How To Reduce Image File Size On iPhone & iPad

How To Reduce Image File Size On iPhone iPad

iPhones and iPads have high-performance cameras that make it simple to capture high-quality, clear images.

Changing a photo’s size or resolution on an iPhone or iPad is common. When putting a photo on a platform, we might lower its resolution to save space.

Here we’ll show you how to resize photos on iPhone and iPad in various ways if you use your devices for work or if a photo has too much resolution and takes up too much space.

How Important It is to Compress Files

We send heavy documents daily. This complicates sending since different systems must be used, such as uploading them to the cloud to share a simple link or using other file delivery platforms. Compressing the file without losing quality or content eliminates all this. Computer programs like WinRAR make this easy.

Remember that this possibility of compressing files is present in very old versions of iOS, so if you have a device from several generations ago, you won’t have any problems compressing or resizing files because this version is not found on your device. Since iPadOS is newer than iOS, all versions allow this. Since they’re different operating systems, iOS and iPadOS have more in common than iOS and macOS or iOS and the Apple Watch.

Do They Lose Quality With Compression?

Another frequently asked question is “compressing an image,” which means shrinking it. No one thinks a file can magically lose weight without a process. File quality comes first. As expected, you always want the best image. That is why it may not be interesting to have a compressed image or video to specifically avoid this problem.

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When we resize images, we worry about losing quality, which is bad for graphic design. iPad and iPhone resizing mechanisms prevent image loss.

Change File Format in Camera Settings

On the iPhone and iPad, you can change the camera format to HEIF, which is a more efficient image format than JPEG.

So, if the camera’s format is JPEG, you can switch to HEIF to reduce the file size while keeping the size of the photo the same. To change the format of the camera, follow the steps below.

  • Open the Settings¬†app.
  • Tap Camera.
  • Tap Format.
  • Select High Efficiency (HEIF).

JPEG format is more compatible because it can be opened on more devices, but the file size is bigger than HEIF format.

Select high efficency

When you change the setting, any photos you take with the camera will be saved in HEIF format with a small file size.

Make Your Own Way to Resize Images

  • Select the Shortcuts app, as shown below.
  • Tap Add Shortcut [+].

Add shortcut button

  • Here and we’re going to name it Resize photos.
  • Tap on Add Action here and search for resize photos.

Resize app

We search for the Resize image and add it, and we can see that it’s going to take the first primary image.

  • Tap on it and say we want the shortcut input.

Select Shortcut Input

  • Disable all option except images.
  • Instead of Nowhere, we’re going to change it to Show in share sheet so we can share a photo.
  • Now, type in “Shortcut.” 640 is the default width, select Ask Each Time.

Recize shortcut

  • Drag the Media selection up again, and then under Images, choose Convert Image.
  • Convert Image section will add in Resize photos.
  • If you want to change the file format of your resized image, tap JPEG and choose the format you want.
  • You can customize image quality and Preserve meta data too.
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Resize Images with quality

Select an image from your Photo Library to run the shortcut. At the bottom of your screen, tap the Share icon. Scroll all the way to the bottom and select Resize Images. A prompt will appear to inform you that your image has been successfully resized.

Download and Use Prebuilt Shortcuts

Using the Shortcuts app on your iPhone or iPad, you can reduce the image quality of your photos and save them. You can reduce the file size without changing the size of the photo by lowering the image quality.

You can either create your own shortcuts for the Shortcuts app or download and use those that have already been created.

If you don’t want to go through the effort of creating your own shortcut, follow the steps below.

  • Download Change Image Quality and Share Shortcut.
  • Select the photo you want to reduce the size of and Tap Add.
  • Select the quality you want to change.
    • Low Quality: Low image quality (small file size)
    • Medium: Medium quality (medium file size)
    • High: High image quality (large file size)
  • When the sharing permission pop-up appears, tap Allow Once or Always Allow.
  • Tap Save image.

Use the Mail App to Reduce Image File

Using the standard email app for iPhone and iPad, you can easily reduce the size of photos and images.

Follow the steps below to reduce the size of photos and images in the Mail app.

  • Open the Photos app.
  • Select Mail from the share options by tapping the Share icon.
  • Enter your email address and click Send.
  • A popup window will show the image’s size and allow you to change it to Small, Medium, Large, or Actual Size.
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Send option

  • Mail sends your photo after you choose.
  • Download your resized image through Mail.

To Make It Smaller, Use the Messaging App

Message apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger compress the file size of sent photos and images automatically.

You can also send the photo to your own account through a messaging app like WhatsApp and then save it again to reduce its size.

To save a photo sent via the Messages app, tap it and then the download icon, etc.

Use Third Party Apps

You can also install third-party apps from the App Store to reduce the size of your photos and images.

Image Size is a well-known app for resizing images. It has many quick and easy options, like letting you choose between pixels, millimeters, centimeters, and inches for measuring.

Image size

With the above steps, you can use Compress Photos & Pictures to reduce the size of your images.