How To Download TikTok Videos On PC

How To Download TikTok Videos On PC

Social networks are becoming more and more part of our lives. One of them is TikTok. The platform was created for those who make interesting short videos.

It’s packed with entertaining content and is completely free to use. But what if you want to save one of the videos you’ve seen? That is where a free TikTok video downloader comes in. We’ll show you how to easily download TikTok videos to your PC in this article.

Why save videos from TikTok

Save important information – the application has a “favorites” section where you can add any video you like. For some user this is a problem who save a lot of content, because after a while there is too much saved content. In addition, the owner of the channel can delete the video and it will become inaccessible to you. It is much more convenient to save important videos on your device without having to go online.

Send a video to friends on another resource – to do this, you can download the file and attach it to a message in telegram, email or other social networks.

Pick up video content to prepare your own content – the source files can be cut into fragments in a video editor and used on your Tik Tok or YouTube channel.

Prepare materials for work – TikTok is actively used as a business promotion tool, so this video hosting is often used for work purposes

Download TikTok Videos On PC

The easiest way to download videos from Tik Tok is to use a browser extension like “TikPak Downloader” for Google Chrome.

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Install the extension ” TikPak ​​Downloader ” and activate it.


Go to TikTok Web.

Go to the section where your preferred tiktoker’s video is. When you move your mouse over the video, a download icon will show up in the upper left corner.

Download video

TikPak ​​Downloader is a extension for Google Chrome that adds a download button to the web version of Tik Tok.

The disadvantage of this method is that the video will download with a watermark (TikTok icon in the corner). To download video without watermark, use these ways.

Download TikTok Videos On PC With Chrome Devtools

If you know what a link is, and you can be called an experienced PC user, use this method. With the developer tool, you will have access to the video you are interested in. This is a little more complicated than operating through extensions, but you do not need to install any browser add-ons.

Let’s figure out how to copy a video from Tiktok through a link from Chrome devtools:

  • Go to TikTok Web .
  • Right click on the video and select View Code.
  • The Chrome devtools panel opens and the line of the selected html element is highlighted. Just above our element is the <video src=”…”> tag . Inside this tag is a link to the video. Right click on the link and select ” Cope link address “.
  • Open a new browser tab and paste this link into the address bar.
  • Right-click on the video that opens and select Save video as.

Copy link address tik tok

This is how you can get a direct link to a TikTok post through the developer tool and download it for yourself.

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Downloading High Quality TikTok Videos

Using online services is very convenient. You only need to have a link to the video in order to download them to yourself through special platforms. The vast majority of these services are suitable for use in mobile versions of browsers. If you know how to download videos to your PC through them, then you can use the same method when you don’t know how to save videos from Tiktok to your phone.

Ssstiktok: Using the resource as an example , we will show how to save a video in Tiktok without a watermark. Although with the TikTok icon, it is also possible to record a video to the device’s memory.

Musicallydown: Another popular online downloader is MusicallyDown . This service knows how to download videos from Tiktok without a watermark. You can save a video without a Tik Tok icon both on a smartphone and on a computer, laptop or tablet. MusicallyDown works with most popular browsers and can even download mp3 songs.

SaveFrom: is a service that you might like because of its versatility. Through it, you can not only download videos from TikTok, but also choose the format in which you need the final result.

Ttloader: Here you can search for content for download not only strictly by the link, but also by the name of the user who published the video, as well as by the hashtag. If you search for a video by nickname, do not forget to put the “@” sign in front of the name. Hashtag search implies the presence of a “#” sign in front of the keyword. It should be noted that with the help of such a search, you will see all the publications that satisfy the query.

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