Corsair Katar Elite​ Wireless Mouse Review

Corsair Katar Elite Wireless

The KATAR series mouse from Corsair has always popular for its beautiful and simple design as well as its high-performance hardware specs. So, for most people, the first impression might not be very strong, but in the computer world, it’s a different story. In the arena, you can’t forget how fast KATAR gaming mice are. The KATAR Elite Wireless, which is the latest version of the KATAR series, is probably the best.

High-resolution sensorAverage battery life with USB
Shaped for claw- and fingertip-style gripsBrittle plastic grips
Lightweight and ambidextrous
User-friendly Corsair iCUE software
Excellent build quality

Corsair Wireless


  • Sensor: Corsair Marksman 26K
  • DPI: Up to 26,000 dpi
  • Polling Rate: Up to 2000Hz
  • Backlight: Zone 1 RGB
  • Wireless Connection: 2.4GHz/Bluetooth
  • Customizable Control Keys: 6
  • Battery Life: Up to 110 hours
  • Cable length: 1.8m
  • Weight: 69g
  • Warranty: 2 years 


Let’s begin with the appearance. The shape of KATAR Elite Wireless is similar to that of the previous generation, it does not completely inherit the previous generation’s mould, but rather makes a minor modification. Among them is a change to the front part of the scroll wheel to match the mouse. The left and right keys are now aligned, and the overall appearance has been improved. To emphasise the mouse’s recognition, the RGB backlit area has been moved from the original scroll wheel to the pirate ship logo on the mouse, while the two independent side buttons on one side remain. Although the shape is symmetrical, it is primarily right-handed. Players make use of.

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The KATAR Elite Wireless comes with a large area of anti-slip texture on both sides. When combined with its smaller size, the official recommendation is to use either a finger grip or a claw grip to move it.

Response, especially for competitive first-person shooting games like “Heroes of Special Warfare” and “Overwatch,” which put a lot of pressure on the hands for a long time, so Corsair once again carried out the KATAR Elite Wireless Lightweight engineering further reduces the weight to 69 grams, which is even lighter than the previous generation of KATAR PRO XT wired mouse, which can reduce the weight of fingers and achieve smooth and light movements.

Dpi range

At the same time, Corsair didn’t think twice about giving KATAR Elite Wireless its top-of-the-line Marksman 26K optical sensor and Slipstream wireless connection technology. Its resolution can go up to 26,000 dpi, and it can move at 50G and track at 650IPS. As far as wireless transmission goes, With a high return rate of 2,000Hz, it can achieve a latency of less than 1 millisecond, which is like trading the price of a mid-level mouse for the performance specs of the best mouse on the market.


KATAR Elite Wireless continues to use Omron micro switches for durability. The lifespan of the left and right keys is 60 million clicks. Its unique Quickstrike button design leaves no space between the mouse button and the micro switch, reducing key travel. Every click ensures consistency. Furthermore, Corsair integrates custom button and RGB functions into its own iCUE software, which supports button mapping and macro recording. However, because the KATAR Elite Wireless has only six custom buttons, the functions are varied. Players can save the configuration files to the mouse’s built-in memory, making it easier to carry around in the future.

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scroll wheel of the mouse

The mouse scroll wheel has an obvious sense of movement and high resistance, which makes it inappropriate for general browsing or paperwork.

mouse side button

The mouse side button has two independent side buttons with slightly different shapes, making it easy for players to identify.

1.8 meter long cable

The charging interface is a standard Type-C interface, and a 1.8-meter long cable is included for use as a wired mouse.

Mouse Modes

The storage slot provides storage space for the USB wireless receiver, so you won’t lose it when you take it out.

Mouse modes:  It supports Bluetooth pairing and can be connected to mobile phones or tablets in addition to the 2.4GHz wireless connection.

Key Factors


KATAR series maintains the usual simple style design, the surface is matted, with eye-catching RGB lights, and the side has triangular anti-skid lines, and the weight is very light.

Hardware specifications

Equipped with high-end Marksman 26K optical sensor and Slipstream low-latency wireless connection technology, internally equipped with Omron micro switches, the click life can reach 60 million times.

Connection interface

It can support three connection methods: cable, 2.4GHz wireless receiver and Bluetooth, which can be used in different devices and situations. However, the battery life is only 60 hours in the 2.4GHz connection state.

Software Features

Combined with the official iCUE application, you can configure key mapping, DPI designation, RGB lighting effects and other settings for 6 groups of keys, and you can also perform speed calibration according to the desktop used by the mouse.

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The CORSAIR KATAR ELITE WIRELESS is a simple, mid-range gaming mouse  perfect for claw and fingertip grips and weighs just 69g.

Generally, the quality and cost correlated fairly well. This gaming mouse costs $79.99.

The build quality could be better, but it’s not a major issue. The price is competitive with other ultralight wireless gaming mice, and the battery life is good.

The RGB location is useless you cant see when in use 

Get the ROCCAT Kone XP for $65 instead of the Katar Elite Wireless, which is so basic. The Glorious Model O ($80 wireless) is prettier.