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EPOS Sennheiser GSP 500 vs EPOS Sennheiser GSP 601: Gaming Headset

EPOS, which has an impeccable record and is well-known throughout Europe and the world, just introduced a new batch of gaming headphones.

The EPOSGSP 500 headset, developed by the famous developers Sennheiser (Germany) and sold under the EPOS brand, is one of the most recent versions of gaming headphones, an overview of which you may read in this post. The EPOS GSP 500’s look is elegant with a touch of aggression:

  • the headset is made of durable polymer – it is pleasant to the touch, thick, flexible and non-marking plastic;
  • the essential shade of the new headphones is black without gloss – only the stripes separating the inside of the cups from the outside are shiny;
  • ear pads, which have received a large size, covering the auricles completely, are distinguished by a classic oval shape and the presence of a spectacular decor in the form of headbands of an expressive scarlet colour;
  • the headband is made in the tradition of the brand – the developers have not abandoned their favourite split design, reminiscent of a pilot’s headset and light logos that adorn the ends of the arc;
  • The cups are linked to the headband through a metal two-axis hinge mechanism, which allows for easy opening while still providing maximum structural strength.

The EPOS GSP 601 model, which is reviewed here. According to official sources, this device gained universal approval from specialists even during the presentation. The headphones have once again proved unshakeable brand ideals like as quality, ergonomics, practicality, and a modern design that is in line with current fashion trends.

In addition to the headphones themselves, the following items are included in the product package:

  • Console cord with a 4-pin L-shaped connector, 1.2 m long;
  • a cable with a double branch at the end, containing a pair of 3-pole headset and microphone jacks, length 2.5 m;
  • two white side plates – an alternative to stationary bronze colored plates;
  • user manual;
  • warranty card. 

Pros and Cons

GSP 500 GSP 601
Excellent audio performancePremium look and feel
Open back acousticsSleek, professional style
Excellent microphoneSturdy, premium design
Comfortable & LightweightActive noise-cancelling
Made entirely of plasticLacks decent bass


GSP 500GSP 601
Weight358 gr395 gr
Dimension80 x 190 x 165mm80 x 190 x 165mm
TypeOpen backAround ear 
ColourBlack, RedWhite, Black
Driver TypeDynamicDynamic
Foldable DesignYesYes
Music ControlsNoNo
Impedance28 ohms 28 ohms
Frequency Response10 Hz – 18 kHz10–30,000 Hz
Battery TypeNo battery No battery
Battery Life
Connector TypeUSB-CUSB-C
Cable length2500 mm2500 mm
CompatibilityPC / Softphone, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mac OSX, PS5, Xbox Series XPC / Softphone, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mac OSX, PS5, Xbox Series X


EPOS Sennheiser GSP 500- Interestingly, the earpads of the device are distinguished by an open acoustic format – in their upper part; you can see a metal mesh.

We should pay tribute to the ergonomics of the design performance of the novelty – the headband can be moved apart, adjusting it to the size of the user’s head.

The upholstery for the inner side of the ear cushions is a special fabric, soft and perforated to prevent the gamer’s ears and the skin around them from sweating.

Underneath this textile material is a resilient foam filler that retains its shape perfectly and does not deform over time.

The right cup on the outside is equipped with a wheel responsible for adjusting the volume – it is large, so it is located immediately and rotates effortlessly, smoothly and quickly.

The bundled cables of wired headphones do not interfere during sessions – they, placed in a braid, are distinguished by minimal weight and elasticity. Such cables are not prone to twisting.

The product has proven that the EPOS GSP 500 headphones do not put pressure on the head even during a long game and do not fall off it if, for example, a gamer reacts too emotionally to the events of a tournament. This signature headset is uniquely cosy and comfortable.

EPOS Sennheiser GSP 601- The brand’s designers have made the EPOS GSP 601 modification more than just aesthetically pleasing. The look of these headphones demonstrates discreet chic with a note of determination and courage, aiming the conquerors of virtual arenas to win.

The model is made in a black and white combination. Such a contrasting solution is in trend now. The flexible headband, equipped with a unique ventilation system and soft foam pads and all internal areas of the structure, received a dark colour.

Black trims are present on the outside of the ear cups and boom. The ear cups are oval-shaped. Their back surface allows the ear cushions to fit the body without leaving a feeling of discomfort. The earbuds have been tested and proven to fit comfortably, no matter how long you play.

Audio Quality

EPOS Sennheiser GSP 500- When it comes to sound the speaker system of the device includes modern drivers with powerful, evident, transparent and detailed sound. The audio of these emitters is also distinguished by its scale, excellent balance and richness, regardless of the genre of the game.

The device reproduces high frequencies gently, focusing the listener’s attention on the minor nuances. The mid-tones sound juicy and biting, and the bass is expressive but without pronounced dominance.

Thanks to these headset properties, its owners can enjoy the effect of the realism of the sound picture of gaming sessions and instantly find their virtual opponent, no matter how skillfully he is hiding.

Since the novelty is made open, its sound will be heard not only by the player himself but also by the people nearby.

