Edifier W820NB Wireless Over-Ear Headphones Review

Edifier W820NB Wireless Over-Ear Headphones Review

Edifier, known for its diverse range of audio devices, including bookshelf speakers and true wireless earbuds, presents the Edifier W820NB over-ear headphones. With a modest price tag of $79.99, these headphones aim to impress users with their features and performance. In this comprehensive review, we delve into the design, wearing comfort, sound quality, ANC functionality, and other key aspects of the Edifier W820NB.

Right PROSWrong CONS
Good wearing comfortModerate voice quality
Surprisingly good ANCNo IP certificate
Good battery lifeApp mostly superfluous
Variety of color selection
Good price / quality


Edifier W820NB
TypeOver-Ear, Closed-Back
Driver TypeDynamic
Drivers1, per Earpiece
OS SupportAndroid, iOS
Battery mAh400 mAh
Battery life29 Hours (BT+ANC)
49 Hours (BT)
Recharge Time1.5 Hours
Wireless ChargingNone


Edifier, a company known for its unique and visually appealing devices, has introduced the W820NB headphones.

headphones can controll from buttons on the right ear cup

The headphones have an over-ear style with slightly angled ear cups that can rotate 90° backwards. They feature 20 mm pads on the ears and a soft 13 mm pad made of synthetic leather and plastic.

The headphones can extend to 32 mm on both sides, but the mechanism feels a bit rough in some places, unlike the rest of the headphones which are well-built.

Edifier W820NB Over-Ear Headphones Review

The ear pads are thick, measuring 20 mm. There is a thin layer of fabric inside the ear cups, which acts as a barrier between the driver and the ear, but it doesn’t provide much cushioning.

One interesting feature is the presence of multiple slots and holes on the ear cups.

The headphones can controll from buttons on the right ear cup. These buttons include volume up, volume down, and a multifunction button. There’s also a separate Bluetooth/ANC button, a status LED, the main microphone, and a USB Type-C charging port.


Edifier comes in four colors. White , Gray , Blue and Black . In addition to the main differences in color, plastic and imitation leather, the color of the logo also changes and sets nice accents.

Color options

In addition to the Edifier W820NB, there is also a model with a “ plus ” tag probably as a “facelift” and above all offers higher-quality codecs up to LDAC. But it also costs a little more. Unfortunately, we only tested the normal model.

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Thanks to their thick padding, they are incredibly comfortable. Despite the limited space for my ears, the cushions are soft and cozy. With a weight of 220 grams, they are not particularly heavy, allowing me to wear them for many hours without experiencing any discomfort.

W820NB does not have an IP certificate

They fit snugly on my head without causing any discomfort. Even with simple head movements, they stay securely in place, making them suitable for activities like sports. However, I did notice that my ears started to feel noticeably warm after wearing them for a short period of time.

The W820NB does not have an IP certificate , so it tends not to cope well with water.


Two 40 mm dynamic drivers are responsible for the sound of the Edifier W820NB . However, Edifier saves on the supporting features. ANC is available, but the transmission only takes place on the basis of Bluetooth 5.0 . Even with the codecs, it remains meager. The usual suspects are available with SBC and AAC , but nothing more.

If you want more here, you have to go directly to the “Plus” version of the Edifier W820NB, which not only supports aptX, but even LDAC.

Driver size:40mm
Rated capacity:no
ANC damping:38dB
Range:15 meters
Model number:W820NB
Impedance:32 ohms
High Resolution Codec:No
Profiles/Codecs:AVRCP 1.6, A2DP 1.3,
Battery capacity LS:400mAh – 3.7V
Water resistance:No

You can’t complain about the sound for 80 dollars, but you don’t get the ultimate headphones either. As a bass player, the headphones are pretty much nothing, even if you can tease out something with the equalizer. I see the Edifier W820NB more as a solid companion for casual listeners who don’t need every last ounce of performance. The only thing that speaks against it is the lack of a transport bag.

