How To Prepare And Pack Your Tv For A Move

Flatscreen TVs are light but difficult to pack and move. Your fragile flatscreen must be packed properly to avoid damage during the uplift.

For a smooth apartment move, plan ahead. Consider helpers, a mover, and enough boxes. A well-planned move is easier.

If you are hiring a removalist to help with your interstate move, you may include the packing of such delicate appliances in your removal plan. This way, you can ensure that your belongings are properly packed for the move. It may cost a little more than the initial quote, but the experience of the professionals in handling and packing delicate items and others that have awkward shapes is useful in keeping your belongings less susceptible to damage.

TVs are heavy, fragile, and easily scratched. Prepare and pack your TV carefully to transport it safely.

Find the original box or a sturdy box/container

When possible, look through your storage area to check if you still have the original box for your flatscreen. If it’s still there, it is ideal to use it to pack the flatscreen for the move, as the wrappings and other packing materials included in the box were designed to protect the flatscreen from damage such as nicks and scratches.

Unplug and remove unnecessary cords

Once you have all the packing materials you need, you can start to disassemble and pack your flatscreen. Start by unplugging your flatscreen television from the power sources. This can help to avoid accidents such as electrocution or tripping over wires while packing.

  • Roll external wires into coils, fasten them using cable ties, and place them in a container or ziplock bag to keep them from being entangled as your belongings are moved.
  • In a clean area, dust the back of the flatscreen and wipe visible surfaces before proceeding to the next step.

Wrap the screen with a blanket or packing paper

Whether you’re moving across the street or too far away city, you must find something you can use to cover the screen to protect it from scratches, as well as soften the impact in case its container is shaken during the move. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Wrap a blanket or soft towel around the screen and secure the wrapping using a bungee cord or rope.
  • For additional protection, use the plastic protective sleeves with the original packaging of your flatscreen. If you no longer have these, you may purchase plastic wraps that are designed for moving.

Pack the flatscreen into the moving box

Once you are satisfied with the wrapping, take the original box or a sturdy moving box and place it on a flat surface.

  • If you no longer have the original box, get a sturdy moving box that provides at least 2-3 inches of extra space on all sides once your flatscreen is inside.
  • Carefully place the wrapped flatscreen into the box and check for spaces that may cause it to move whilst your goods are being transported. Fill these spaces with packing paper or a soft towel.
  • Aside from wrapping papers, you may use moving blankets or comforters to provide padding for your flatscreen and other delicate items.

Secure the flatscreen inside the moving vehicle

The placement of your flatscreen in the moving truck is also crucial in keeping it safe for transportation. Even if your flatscreen is packed correctly, it may still be damaged if it is not positioned properly within the vehicle.

It’s safer to keep your flatscreen between sturdy items such as mattresses or a sofa. If this is not an option, make sure to place it against a wall to keep it from falling or being crushed by heavier items in the vehicle. Additionally, make sure that the screen is facing away from the wall of the vehicle.


If you follow these steps, your TV will arrive safely at its new location. Remember to be cautious when unpacking the box as well!
Use your photo to quickly reconnect everything so you can have some fun while unpacking the rest of your household items!

Remember to cancel or set up new subscriptions with your TV provider. You may be required to return equipment and satellite TV boxes.

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