Earfun Free Pro vs UGREEN HiTune X5: Wireless Earbuds Comparision

You are probably already familiar with Earfun from the Air and Air Pro. Now the manufacturer has brought the next true wireless headphones onto the market. The Free Pro relies once again on ANC at a low price. 

The HiTune X5. AptX, touch and charging cradle. The design is chic, the shell has a kind of racing lacquer look, and the headphones look modern and have a piano lacquer look. It is charged via USB-C, and the runtime is up to 7 hours. 

Pros and Cons

Earfun Free ProUGREEN HiTune X5
ANC is a welcome additionVery comfortable fit
IPX5 waterproofUltra low-latency Bluetooth 5.2V
Long battery lifeGood price/performance
Flimsy charging caseStriking appearance
Cheap-looking designBass Sound Slow


Earfun Free ProUGREEN HiTune X5
ModelFree ProHiTune X5
ReleasedOctober 8, 2021July 3, 2021
Dimension67 x 31 x 25 mm21.9 x 26.3 x 28.6 mm
OS Support Android, iOS Android, iOS
Weight 42 g47.6 g
Earpiece ConnectionWirelessWireless
TypeIn-Ear In-Ear
Frequency Response20Hz – 20kHz 20Hz – 20kHz
Sensitivity28 db
Driver Dynamic10 mm
Controls YesYes
Bluetooth ProfilesA2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSPHSP, HFP, AVRCP, A2DP
Battery Capacity50 mAh (earbuds)100 mAh(earbuds)
Battery Life32 hrs7 hrs
Charging time2 hours2 hours
Bluetooth Version5.2 v5.2 v
Bluetooth range10m10m


The Earfun Free Pro is not only light (4g) but also relatively small so that they fit almost in every ear. In addition, earplugs in sizes XS to L are included, and inner ear hooks in sizes S, M and L. I decided on S for both the earplugs and the internal ear hook.

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It’s a shame that the earplugs are unfortunately relatively cheap because here you could have done a lot more in terms of wearing comfort. They are comfortable to wear for a while, and thanks to their low weight, you can hardly feel them in your ear, but in my opinion, the silicone earplugs are not soft enough to become uncomfortable after 1-2 hours.

In total, Earfun supplies three more silicone earplugs in sizes XS, S and L (M is built-in) and two more pairs of inner ear hooks in the large S and L (M is built-in). These things strike me positively, as they also think of people with tiny ears, while size L is large enough to satisfy those with large ears. Another positive thing to note is that plastic is largely avoided. Although the holder is made of plastic, it is made of a material that can be thrown into the yellow bin. Plastic bags are not used at all, which is a clear step in the right direction.

UGREEN HiTune X5- The headphones have a more exceptional design than other models. It has an oval, which then holds in the ear cartilage, and the cantilever is then on the first oval. As a result, the plugs fit very well.

Since the oval distributes the load on the cartilage, it is comfortable to carry. They hold in the ear thanks to the combination of oval and cushion. Much more comfortable than just using pads on the ear canal.

A plug weighs around 5 grams and is 2.8 cm long. The bowl with both stoppers weighs approximately 49 grams and is about 5 cm wide, 2.8 cm deep, and 4 cm high. There are four pairs of upholstery in total.

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The design of the charging cradle reminds me of the typical paintwork of some expensive cars. The part shimmers in the light and has a “metallic look”. The bowl makes a chic and modern impression on me.

The tray’s loading troughs are magnetic, and so is the latch. The lock also has a snap mechanism triggered when it is opened slightly.

The headphones are made of plastic with a specific piano finish. On the outside, we can see the logo in a small size. This is also the area of ​​the touch surface. Everything looks solid, chic and modern.


Earfun Free Pro- The bass has enough power to provide a powerful base, but something is missing. This sometimes gives you the feeling that a part is missing in bass-heavy productions.

The mids have a reasonably high level of detail for the price. Voices are primarily in the foreground with the Earfun Free Pro and are not a problem, as is the transition between mids and highs. As expected, there is no brilliance in the highs. However, that is certainly not a flaw for headphones in this price range. Instead, they are warmly tuned, but mostly know how to assert themselves against the bass.

Background noise is slightly perceptible but not annoying when playing sound. So you can listen to ASMR, audiobooks and podcasts. As soon as the transparency mode is switched on, the noise floor is noticeably higher and too strong.

UGREEN HiTune X5- There is background noise. In addition, the headphones have the low-latency codec aptX, which is essential for videos, keyword “lip-synchronous”.

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There are two sound modes, “gaming” and “normal”. But I could hardly tell the difference here. Gaming probably optimizes frequencies that play a role in games, but the question is whether someone plays any shooter within Ears.



Earfun Free Pro- The earphones are operated via touch surfaces on the sides. Almost all desired functions can be carried out with this. This includes adjusting the volume (louder / quieter), controlling music tracks (start/stop / forward), activating the voice assistant, controlling calls (accepting, rejecting, forwarding) and controlling the ANC mode (on, off, transparency). Jump back one track is missing.

Overall, the operation is not as easy as hoped. This is mainly since the control of the Earfun Free Pro is not particularly intuitive, and you need the instructions to get to know all the functions.

UGREEN HiTune X5- The headphones have a touch surface on the outside :

  • Tap left or right 1x play / pause
  • Tapping on the right 3 times jumps forward
  • Tapping the left 3x jumps back
  • Tapping on the right twice increases the volume
  • Tapping left twice lowers the volume

Tapping left or right four times changes the equalizer modes through:

  • normal
  • Gaming

The volume control is synchronized with the mobile phone. Changing them on the headphones also changes the volume of the cell phone.

Telephone function

  •  Tapping left, or right accepts or ends the call.
  •  Tapping and holding for 2 seconds, right or left, activates the mobile phone’s voice assistant.

The LEDs on the headphones do not flash during operation!


Earfun Free Pro- Overall, the sound is very decent for the price. The headphones only despair of a few productions, while otherwise, almost everything you hear is pleasing. The background noise in the transparency mode is a slightly more significant drawback.

UGREEN HiTune X5- The UGREEN HiTune X5. The design and the comfort are good. Aptx is also available on the top. The microphone sounded good too. I think the design is fresh, and it’s something other than just matt black. Unfortunately, there is also sound feedback. For example, “Bluetooth connected” sounds when the connection is successful and “disconnected” when the connection is lost.

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