will come in handy on a smartphone, especially if you have not asked the operator to block sending SMS messages to four-digit numbers. This product will prevent a malicious application from sending SMS without your knowledge, emptying your balance.

Download Safe Security is necessary not only for protection but also to speed up the device. The fact is that a full-fledged optimizer is built into this utility, which tries to speed up the smartphone’s performance. Of course, this works best on inexpensive devices and too many applications installed on them.

Finally, Safe Security allows you to locate your device if it is lost or stolen. However, such a function is already built into the Android operating system – not every user suspects its existence.


  • Not a bad antivirus.
  • Help in finding a smartphone.
  • Optimizer with automatic cleaning capability.
  • Free distribution.


  • In some cases, antivirus will be useless.
  • Optimization is not needed on newer Android versions.


With Avast Cleanup, you can clean and optimize your Android device quickly and for free. This powerful application is designed to clear cache, remove leftover files and unused applications. Avast Cleanup increases the speed of the gadget’s performance by clearing the memory of unnecessary data.

The program will instantly scan the device’s memory and give tips on how to increase the work. It’s available for free, but it also has a premium subscription that includes automatic cleaning, improved photo optimization and program hibernation, and disables ads. However, if you are satisfied with the application’s essential features, you can safely use only them while improving the device’s performance.


  • Cleans unnecessary files and data.
  • Prevents Android OS from freezing.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.


  • The free version has limited features and ads.


The Internet is replete with a variety of exciting articles. After all, even now, you are reading just such informational material. But often, the process of reading with a browser is somewhat tricky. Advertising can get in the way here and may not be designed the layout for a mobile device. In this case, the easiest way to use Pocket is to move the web page there.

The most needed apps for Android can’t help but include Pocket. This is a service containing various texts that you decide to save for later reading. The program requires registration, but then you can access articles from multiple devices at once. And you can even save a web page on a computer by providing the browser with the appropriate extension.

It should be noted that only text and pictures are displayed in Pocket – nothing extra. This makes the reading process much more manageable. And also, a recommendation system is implemented here, but so far, it works best only with English-language texts. Notably, application developers do not require money and do not introduce annoying ads into their projects.


  • Easy reading of articles.
  • Using the program without access to the Internet.
  • Access to texts from different devices.
  • Free distribution.


  • The “Recommendations” section does not offer multiple language articles yet.


It isn’t easy to do without cloud storage now. The easiest way to store photos is in it to have access to them from different devices. Yes, and transferring files from computer to smartphone or in the opposite direction is much easier this way. We recommend using Dropbox as your cloud. His application has the most thoughtful interface. The program can automatically upload newly taken photos to the cloud storage. It also provides access to the “cloud” for some other utilities. For example, this can be used to store the database of your coin collection, which you maintain through a unique application.

The downside to Dropbox is the minimum storage space it offers for free. Some competitors provide much more space on their servers. Therefore, you can still think about installing Google Drive or Yandex.Disk applications. However, should remember that a much smaller number of third-party programs work with these services.


  • Free distribution.
  • Automatic sending of photos.
  • Integration into some other applications.
  • Convenient use.


  • Not much space is provided for free.


Simple, fast and multifunctional file manager is a great explorer for Android devices. The application has a convenient user interface where you can easily manage files and folders of the gadget, network storage devices and cloud services – Google Drive and Dropbox, and remote and local cloud storage.

The program supports multimedia files and all major file formats like .doc, .gif, .jpg, .pdf, etc. Here you can manage your data: copy, paste, delete, open, move, upload, and perform many other necessary actions.


  • The ability to access cloud storage and remote services.
  • The ability to access the memory of your Android device from a PC.
  • Supports audio, video, image and document files.
  • Nice interface.


  • There are no significant drawbacks.


With the Weather application, you will always know what awaits you today, tomorrow and even in ten days. Thanks to the program, you can schedule or cancel tasks if rain, strong winds, or higher or lower temperatures are predicted.

You can monitor the weather, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, wind speed, and direction in different places, indicating your location via the network or GPS and adding the climate of those regions you plan to visit, for example, Paris, London, etc. Rome or Beijing.


  • Completely free, free weather channel.
  • The ability to see the weather in any region.
  • Demonstrates accurate weather forecast.
  • Nice design.


  • The weather widget sometimes doesn’t update itself.
  • There is advertising.


If Pocket saves already prepared articles, then Evernote is a kind of “cloud” notebook. You can keep the notes you need in it. In the future, you will get access to their viewing and editing from any platform where you install Evernote – it can be Android, iOS and even Windows Phone. The corresponding program is also available on the PC. Also, the creators offer to use their site, in which case you only need a browser, which opens up the possibility of creating notes even on outdated platforms.