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ANC & Game Mode

Edifier has added both a game mode and active noise cancellation (ANC) functionality to the W820NB headphones. However, the game mode, which has an 80 ms delay, is not suitable for games that rely on precise audio cues. Therefore, it’s not necessary to use the game mode. However, for movies and videos, it can slightly improve lip-sync.

Edifier has added both a game mode and active noise cancellation (ANC) functionality

Impressively, the ANC integration on these relatively affordable headphones is quite good. While activating ANC slightly affects coordination, the effects are tolerable and not overwhelming. ANC effectively reduces background noise over a wide range but may not be as effective in the high-frequency range. This is common in this price range.

If you plan to use ANC while traveling, these headphones will deliver a satisfactory experience.

Pairing & App

Simply press and hold the Bluetooth/ANC button for a few seconds. You will hear an audible signal indicating that the headphones are ready to be discovered in the Bluetooth menu.

Simply press and hold the Bluetooth/ANC button for a few seconds

The remaining three buttons are used to operate the headphones:

Pairing & App

App – Edifier Connect

Edifier’s app offers basic functions, varying in extent depending on the headphones. Firmware updates can be performed on all listed headphones, although manual searching is not available.

When using the Edifier W820NB, opening the profile page may take longer compared to other Edifier headphones. The main page provides access to three noticeable features: ANC, Transparency, and “Smoothing Sounds”.

Swiping left reveals a controller in the center, allowing activation of the game mode if needed. The bottom menus lead to product pages, the shop, and user profile (if created).

Edifier Connect app is slim and well-organized, though the integration of the shop may be unnecessary. In the case of the Edifier W820NB, there isn’t a compelling reason to use the app. Firmware version 1.0.1 has been available for some time, and all essential functions can be accessed directly on the headphones.

Firmware version 1.0.1 has been available for some time

Voice quality

While headphones offer the capability for phone calls, their primary focus is not on telephony. Many modern headphone models incorporate up to six microphones, with one dedicated to voice recording while others support ANC.

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However, it’s important to note that the voice quality during calls is generally poor compared to earbuds. Although conversations can be conducted, the recording quality is not particularly good, often sounding distorted, deep, and occasionally choppy.

The W820NB is not suitable for very long phone calls, short calls are fine .

One advantage of larger headphones, including the Edifier W820NB, is their extended range. They can maintain a reliable connection up to 15 meters, even in apartments with walls. Outdoors, the range may extend a few additional meters.

Battery life

The Edifier W820NB over-ear headphones come with a 400 mAh battery capacity, which may not be exceptionally large. However, with efficient utilization, you can still achieve impressive battery life.

According to Edifier, the headphones can provide approximately 29 hours of playback time with ANC activated, and an impressive 49 hours without ANC. These estimates can be attained even when listening at around 50% volume. However, I personally find the earbuds slightly quiet at this volume, despite their good sealing (even without ANC). If you prefer listening at 70-80% volume, you can expect around 20 hours of playback time with ANC, and an additional 10 hours without ANC.

Pairing button

Charging the headphones is done through a USB-C connection, and a full recharge typically takes a reasonable 1.5 hours. Unfortunately, inductive charging is not supported. Nevertheless, these battery performance values position Edifier’s W820NB headphones in a solid midfield range. Considering the price, the endurance provided by the W820NB is commendable.


Under $80 price range, Edifier faces competition from various established and new competitors. However, the W820NB headphones may struggle due to cost-saving measures in certain areas, affecting their overall performance.

One notable aspect I appreciate about these headphones is their balanced sound signature, which is uncommon in the lower price range. However, I find that the ear pads could benefit from better quality control or a different design to improve the fit for different ear sizes.

If you rely on headphones for frequent phone calls, the Edifier W820NB may not be the best choice. While the range is good, the recording quality is average at best.

In general, the Edifier W820NB headphones are a decent product, especially for those who prefer a balanced sound rather than a bass-heavy profile. However, the release of the “W820NB Plus” version undermines the value of the standard W820NB. The Plus model offers better codecs up to LDAC, Bluetooth 5.2, and improved ANC performance, all at a relatively small price difference of $5 to $10. As a result, the normal W820NB becomes outdated and is not recommended.