How To Play Sova: Ability, Tips and Tricks

Sova is a handsome blonde expert with a bow. He is an Initiator type, which means he can find out where the enemy is and shoot explosive arrows with great accuracy and a long range. He also has a drone that can help him defeat the enemy, even if it is hiding behind something.

Sova is an important member of any team. His skills make him a key part of figuring out where the enemy is at the start of the round. The Reconnaissance Projectile is on the E key and can be fired by pressing the fire button. It can be used as many times as needed. If you want, all you have to do is wait 30 seconds before you can do it again. With a good recon plan, she is a big help in getting kills right at the beginning of the game.

Sova plays like a ranger and can attack and jump from different angles with her bow. She is also good at geometry.

Sova is able to fit into most team structures on both maps because he can play both offense and defense.

Sova hunts down enemies, finds them, and kills them with ruthless efficiency and accuracy. Even when he’s on the run, he can’t hide because he has a custom bow and is a great scout. He is an expert archer who can load his bow with different bolts that either show where enemies are or shock them.

Sova’s abilities

Recon Ray (E key-free, regenerates in 35 seconds)

  • The Arrow is equipped with a continuous recognition pulse that sends the enemy’s position.
  • The enemy’s position will be visible to all members of your team.
  • You can choose the strength of the shot, as well as the number of bounces off the walls.
  • Once it hits the wall, the Recon Bolt takes a few moments before it starts sending to the enemy’s position.
  • The reconnaissance device can be shot and destroyed.
  • It will only reveal the position of enemies in its direct line of sight. If there is one hidden behind a box or a wall, it will not be marked.
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Owl Drone (C-key-300 credits)

  • Pilot a reconnaissance drone for a short period of time.
  • While flying, you can fire a dart that, if it hits an enemy, will reveal their position for a few seconds.
  • Enemies can shoot your drone, which will go down with a couple of shots.
  • Sova will be vulnerable while using the drone.
  • It is more important to go as far as possible than to throw the dart. In this way, we will have a clearer vision of the enemy’s situation.

Shock Bolt (Q key-100 credits)

  • Fire an arrow that deals damage when it lands on the ground.
  • You can choose the bounce (up to two) by pressing the right mouse button.
  • You can control the force by holding the left click.
  • It is perhaps Sova’s weakest ability, although it can be useful for damaging an enemy who is locked in a corner.

Hunter’s Fury (X key-7 orbs)

  • Sova ‘s ultimate fires three arrows that traverse the map, dealing damage and briefly revealing the position of enemies in that direction.
  • The arrows are fired in succession, relatively slowly.
  • There’s a big audible alert when you cast this ultimate, so enemies will know you’re going to cast the ultimate .
  • This ability pairs very well with Recon Bolt, as if you don’t know where the enemy is, Hunter’s Fury is unlikely to deal much damage.
  • It’s also a very good ultimate to use in conjunction with other agents’ abilities, for example Sage’s deceleration field.
  • It can be useful when protecting the Spike.

Sova Ultimate Arrow

If the blast hits an enemy, it will temporarily show itself, but there is a small delay, so they can easily avoid it if they are ready.

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Soba Ultimate Revealed

The minimap shows the paths of explosions so you can aim them at a certain spot.

Buckwheat bow charge

You can choose how many times the arrow will bounce on the ground. The distance of the shot depends on how long you draw the arrow. There are three set distances: one charge bar for short range, two for medium range, and three for long range.

Arrows on the map Sova

On the minimap, enemies can see where your arrows are and how far they can see. Keep this in mind. If the enemy is fast enough, you can destroy their arrows before they can hit you.

Sova reconnaissance arrow

When the recon arrow goes into the enemy’s line of sight, the enemy’s position is outlined.

Buckwheat Path

The path the arrow took when it bounced is shown by a line.

Sova Tips and Tricks

  1. When using owls, it’s important to talk to them. It can make pushing easier and give your team an advantage when looking around corners and other places where enemies might be.
  2. With the Recon Bolt, just because you don’t know where the enemy is doesn’t mean he isn’t there. A good player will wait, then move forward or fire, then pretend the enemy is coming by turning around and leaving.
  3. On the other hand, the enemy might think your team is scouting before pushing, so using the Recon Bolt to make it look like he’s pushing is also a creative idea. As you can see, a Sova match is full of psychological warfare.
  4. Sage, who can use Slow Orb to slow down the enemy and set up Hunter’s Fury, works well with Sova, so keep that in mind.
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