All notes can be divided into separate notebooks that act as folders here. Downloading Evernote is free, just like using it. However, every month the creators give you a strictly limited space on their servers. If you want to create notes with many photos, you will have to subscribe to a paid subscription every year. And it is costly!


  • Free distribution.
  • View your notes across devices.
  • Offline viewing of recordings (requires a paid subscription).


  • Not the richest possibilities for text design.
  • Photo notes require a paid subscription.


We also consider ColorNote to be a handy application for Android. This simple notepad provides the ability to create notes, reminders, and shopping lists quickly.

ColorNote organizes your notes by colour and saves your schedule to the calendar. It supports online sync and backup. You can also sync notes between Android devices and share them by mail, SMS and Twitter. It implements such simple functions as sorting notes and a convenient search system within the program.

Another nice bonus in the application is the presence of a sticker widget that can be fixed on the main screen of the gadget, indicating urgent matters there.

  • Nice design.
  • Flexible reminder system.
  • Protects notes with a password.
  • Convenient sticker widget.
  • There is a search for notes.
  • Takes up little space on your smartphone.
  • There is no advertising.


  • None.


Find my kids – this is a wonderful application that will help you not worry about your children when they are not around and even more so when they do not answer calls. Install the program on your smartphone and Pingo! on your child’s gadget, and you will always know that your little one is completely safe. And if he has a smartwatch, you can connect it to the app and calmly let the young researcher go outside.

Thanks to the GPS tracker, the “sound around” function, you will know not only the child’s location and the history of his movements for the day, but even hear what is happening around him. Parental control will allow the child to learn what applications the child uses in class instead of listening carefully to the teacher.

There is battery control here, thanks to which you can quickly remind your child that he needs to charge the phone. And the most pleasant bonus will be the presence of a family chat, where you can easily exchange funny stickers with your child and wish him a good day.


  • Caring for the safety of the child.
  • An opportunity to develop responsibility in the child.
  • Suitable for many models of children’s watches.


  • The application does not always work correctly.
  • The free version has a number of limitations.


InShot app designed to edit, manipulate videos, photos and music for TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and WhatsApp. Here you can add music to the video, delete unnecessary scenes, blur the background and easily convert the video to MP4 format, which will not affect its quality, but even improve it.

InShot is also a professional photo editor. You can create beautiful collages, add text, animated emojis, frames, filters, and other effects in it.
In general, it is a handy program for modern, advanced social media users and those who like to create cosy or funny videos with family and friends


  • Stylish, pleasant appearance.
  • Supports most formats.
  • Supports 1080p video.
  • The ability to share media files on social networks is available.


  • There is paid content.
  • There is advertising.


On TikTok, you can share exciting moments from your life with the whole world. All you need to do is shoot original videos and publish them in the video community.

Here you will meet many creative people with incredible creativity. There is also a significant chance of discovering talents in yourself and making friends with the subscribers.

TikTok has a huge sound library with free tracks, as well as original masks and emojis that can decorate your videos. The application is easy to use, so people of any age can use it.


  • Daily large collection of positive videos.
  • Nice, user-friendly interface.
  • A large collection of free masks, emojis and music of any genre.
  • There is a video editor.
  • An opportunity to become popular all over the world.


  • There is a chance of encountering negative comments.
  • There are videos with substandard or inappropriate content.
  • A huge amount of time is spent on viewing.


The convenient Battery application will help you keep track of the current battery level of your gadget. Thanks to the program, you will find out if there is enough battery power to watch a movie, play games or chat on social networks.

The application is equipped with an intuitive and practical interface. It displays additional information about the battery: operating status, voltage and temperature, and keeps an accurate battery level in 1% increments.


  • There is full support for all known screen resolutions.
  • Serves for additional power saving.
  • Simple interface.


  • There is no Russian language.
  • There is an advertisement.
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Google Nest Hub 2 Smart Speaker

After a successful first version of the Nest Hub, Google is back with the second generation of its smart display, which focuses on essential functions while having new functions around sleep thanks to its Soli sensor. Here is the full text of the Google Nest Hub 2.



Google announces a new version of the Nest Hub. For this second iteration or second generation of the connected screen, it’s a broadly similar appearance with still a 7-inch LCD touchscreen (1024 x 600 pixels) and still without a camera. The screen’s tactile response is just excellent.

Let us add that this screen with wide white borders, like those of the first Nest Hub, rests on a base covered with gray fabric, like the other products in the series. The Nest Audio or the Nest Mini are also dressed in it, and we must admit that it is as pretty as it comes in handy. It is beautiful and compact, and it will harmonize wonderfully with your decor with its choice of trendy color. With its simple design and understated colors, Nest Hub fits into any room in the house. The screen’s brightness adapts to the ambient lighting in the room so that it is neither too bright nor too dim. This product is also designed with respect for the environment: the case is made of 54% recycled plastic.


