From Women to Women – To create this new watch, Garmin surveyed women worldwide to find out what they wanted from a smartwatch. This resulted in Garmin Lily – small, classical body, beautifully patterned bezel to change, and fine straps smartwatch.

Lily is committed to keeping an eye on your activity and health without compromising on the look of the watch, so let’s take a closer look at whether the Garmin Lily’s beautiful look is behind the content.

The Garmin Lily is the smartest with only a 34 mm diameter watch case and a slim 14 mm wrist strap, it is ideal for even the most supple wrists – an ideal choice if other watches have seemed too clumsy on your wrist.

Garmin Lily was created in two different models: Classic and Sport. The only difference between the two is the watch strap and the case design – the Classic model comes with a leather strap and the Sport model with a silicone strap, and each model has a different patterned screen. On my hand was a Garmin Lily Sport model with rose gold details and a sandy strap. Lily watch straps are also interchangeable so that you can change the watch’s look according to your clothes and mood. Leather watch straps are undoubtedly comfortable and stylish, and silicone watch straps are definitely the best choice for your workout.

The Garmin Lily is equipped with a monochrome LCD touch screen. However, to extend battery life, the watch screen is not always active – the screen wakes up when you lift your wrist or tap the glass.

The Lily’s small case has been able to pack a battery that lasts up to 5 days. In actual use, battery life is affected by several factors, such as how often you train, whether the Pulse Ox sensor only works during sleep or around the clock, and so on. In general, it can be considered that Lily has to be recharged about twice a week, which is not a bad result for a smartwatch at all.

Pros and Cons

Beautiful, charming designDoesn’t support Garmin Pay prompts
Connected GPS runs smoothlyFew smart features
Lightweight and comfortable design
Battery lasts well

Key Features

Garmin Lily
Release date8th March 2021
Shape SurfaceRound
Screen Size1.00” x 0.84”
Display TypeTFT LCD
Screen Resolution240 x 201 pixels
Touch TypeYes Muti -Touch
Dimension34.50 x 34.50 x 10.15 mm
Weight24 grams
Body MaterialStainless Steel
ColorsDark Bronze Bezel, cream gold bezel, light gold bezel,
cream gold bezel, rose gold bezel, midnight orchid bezel
CompatibilityAndroid + iOS

The Garmin Lily is equipped with a touch screen to swipe to move between the tabs on the watch. The “My day” sub-page shows the daily activity statistics: steps taken, calories burned, and intensive minutes of the week, and the “Health statistics” sub-page shows the daily heart rate information, stress level, and body battery status. As Lily is created for women and women, it is, of course, also equipped with a special women’s health tab, where you can keep an eye on the symptoms of your cycle as well as when planning a pregnancy, if it is relevant for you. You can also add a water consumption monitoring tab to the lock screen, making it easier to keep track of the amount of water you drink.

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There is a small touch button at the bottom of the screen to access the clock training modes and settings. You can also select different screenshots in this menu, set alarms, see VO2max size, adjust screen brightness and sensitivity, and more.

Garmin Lily is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and sends activity and workout information directly to Garmin Connect. The clock also brings your smartphone’s pop-up alerts right to your wrist. Thanks to this, you can quickly peek at the application, which application requires your attention, and before grabbing the phone, assess whether it needs an immediate response at all. Maybe a smartwatch can help reduce screen time a bit like this.

Text messages that reach the clock screen can also be answered directly from the screen. However, it still only works when the watch is connected to your Android phone. You still can’t print messages directly, but you can create your own replies or use existing stamps in the Garmin app.



Technical Specifications

Garmin Lily
ExecutionElastic bracelet
Internal memory16 MB, 600 hours of training time
ConnectivityBluetooth Low Energy,
2 simultaneous connections. ANT+
SensorsOptical pulse sensor 
Pulse oximeter
Light sensor
Activity & health monitoringSteps
Distance traveled
Week intense minutes of sleep
Water consumption is the body’s energy reserves
Blood oxygen levels
Bluetooth range
BatteryUp to 5 days Charging with a special cable
Wireless chargingNo
Water resistance5 ATM (50 meters)

Garmin Lily counts every step taken daily and measures the calories burned, keeping an eye on heart rate, blood oxygen content, and the body’s energy supply.

