Elden Ring: How To Defeat Malenia Blade Of Miquella Boss

The final boss Melania drives many Elden Ring fans to despair. No wonder: She has a combo that lasts extremely long and is difficult to dodge but can also one-hit you very well, depending on the build. In addition, it causes great damage, can heal itself, and brings back 80 percent of its initial HP and scarlet rot in the second phase. We’ll help you defeat them anyway.

Read and dodge Melania’s attacks

  • “Normal” attacks in the first phase: You can dodge side hits with the sword backward. Your forward stabbing attack, to the side.
  • The Sword Spin Combo: Melania’s long combo, which sees her soaring into the air and combining three waves of rapid sword spins with a final blow, takes a little more practice. The streamer Elajjaz found a good strategy for this: you run away at the first wave. With the second wave, you first roll towards them, with the third one roll backward, once forwards. To work well, you should put distance between you and the boss as quickly as possible. Walk away as soon as it rises into the air.
  • Start 2nd phase: Melania always starts the second phase with her standard attack after the cutscene. She hits the ground. Have trouble dodging these? Then just use a shield to block. You’ll have plenty of time to get it out if you’ve played 2-handed before (which is generally recommended). But rolls away after blocking to avoid the Scarlet Blight.
  • The phantom attack in the second phase: In the second phase, another attack is very difficult to dodge. Melania rises even higher and lets phantoms shoot down on you. Elajjaz gives us the best dodges for this attack: dodges the first two Phantoms backward, the next two forwards, and the last two (on the very last one, she rushes down herself) to the left.

  • Safe attack window in phase 1: In the first phase, there is a window in which you can safely attack Melania whenever she jumps to the left.
  • Punish counter kick: Another good strategy in phase two is to punish the kick. Melania counters with an L2 attack. She usually counters with it after two R1 attacks.
  • Parry: Are you good at parrying? Then this could be very helpful for Melania since she is payable.

Weapons and Builds

Certain weapons and builds are significantly more effective on Melania than others. If you have major problems with Melania despite all the tips, we recommend that you reskill. If you want to continue playing with your usual build, you should take a screenshot of your values.

This is the weapon and the church where you meet the invader.
  • Freeze and Bleed: These are the two most effective damage types against Melania. If you use attacks like Rime Stomp, you can also stay at a distance. In this guide, you will learn how to get a weapon with the ashes of war. Katanas with a ranged L2 are also recommended because you can build up bleeding damage and attack at a distance.
  • The silver bullet: A particularly useful weapon, as the fextralife.com wiki explains, is the Bloody Torrents katana . Dropped by an NPC invader at the Church of Tranquility, it triggers Bloodloss (30) and requires a 12 Strength, an 18 Dexterity, and an Arcane Rating of 20. An Arcane Dexterity build makes the weapon really powerful

Additional Tips

Unfortunately, in the second phase, Malenia does not get any easier.
  • L2 attacks: Melania staggers relatively easily with strong L2 attacks. This also applies in general to an aggressive style of play. But be careful: she’s good at punishing that!
  • Regularly put distance between you and the boss: This applies to moments when you want to heal yourself and in general in the fight. If you always stay close, especially the combo attacks are dangerous. In the second phase, you can also be dangerous to the scarlet rot.
  • Protection from Physical Damage: Since most attacks deal physical damage, you can protect yourself with appropriate invocations or a talisman, such as the Dragon Greatshield Talisman.
  • Dodge Faster: Try to get your gear weight to a small load faster. The Ashes of War Bloodhound Step makes you invisible for a short time and allows you to dodge even faster.
  • Use Mimic Tear: In the second phase, Melania is extremely aggressive, and if she keeps attacking you, you may find it hard to find time to attack. Get ghost ash that draws Melania’s wrath. If you’re using a strong build against them, be sure to use Mimic Tear.
  • Co-op partner: If all else fails, there are now many fans who have practiced Melania well. So get yourself a Summon. Tip: Keep an eye out for bleed builds; they’ll make things easier.

Besides Melania, there are many other optional bosses in the hit action RPG Elden Ring. 

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