On top of the screen is a physical button to mute Google Assistant, as well as three far-field microphones that listen to your voice. On the back of the screen, to the right, is a switch to adjust the volume. However, unlike Amazon’s rival, the Echo Show 8, the Google Nest Hub (2nd gen) doesn’t have a headphone jack for private listening or a USB port for charging other devices. You can also deactivate the microphone at any time using the button provided for this purpose. You can also easily clear Google Assistant history if you want.

Setting up the second-generation Google Nest hub is easy, especially if you already have Google-connected or compatible objects at home; you should be familiar with the process, which only takes a few minutes.


For installation, open the Home app and add a new device. It is then necessary to follow the various steps and, in particular, to accept the sleep monitoring by authorizing access to the data necessary for this use. It is effortless. Then add the Nest Hub to ‘New devices’ using the onscreen QR Code. You will then finish the path proposed by the application.

At the end of the configuration, the screen displays several thumbnails corresponding to as many possibilities of interaction with the device to control the connected objects present in the house, consult multimedia contents, communicate with your contacts, and see the planned programs. For future half-days, etc.

Key Features

Google Nest Hub 2
ModelNest Hub 2
Processor1.9 GHz ARM Quad-Core
Screen Size7.0″ / 17.8 cm
Screen Resolution1024 x 600
Speaker Drivers1 x 1.7″ / 43.5 mm Full-Range
Dimension7 x 4.7 x 2.7″ / 177.4 x 120.4 x 69.5 mm
Weight19.7 oz / 558 g
OS CompatibilityAndroid, iOS
ConnectivityBluetooth: 5.0 LE
Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz
Chromecast built-in


Many features of Nest Hub can be controlled with gesture controls. For example, you can start or pause playing a song or video, snooze an alarm, or stop a timer. Gesture controls use Motion Sense to detect your hand movements without a camera.

In terms of the software part, Google offers its own in-house OS inside its smart display. Indeed, here, it results in a few things ergonomic, fluid, and pleasant to use. The menus are really accessible and easy to use. In addition, it is also possible to put the product into action via Google Assistant, which remains the best assistant in terms of quality of understanding.

The sleep tracking feature uses movement and sound to analyze your sleep.

A change that immediately attracts attention is in the sensors with the presence of a Soli sensor. As a reminder, this is a miniaturized radar sensor with short-range and low energy consumption. For the Nest Hub 2, the Soli sensor is used to detect movement and breathing with Motion Sense and monitor the quality of sleep of the person closest to the screen. This gives pretty good results, although it is not precise down to the minute. However, after 1 year of use, you will need to purchase a subscription to use sleep tracking on the smart display.

With the Sunrise Alarm, you can wake up gently by gradually lighting up the Nest Hub screen and increasing the alarm volume. An evening routine helps you relax easily, fall asleep with soothing sounds, turn off lights, lock doors, set alarms, and check your morning schedule.

You can watch YouTube, Netflix, and Disney + right on the connected display, and with the Chromecast built-in, you can stream other video services to Google’s Nest Hub as well. It might not be the sharpest screen – and it sure will never replace your main screen – but the quality is good if you want the videos to run in the background while you do something else.

The Google Assistant

Google Assistant is built into the Google Nest Hub (2nd generation) and can do everything it does on other Google Nest devices. It can set timers, answer questions, provide today’s information, weather, and sports scores, all while showing additional information on the screen. Google Assistant can also help you stay in touch. In short, the Google Assistant, perfect and with a screen for interaction.

Sound Quality

Google is touting a new 43mm diameter speaker that uses the same technology as Nest Audio and provides 50% more bass than the original Nest Hub model. A third micro and machine learning chip has been added.

What does it give? Much nicer sound, clearer, with more bass. Indeed, the Nest Hub 2 benefits from a quite different sound from the Nest Hub 1, even though the latter was very average in terms of sound quality. The next-gen speaker offers 50% more bass than the original Nest Hub model.

Here, Google places its product as a real speaker for the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. It is mighty for a device of this size and astonishes by its dynamism. The audio rendering is clear even if we cannot really consider this device as a real speaker as such since the product is fixed. In our opinion, she does the job perfectly on the content that we could submit to her, whether it be videos or music.


It must be said, it is really difficult to find fault with the Google Nest Hub 2. It remains really flexible, suitable for several types of use, all for less than 117 USD. We are here really on the excellence of smart display, of which Google is king. The 2nd generation Nest Hub is on sale for $ 99.99. It is available in Pebble and Charcoal colors.

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