Epos is taking up more and more space in the world of audio. After reviewing the Epos H3 Hybrid and the Epos H3, we have the right to the EPOS H6 Pro. This EPOS H6 Pro is wireless and takes the codes of its predecessors; and is headphones with excellent sound in music and gaming.

With the attached elegant boom arm, you’ll get superb voice pick-up; lift the arm to mute your mic when it’s no longer needed. Furthermore, the arm can be simply detached from the PC headset, making it suitable for individuals who only need one dedicated microphone. The revised lightweight headband now includes a cushion for added softness, making the game more pleasant.

Open design reduces listening fatigueHigh price, especially with an extra sound card
The closed design provides focusAnalog is slightly more difficult to use than USB
Removable MicrophoneMicrophone sometimes picks up breathing
Attention to detail

We notice the EPOS button directly. It is once again a dark, simple packaging. There is always a photo of the product on the front side and all the other sides information about the product.

The EPOS H6 Pro, carefully stored in foam. On the lower part, there is another small box whose content is also simple. There is a 3.5 mm Jack to 3.5 mm Jack cable and a mini Jack to dual Jack microphone and headphones cable. There are also two covers to fill the hole when removing the microphone from the headset.


$CHECK PRICE Closed Acoustic
CHECK PRICE Open Acoustic
BrandDemant Sound Epos Audio A/S
ReleasedOctober 5, 2021
ModelEPOS H6 Pro
Weight322 Grams
Dimension9.45 x 8.66 x 10.83 inches
TypeAround ear
WirelessWired connection (3.5 mm jack input)
ColorsBlack, Green, White
Driver40 to 49 mm
ControlsHeadset-integrated volume wheel
Impedance28 Ohms
Frequency Response20 Hz – 20,000 Hz
Cable length150 to169 cm
Battery TypeNo
Connector Type3.5mm jack
CompatibilityPC, Mac, Xbox, Switch, Playstation,
Mobile and devices with 3.5 m jack


In terms of design, this EPOS H6 Pro is no exception to the rule. We find a design similar to the other helmets of the brand, either by the economy of scale or by the awareness that the design functions well overall and that the comfort is of a remarkable efficiency.

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On the left side, we always find the microphone with the same specificity that will be detailed in the part of the test provided for this purpose. But basically, this microphone is foldable but does not fit into the headset like some headphones of the competition.

We also find below the microphone, the 3.5 mm jack, and nothing else on the entire left earpiece of the EPOS H6PRO, here no Bluetooth or even 2.4 GHz. Only the Jack connector is present and is the only one to supply the headphones with audio.

On the right side, we still find this sound adjustment wheel. This wheel is always, for me, a little risky. Certainly very practical but a little too sensitive. It allows good, precise volume management, but there is still a little help to take before mastering it perfectly. Aesthetically it is still not noticed and remains very sober.

On the rest of the headset, nothing more. There are always earbuds very well padded and extremely comfortable, thanks to its alliance of two materials (Imitation leather and velour / Alcantara). Overall there is still a plastic design of appearance and metal in the skeleton to strengthen the headset. The head support is vital, all playing on remarkable flexibility.

A disadvantage of this design is that you are easily distracted, which is why EPOS developed the H6PRO Closed. This model was designed with pure focus in mind. The ear cups are entirely closed, and the ear cushions have been provided with an extra leather layer to keep out even more noise. Therefore, this model was our preference when playing Far Cry 6 because we could fully immerse ourselves in the game and not miss any crucial sound information about our environment.

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Memory foam ear cushions provide a comfortable and excellent acoustic seal, while a two-axis hinge on the earcup ensures a perfect fit. Designed for any platform with analog wired outputs, the headset performs optimally with binaural surround sound from the headphones through the headset.

The comfort is excellent. The feeling of floating is very present. It is enormously helped by the materials used, imitation leather for robustness and Velvet / Alcantara for contact with the skin. Given the size of the earbuds, it little felt and even less heard during sudden movements, such as walking, cycling, and random head movement.


Compared to the H3 Hybrid, there are no extra buttons on the ear cups, except for the large volume knob. That is not necessary because there is no Bluetooth and no internal battery. That immediately brings us to the following difference: in this case, it is an analog headset and not a USB one.

For gamers, this will make little difference because most gaming PCs are equipped with this. However, switching to your work laptop with only a headphone connection and no microphone connection is not possible. An extra dongle to combine both would have been an excellent addition and an optional USB DAC even more so. However, EPOS is counting on its lineup of sound cards here, such as the GSX 300that we tested earlier, to provide connectivity.

The installation is effortless, and you create many more options for a headset that is plug-and-play via the EPOS Gaming Suite software (including the addition of 7.1 audio). Console gamers can rely on the supplied cable that can be connected directly to your controller.

Audio Quality

EPOS is known for its high-quality audio performance, and it is again today. Whether you’re gaming, listening to an audiobook, or streaming music, your listening experience is always top-notch. There is no significant difference between the Open and Closed models. Both sound great. The H6PRO Open sounds a little more spacious, which is nothing more than expected. Its maximum volume is lower, as the sound can go in multiple directions, but both are loud enough.

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As for the audio quality, many musical genres to understand better the different aspects of the equalization spectrum of this EPOS H6 pro, which my time is pretty good.

Progressive metal (Buckethead mainly) shows that the riff mediums and the garish treble are well managed, although they can saturate a little at high volume, nothing serious if you take care of your ears by putting the sound not too loud.

These EPOS H6 Pro headphones offer a rich rendering in terms of sounds, relatively clear if we do not ask too much, but it remains rare to have problems of saturation of the sound; you will not even notice it unless you are very picky. But it must still be taken into account that it is a headset-oriented gaming and productivity; it is not completely dedicated to listening to music.


Both microphones deliver a clear voice that will not go unnoticed during gaming or meeting. We noticed that the microphones are positioned relatively close to the face in their default position, which quickly picked up breathing. Bending the mics outward seemed to help here and place them closer to our chin/neck as well, but it felt a bit unnatural to have them there. A design element that EPOS could pay some attention to in the future.

EPOS provides us with a microphone of the same quality as on the others in the “H” range from EPOS in terms of microphone quality. Only the design changes; we find a metal grid on each side in the anti-pop filter guide. It is widely suitable for a use type discord, teams, or others of the same kind.

It picks up much less surrounding noise; there is pretty little background noise, which is not disturbing for your interlocutor.

As on the entire “H” range from EPOS, the microphone is steerable and non-retractable. Once the microphone is turned up, and once down to the mouth, the microphone activates. A point my faith very practical during a virtual meeting when your spouse comes into the room to tell you to go and do the dishes. This can avoid a long time of discomfort.


The EPOS H6PRO Open and Closed have the same $179 price tag as the H3 Hybrid, and, as in our review of the latter, we think that’s quite nice for a wired headset. However, you get a lot in return, including, of course, the high-quality audio quality that EPOS always manages to deliver. The headset has also been designed with an eye for detail. The removable microphone is a plus, and switching between PC and console is a piece of cake thanks to the included cables.

The EPOS H6 Pro is a perfect gaming headset, which does ideally in lifestyle use. The overall sound quality is good, and the comfort of this EPOS H6 Pro is, as usual, exemplary and does not make itself felt.