How To Activate Adobe Flash in Google Chrome

Adobe Flash Player is a program that more and more people use every day. It mainly appears in Google Chrome, so you must know how to activate it to enjoy it.

What is Adobe Flash?

It complements browsers that allow you to view videos and games that are embedded in a web page. That is why it is so essential to browsers and necessary to take full advantage of it.

Generally, it comes by default in the computer’s installation, but different things can require activation. That the configuration is not correct, that it has been disabled by itself, etc.

If that is your case, we will explain how to activate Flash so that you can take advantage of all its benefits.

Open the browser

Being part of Google Chrome, the first essential step to activate Flash Player in Chrome is to open the browser.

If you do not have it updated, take the opportunity to update it and thus avoid any possible errors in the future.

Enter the plugins

Once you have it open, you have to go to the address bar area. There you have to write “about: plugins.” Write it without the quotes and press enter so that you can enter the browser’s plugins section.

Search for Adobe Flash Player

In this section, it is time to see the “Details” part and from there to the “Complements” section.

In that section, you will see a list of plugins that have been installed. You have to choose “Adobe Flash Player.”

Activate Adobe Flash Player

When you find it in the list above, you have to click where it says “Enable”.

After that, close your browser and restart your computer completely for the changes to take effect.

Reopen the browser and see how it has been activated, and you have Adobe Flash Player at your disposal.

What if I don’t have it installed?

The previous steps can be applied at the moment in which you have previously installed Adobe Flash Player. But if, for some reason, you don’t have it installed, then you have to know the following.

From January 1, 2021, it is no longer possible to officially download Adobe Flash.

But that does not mean that there are web pages that have eliminated it. For this reason, it is convenient to look for a solution that helps us have an alternative. Otherwise, we will not be able to access those web pages.

Some pages have previous versions of Adobe Flash that allow you to download it even if it is not on the official page.

Another option is to install an older version of the browser, for example, Firefox or Chrome. Once installed then you have to follow the previous steps on how to activate Adobe Flash.

Other alternative browsers

If none of the above works or convinces you, what you can do is place an alternative browser. That is the case with Pale Moon. It is a browser that has open-source and therefore has 100% compatibility with Adobe Flash Player.

There is also another extension called Ruffle that you can download for free from the website. What it does is emulate as if it were a Flash program so that you can access those web pages that are still using it.

This last extension is valid for both Chrome and Firefox, so it is only a matter of installing it and then restarting the computer to apply all the changes.


Activating Adobe Flash will take you a few minutes if you already have it previously installed in your Chrome browser.

Otherwise, you will have to look for a specific alternative that allows you to access the web pages that are still using it.

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