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GRADO SR325e vs HiFiMAN Sundara: Open Back Headphones

We are back again with another interesting comparison for you. Today we have two midrange headphones, the GRADO SR325e and HiFiMAN Sundara. We will compare them to know which one is really worth your consideration.

GRADO SR325eHiFiMAN Sundara
Nice fit and finishAmazing quality and sturdiness
Wide stageVery capable technicalities
Good SoundBass and treble extension are great
Not that easy to driveBalanced pads
Slam is good but not the bestNot comfortable as long


GRADO SR325eHiFiMAN Sundara
TypeOn EarOver-Ear
EnclosureOpen backOpen back
Weight355 g372 g

The GRADO SR325e is an on-ear type of headphone whereas the HiFiMAN Sundra is an over-ear type of headphone. However, both of them are designed as open-back type headphones for making them more comfortable. Both of them come with only one color option which is black color. The GRADO SR325e is weighed around 355 g which is fairly light in weight. On the other hand, the HiFiMAN Sundara is weighed around 372 g so in between two headphones the Sundra is more weighted than another one. 


GRADO SR325eHiFiMAN Sundara
Dimensions190 x 169.9 x 80 mm307.3 x 279.4 x 172.7 mm
Impedance35 Ohms37 Ohms
TransducerDynamicPlanar Magnetic
USBYes 3.5 mmYes 3.5 mm
Music ControlsNoNo
Quick ChargeNoNo
Stereo speakersNoNo


Nowadays most headphones also admirable ones want to serve with a lot of synthetic, but these remain classic manufactured virtue. While the earpad for every ear remains plastic, the earcups and the support grilles imply the metal. They seem and appear excellent. They attach to the headband among steel bars, plus the band itself is leather-covered metal.

The headband itself remains hard and fixed, clothed in leather, and seems and appears good. Continuing down from the headphones themselves remains a dense rubber cord from both ears, engaging in an ultra-sturdy rubber cable ending in a 3.5mm audio jack. It does deserving remarking that the earcups really twist a complete 360°, which does a surprisingly helpful feature particularly when you require to fix the headphones with your neck. You can’t really eliminate the cord from the earcups, which we observed somewhat irritating, however, overall, this remained a secondary problem. For the part, the design of the SR325e headphones remained trustworthy. 

HiFiMAN Sundara

It’s the lightweight planar magnetic headphone that we should come to recognize, also in various ways, this remains a simplistic, yet striking design. Regrettably, HiFiMAN did not include some earcup swivel to the yokes, which you may be really wishing they would. The build quality is solid however the side bits to wherever you settle the headband seems quite a little extra sturdy. The pads remain noticeably more permeable at the front portion of the angle. So where the pad does most nearby to the cheek. And this might not seem like a great thing, given that all appear abrupter sturdy in the front. In terms of comfort, it is a lot more comfortable and you can use them for long hours.


GRADO SR325eHiFiMAN Sundara
TypeOn EarOver-Ear
Noise CancellingNoNo
Weight355 g372 g
Foldable DesignNoNo
Adjustable headbandYesYes


Grado is one of the most iconic headphone brands in the world Grado labs since 1953 all Grado products have been handcrafted in their Brooklyn new york factory over the last 26 years. Their headphones have been consistently reviewed as top products for the money their extremely popular headphones are known for their warmth harmonic colors rich full-bodied vocals excellent dynamics and an ultra-smooth top-end sound.

Grado is one of the most iconic headphone brands in the world Grado labs since 1953 all Grado products have been handcrafted in their Brooklyn new york factory over the last 26 years. Their headphones have been consistently reviewed as top products for the money their extremely popular headphones are known for their warmth harmonic colors rich full-bodied vocals excellent dynamics and an ultra-smooth top-end sound.

The sound does assist simultaneously with the open-back design, which being would remain predictable certainly heightens the air and openness of the audio feature. However simply because the sound impression remains standard Grado, therefore remains the leak friendly. Essentially all set of headphones from the brand leaks audio like you wouldn’t accept, suggesting that anybody within your direct range does going to understand precisely everything y’all hearkening to, and apparently won’t acknowledge it almost as much as you wish.

HiFiMAN Sundara

The HiFiMAN Sundara remain comparatively economical headphones, at most insignificant as far as planar designs fit. They can be powered including reasonably anything except you really need to fill your eardrums. And so obviously, for performance, this is the same as it was expected. This is exceptionally well detailed for the price you get incredible instrument separation and structural definition. This performance feels really good for the price that it comes in at and we don’t think there’s any other headphone that’s around this price point that even comes close to this.

The slam and punch on this are surprisingly good and considerably better than most plain ARS that we’ve heard even that cost quite a bit more money than this slams harder than planers that cost two thousand dollars. We don’t know what it is about the design here that allows it to do this it might just have something to do with the implementation of a driver-specific driver the one area where the Sundara is not at the top of the class is in soundstage you can definitely find headphones around this price that have a more spacious soundstage.


GRADO SR325eHiFiMAN Sundara
Battery Life
Bluetooth Range

Moving towards connectivity, as you knew that both of these headphones come with the wired connectivity so here just a simple plug-and-play scenario. Both of them compatible with your smartphone, laptop, or even DAP, the Sundara and the GRADO SR325e can connect to just about any device. This is all thanks to the 3.5mm plug.

Which is better!

The distinction remains essentially the price these cost $99, correlated to the SR325e $295. Something that values for the cost does the diminished frequency reach, which indeed, appears in somewhat abrupt particular polish. Grado remains nevertheless great, and you will unquestionably get the Grado adventure, however, don’t presume the identical sound quality.


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