Dialogue Boost: Amazon Prime Video’s New Accessibility Feature

Dialogue Boost Amazon Prime Videos New Accessibility Feature

Movie sound is special. With subtitles, we can hear the full sound, but sometimes the dialogue is too quiet.

Dialogue Boost is a new accessibility feature that has been launched by Amazon Prime Video. The aim of this feature is to enhance the dialogue volume in comparison to the background music and effects. This will provide a seamless viewing experience without any interruptions from background noise.

Amazon Prime Video adjusts the dialogue volume

When watching English-language shows on streaming services, even individuals who use this language daily may need to turn on subtitles due to the humorous situation. Why? During intense scenes, there may be explosions, gunshots, or loud music that can make it challenging to hear the dialogue and identify the speaker.

To address this issue, Amazon Prime Video has introduced a new option in the video on demand market that enhances the volume of dialogue in comparison to the background music and effects. You can turn off the subtitles and still hear the actors’ voices clearly. The name of the feature is Dialogue Boost.

How Dialogue Boost works

How does it work? Dialogue Boost utilizes artificial intelligence to detect particular instances in the content where it could be challenging for the viewer to differentiate between sounds. To prevent raising the volume of dialogues when they don’t interfere with other sounds. The speech patterns are isolated and the sound is amplified. You don’t have to manually adjust your home theater system anymore to find the right balance between overall volume and dialogue clarity.

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Dialogue boost
Dialogue Boost on Amazon Prime Video. photo: Amazon

How to find Dialogue Boost

If you’ve been using Amazon Prime Video in recent days, you may have noticed new audio options in some Amazon productions. They appeared both in the browser version and in separately installed applications.

Dialogue boost Subtitile

Dialogue Boost is available in selected Amazon Originals series and movies, including Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan , The Marvelous Mrs , The Big Sick, Beautiful Boy , and Being the Ricardos. This feature is to be extended to more titles – for example, it can already be found in The Boys .