How to Add Music to Your Facebook Profile

Words and photos can’t always describe us. Music saves the day. There’s always a song you’d like to include in your bio. Facebook listened. Facebook now lets you add music.

Facebook is the most used social network today by millions of people in the world thanks to everything it offers us as a platform (mobile and PC) in terms of functions, security, and performance based on each profile. One of the things we can do on Facebook and that many do not know, is the ability to set music on the profile, which gives a touch of personalization to our profile. Putting music on Facebook is helpful. First, connect to Facebook on a PC or download the mobile app.

How to Add Music On Facebook Profile?

This function is only available on the mobile version of the social network, so you must have one of the following apps: Android or iOS Facebook.

  • Open Facebook on your Android or iOS device and tap the three horizontal lines.
  • Click See your profile to view your Facebook profile.

  • Scroll down to “What’s on your mind?” Below it, you’ll see Photos, Avatars, Music, and Did You Know.
  • Tap Music icon.
  • Tap the + icon,¬† It’s top right.

  • Add the music to your Facebook Profile.
  • Tap the song to add it to the music list. You can select multiple songs. When finished, press your device’s back button.

  • To Pin a song to your Facebook profile, find it on the Facebook Music page and hit the 3 dots next to it.

Your favourite music is now on Facebook.

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Can PC Users Add Music to Facebook Profile Using

  • There’s no easy way to add music to Facebook on Windows. This feature is only on the app.
  • Open in your browser.
  • Right-click F12 and choose “Inspect.”
  • Tap Device emulation as shown. Turn mobile preview blue.
  • F5 to load Facebook’s mobile preview.
  • Facebook treats browsers as mobile apps.

  • Follow the Android App method as mentioned above.

Best of all, it doesn’t matter if you have an Android or iOS device , the procedure is exactly the same and there is practically no song that you can’t find on Facebook .

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