How To Choose The Right Mouse Feet

Choosing an ideal mouse for work and gaming is not easy. But then, how to maximize the superiority of the mouse is what worries many of us.

For those who don’t know, the computer mouse can still CUSTOM. Through the mouse pad and mouse feet (mouse pad and mouse feet), you can enhance the inherent properties of the mouse or turn it into a more harmonious direction. With the right mix and match, the custom results can be surprising.

Mouse pad (mouse pad) is more popular, so it is familiar to many of you. But what about mouse feet – how to choose and what to base on to choose the right mouse feet for your needs, is a story that few people talk about. Please scroll through this post to find your answer.

What are mouse feet

Mouse feet are made up of many small, thin bones that attach to the bottom of a mouse’s footpad. These tiny bones allow the mouse to move its front and hind legs independently, as well as control the direction in which it moves.

When are Mouse Feet needed?

If you look at the backs of most classic gaming mice, you’ll likely see that the manufacturer is using some form of 100% pure PTFE or PTFE mixed with some other material for the mouse feet. However, the thicknesses of these available mouse feet vary and are not always ideal. In many cases, they can wear out quickly. And now you will need to find separate sets of mouse feet to replace.

Or simply, if you are looking to increase the maximum speed ​​of your gaming mouse or want to add a bit of Control for a bolder and more accurate feel in every small move, the extra foot of the mouse is also a useful solution. Efficient, economical, and extremely easy to implement.

How do mouse feet work

Mouse feet are designed to give the mouse precise control over its movement. The pads on the bottom of mouse feet are filled with millions of tiny nerve cells that send signals to your brain telling you where your mouse is pointing.

Important criteria when choosing mouse feet


The mouse Feet of pure PTFE material is both high efficiency and popular today. Like the mouse feet from Glorious (G-Skate)

An easy way to tell if a mouse paw is 100% PTFE is to check if there is any color in that line of mouse feet other than white. If there is a color other than white, the mouse foot you are looking at is not pure PTFE but has “additives.”

Another popular material is the Glass Mouse Feet. Like the Pulsar Superglide line of mouse feet from the Pulsar brand. This unique mouse foot line is made from Aluminosilicate glass aka tempered glass; Pulsar Superglide glass mouse feet are much more resistant to color, cut, and hand sweat than feet. Traditional PTFE mouse and can be used almost forever. Each foot is rounded at 360 degrees to minimize drag, keep the mouse pad more durable, and help your mouse and Superglide feet glide more smoothly.

The disadvantage of Glass material is that it is also abrasive like other PTFE mouse feet. It is also possible to crack or break if you drop or collide with hard, sharp objects. However, in terms of speed and smoothness when surfing, glass feet is the number one today.

A quick comparison of Pulsar Superglide and PTFE. glass mouse feet

Superglide Glass Mouse Feet

  • Material: Tempered aluminosilicate glass
  • Almost no friction
  • The grip on mouse pad small
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Almost infinite durability if not broken

Mouse feet PTFE

  • Pure PTFE plastic
  • Average friction
  • The grip on mouse pad: medium
  • It can’t be scratched
  • Durability is limited, depending on the type of mouse pad surface.


Thickness is the second factor to consider when buying. Available mouse feet are tailored specifically for their respective sensors, so you’ll need to stick to those initial measurements.

While a thicker mouse foot can wear down longer and last longer over time, there’s also the risk that it could mess with the sensor. They increase the distance between the mouse sensor and your pad, which interferes with precise, responsive gliding.

The advice is that you should buy standard mouse feet from famous brands. Before buying, you need to ask the seller about the compatibility of that mouse foot with the type of mouse you use at home and see if the shape, size, curves, and thickness are suitable.

Finally, is the roundness of the mouse feet reasonable?

A reasonably and adequately compact mouse foot will help minimize drag, helping the mouse to glide faster and smoother. At the same time, there are no extra points on the mouse you are using. The rounded edge also limits scratches and entanglements when dragging the mouse on different planes.

Glide – Glide

Do you want fast surfing, slow surfing, or controlled surfing? Of course, the results depend on the combination of the mouse you’re using + the mouse pad you’re using + the mouse feet, but in particular, Mouse feet; when choosing, you should consider carefully to choose the right type that represents your needs. Although different mouse feet can be made of the same material, the effect of gliding will be completely different.

Required Break-In time

Some mouse feet manufacturers directly recommend users to use mouse feet between 5-20 hours so that the feet are really “centered,” and the mouse hovering process is smooth and as desired.


The underside of each type of mouse will always be different, even within the same brand. Each foot of a mouse will therefore accommodate one or a few specific types of mice.

Except for exceptional cases, Pulsar’s Universal Superglide Mouse Feet model is compatible with 100% of mouse models currently on the market: Superglide 6mm dot skate.

The set of feet includes 8 round Superglide dots 6mm in diameter to customize for your mouse. In addition, you can also customize the speed/slowness of the mouse by adding/removing the number of Superglide dots pasted on the mouse.

Hope you soon find the right mouse foot that suits your needs. Compared to other custom methods, investing in mouse feet is always convenient, fast, effective, and seems much more economical.

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