Comparison: HyperX Cloud II (2020) vs HyperX Cloud Alpha S

Today we will compare gaming headsets, HyperX Cloud II (2020), and HyperX Cloud Alpha S both of the headphones are quite popular with gaming lovers and pro gamers. HyperX is a very popular brand in the gaming headsets market, from the last few years they make a reputation in the market with their high-quality gaming headsets.

Pros and Cons

Attractive, understated design.Great sound.
Solid build quality.Bass vents make output customizable.
Works with PCs and mobile devices.Can be used for long gaming sessions.
Harder to mute.Bass adjusting slider is a gimmick.
no mic sidetone.No in-line controls for console gaming.


Release date1 January 201719 September 2019
TypeOver EarOver Ear
ColorsRed, Gun MetalBlackout, Blue
Battery lifeN/AN/A
Weight320g57 g

HyperX is a subsidiary of Kingston Technology and has earned a good name in the gaming market, with its quality products. Cloud II (2020) and Cloud Alpha S are two entry-level gaming headsets and both are quite popular amongst gaming lovers because of good sound and mic quality at an affordable price range. Today we will compare both of these gaming headsets in every possible aspect, to know which one best for you and why.


TypeOver EarOver Ear
Noise CancellingYesYEs
Weight320 g57 g
Foldable DesignNoNo

In terms of design, a major difference between both of the headsets is HyperX Cloud 2 comes with a permanently attached cable where as Cloud Alpha S comes with a detachable cable. If we talk about convenience we think because of the detachable cable the Coloud Alpha S is more convenient over Cloud 2.

Both headsets have a good and sturdy built quality and both are quite durable. On both headsets, the material used for headband and earcups is good and comfortable. Also, both headsets are fairly light at the price point they served in the market. The headband of both of the headsets is made of metal so it increases both headset’s durability.

Both of the headsets come with a USB sound card adapter through which you can increase or decrease the volume as can change some audio settings as well. If we talk about comfort and fitting both headsets are quite comfortable and have a good fitting. But when talking about overall comfort and using the headsets for a long time duration the Alpha S is much better than Cloud 2.


Music ControlsYesYes
Quick ChargeN/AN/A
Stereo speakersYesYes

In terms of features, both headsets are nearly the same. Cloud 2 gets the 51 mm driver which improves its sound quality to a great extent but when you compare it with dual-channel chamber drivers used by the Cloud Alpha S then the Cloud Alpha S is coming out a clear winner.

Both headsets come with a USB Sound Card Adapter which offers cool features. With help of a USB Sound Card Adapter, you can increase or decrease the volume also you can get an option to change the mode of the sound means you can change your volume setting directly through the adapter with the help of physical buttons. With this adapter, you can change the sound modes from the game to chat or vice versa.


USB Sound CardYesYes

Both of the headsets can connect to the gaming platform with the help of a USB Sound Card Adapter which means, firstly you have to connect your headset to the USB Sound Card Adapter and connect the USB Sound Card Adapter to the gaming platform through the cable. In both headsets you won’t found any issues regarding the connectivity, both headsets have good solid and stable connectivity which will surely improve your gaming experience.

Which is better!

We think that according to features both headsets are very identical. But if we talk about the sound quality then the dual-channel drivers of Alpha S are so good and offer good sound quality over Cloud 2. Both headsets come to different price points and have a fair amount of difference in the prices. So if you want to get better sound quality and have a budget for it you must go for Alpha S but you don’t have a budget don’t want to spend money on improved sound quality, you can go for Cloud 2 it will definitely be a good purchase.

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