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The clock sets a daily step goal for you, which depends on how active you have been the previous day: the more active you are, the bigger the goal the next day, and after lazy days, the clock will not make you impossible and will set a more realistic goal. Every hour, the clock signals with a vibration and an incendiary sentence that it is time to get up and do a few walks to stimulate the muscles. The longer you sit, the more minutes you have to walk to get rid of the lane.

Lily doesn’t rest when you’re asleep – when you wake up in the morning, the Garmin app has a comprehensive schedule of sleep hours that shows how long you were in deep sleep, REM, or shallow sleep. Also, stress levels, activity, and stress levels taking into account the measures at your “body batteries” or Body Battery ‘t. This will help you understand if your body needs a break or are ready for an active day. For example, at 75, your body is ready to exercise, but at 30, you would appreciate pulling on the couch once.

A pulse oximeter is also packaged inside the watch, which measures the oxygen content of the blood. Of course, this is not a medical device, so the measurements of the clock should be treated with slight skepticism and evaluated with previous measurements. The SpO2 reading should usually be 95-100%, but if the clock normally measures less, you shouldn’t worry. However, if the clock suddenly measures a significantly lower oxygen content, there is a chance that something has caused this change.

The clock can be set to measure blood oxygen throughout the day or only during sleep. However, if you don’t care much about this parameter, you can turn off night measurement in Garmin Connect settings to save battery power.

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Garmin Lily also measures the frequency of breathing throughout the day, both during sleep and during training. It works with the watch’s stress monitoring feature, which reminds you that you can take a moment for yourself in stressful moments. Then, after a few breathing exercises, you can immediately see on the clock screen how your breathing rate and stress level decrease.

Another simpler, but no less useful feature, is monitoring Garmin’s water consumption. We all know how important it is to consume enough water daily, but it is still effortless to forget. If you have previously downloaded some water applications on your phone and still forgot to use them after a day’s use, this feature might make you happy. The clock can be set to remind you to drink water, and the amount of water drunk can be entered directly from the lock screen. You can set a water target of your choice or have the clock adjust it daily according to the previous day’s water consumption.

The Garmin Lily isn’t a sports watch anywhere, but it still has several training modes: walking, running, treadmill running, cardio training, strength training, swimming in the pool, and cycling. In addition, thanks to the integrated heart rate sensor, the watch is well acquainted with your heart rate during training and rest.

And Lily doesn’t have integrated GPS but can retrieve GPS information from a connected smartphone. Most of us always have a phone with them anyway, and in my experience, the watch got connected to the phone very quickly at the beginning of training – much faster than it takes time for some cooler sports to watch to receive a GPS signal. Of course, this may depend on the specific phone, the quality of the Bluetooth connection, and even how deep into your bag your phone is hidden. Of course, if you like to keep your phone in power-saving mode, which does not allow the watch to stay in touch with the application, this feature will not work exactly.

The clock can also be set to detect a workout automatically. Still, in this case, it does not connect to the phone or receive GPS information from it, so it may be inaccurate and may not allow you to study the workout route on the map at the end of a running or walking lap.


Garmin Lily is a beautifully designed activity watch dedicated to health rather than sports. It’s the perfect choice for those who don’t need a smart gadget lately but appreciate the in-depth activity and health monitoring, as well as simpler smart features like phone alerts, the weather forecast on your wrist, and control of your phone’s music app.

The Lily is even equipped with several training modes. The lack of an integrated GPS can’t be overwhelmed – marathon trainers aren’t the target of Garmin Lily anyway, and the GPS feature connected to the phone works very smoothly. So you could say that the Garmin Lily is an accurate activity monitor and health monitor but mediocre sports and smartwatch. Fortunately, her beautiful appearance compensates for what is missing inside.