The EPOS GSP 500 gaming headphones will not let you down during online games that involve voice communication with team members.

The microphone of the model will provide the broadcast of your voice in excellent quality. Experts call the quality of the player’s speech transmission by this microphone practically a studio one. The user’s voice is always conveyed clearly and naturally – and the far from the quiet environment of the player will not interfere with this.

The design of the microphone is non-removable but flexible – its location is adjustable. If you don’t need to use a microphone, you can turn it off instantly by lifting the boom. When folded, this part will not interfere with the gamer.

The new headset is suitable for gaming on all possible devices. These headphones connect to a stationary computer and various types of consoles – they are compatible with the latest generations of PlayStation consoles, Mac OS and Xbox One controllers.

Using a short cable, you can connect the EPOS GSP 500 model to smartphones and other mobile gadgets – these headphones, created for true esports fans, are truly versatile.

EPOS Sennheiser GSP 601- The EPOS designers was concerned with the trendy design and ergonomics of their creation, as well as its core purpose – sound reproduction.

The EPOS GSP 601 headset is equipped with dynamic neodymium speakers, the sound of which impresses with several good characteristics:

  • purity – you will be convinced of the transparency of the soundtrack of games;
  • scale – the sound stage is characterized by breadth;
  • realistic – players feel themselves in the center of virtual events, which adds to their drive;
  • clear detail – the detail of the sound makes it possible to accurately determine the location of the enemy;
  • optimal balance between bass, midrange and treble.

At the same time, the gadget offers a considerable power range – the headset’s sensitivity is 113 dB.

A closed type of construction distinguishes the novelty. It can be safely bought by the inhabitants of apartments and houses, in which a not quiet atmosphere often reigns.

Putting the headset on your head, you will immediately see the excellent soundproofing of the cups. The earpads cover the ears entirely and prevent external sounds from reaching them.

If your family members turn on a TV or other audio device near you, it will not prevent you from focusing on the game. You will only hear the soundtrack of your battle and nothing else.

In turn, the explosions and cannonades accompanying your virtual adventures will not annoy others. You will only hear these sounds.

The non-detachable headphone microphone is in an upright position in the package. To activate it, you just have to lower the barbell down – the principle of enabling/disabling this element of the device is simple.

But the microphone of this headset is good not so much for the convenience and practicality of use, as for the high-quality voice transmission.

During chatting, the player’s voice communication with the interlocutors always remains consistently clear, delays and interference are not observed, and the timbre of the gamer’s voice is not distorted. All instructions and comments regarding the process of the game, members of your team will be heard and taken into account.

The headset is equipped with a sturdy inner frame and a metal swivel adjustment mechanism.

The plastic parts of the headphones will also not let you down in reliability. A super-strong polymer is used for them, which is difficult to scratch, let alone break.

Its proprietary quality distinguishes the assembly of the device. You will not have to face troubles in the form of creaks, backlashes and poorly fitted elements.

The headband and cups of the EPOS GSP 601 gaming headphones are adjustable; adjusting their position, you can ensure the fit of the arch and ear cushions to the anatomical features of a particular user.

The headband, which provides optimal fixation of the device on the head and its most comfortable fit, is adjustable in the degree of pressure.

The overlays attached to the bottom of the bow are made of spongy, shape-memory material and covered with a mesh fabric that allows air to pass through, keeping the back of the player’s head from sweating.


EPOS Sennheiser GSP 500- Professionals include the following features in the list of advantages:

  • stylish spectacular design – the branded headset looks presentable and solid;
  • strength and durability of the structure – manufacturers give a two-year warranty;
  • ergonomics thought out to the smallest detail – you can play in such headphones for days on end without experiencing discomfort;
  • brilliant sound, creating the illusion of complete immersion in the world of the game – you will find yourself in the centre of virtual events, feeling as their eyewitness and direct participant;
  • high-quality microphone – background noises will not prevent your interlocutors from clearly hearing your commands and remarks;
  • compatibility with all gaming platforms – you can indulge in gaming using any gadgets for this exciting activity.

Some issues in the EPOS GSP 500 headphones were also detected. Among them is a lack of sound insulation: the soundtrack of your sessions will be heard by others, and it is unlikely that such a feature would prevent them from watching TV or just conversing. The headset’s drawbacks include some of its bulkiness and a high price.

You may improve the sound of the headphone by purchasing an amplifier – which is not included in the box.

EPOS Sennheiser GSP 601-  Summing up the overview information about this headset, it is worth mentioning a few of its key advantages:

  • stylish appearance – the headphones look elegant;
  • high-quality sound – the sound of the device is especially delightful in games, although most music lovers will also like it;
  • well, thought-out ergonomics – the design is comfortable to use, regardless of the duration of the tournament and the parameters of the user’s head;
  • universal compatibility – you do not have to limit yourself in choosing a gadget for virtual battles (can connect the accessory to any modern platforms for games – from PCs and laptops to consoles of various types, tablets and smartphones);
  • Structural strength – your emotional playing style will not break your branded headset;
    the reliability of the microphone – it will not let down fans of network gaming!



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