How to Use Magic Editor On Google Pixel 8 Pro

How to Use Magic Editor On Google Pixel 8 Pro

How to Use Magic Editor On Google Pixel 8 Pro: The Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro have introduced a variety of new and exclusive features. One of the most anticipated among these is the ability to capture photos in an astounding 50-megapixel resolution. This ensures that your pictures are crisp, clear, and full of detail. However, with great power comes great responsibility – and in this case, it’s the responsibility of managing storage, as these high-res photos can be quite large in size!

Overview of Google Pixel 8 Pro

Before diving into the Magic Editor, it’s essential to understand the distinct features of the Google Pixel 8 Pro. Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Flat Display: Unlike its predecessors (Pixel 6 & 7 Pro) with curved displays, the Pixel 8 Pro boasts a flat screen, making gestures more seamless.
  2. Matte Back: All color variants of Pixel 8 Pro have a matte finish that resists fingerprints, offering a silky touch.
  3. Zoom Enhance: This AI-driven feature enhances zoomed-in photos, turning blurry pixels into clear, crisp images.
  4. Class 3 Face Unlock: Unlocking apps or making payments is now as secure with Face Unlock as it is with a fingerprint.
  5. Pro Camera Controls: Only available in the Pixel 8 Pro, this feature allows users to manually adjust settings like ISO and aperture.
  6. Bright Displays: With up to 2400 nits, Pixel 8 Pro offers a display brighter than many competitors, ensuring clarity even in sunlight.
  7. Video Boost: Enhance video quality by uploading it to Google’s cloud for computational photography magic.
  8. 7 Years of OS Upgrades: The Pixel 8 series offers seven years of OS upgrades, feature drops, and security updates.
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Camera Capabilities

The camera is one of the standout features of the Pixel series, and the Pixel 8 Pro takes it a notch higher.

  • Pro Controls: Just like a professional camera, you can adjust settings like brightness, white balance, focus, shutter speed, and ISO.
  • Super Res Zoom: The Pixel 8 Pro can zoom in up to 30 times digitally while still maintaining clarity.
  • Best Take: This feature allows you to choose the best pose from a series of photos.
  • Audio Magic Eraser: Filming in a noisy environment? This feature can help remove unwanted background noise from your videos.

AI Magic Features

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a strength of Google’s Pixel series, and these new models are no exception.

  • Magic Editor: This feature lets you edit photos with a touch of a button, removing unwanted objects or even replacing the sky!
  • Magic Eraser: This can help you remove unwanted elements from your photos, like tourists or vehicles, making your photos look like they were taken early in the morning without any disturbances.
  • AI Wallpaper: Want a unique wallpaper? With AI Wallpaper, you can prompt the Pixel to generate a one-of-a-kind background for your phone.

Magic Editor: The Star Feature

How to Use Magic Editor On Google Pixel 8 Pro: Now, let’s move on to the most thrilling part: the Magic Editor. This feature allows you to make significant alterations to your photos in a way that feels almost magical!

To access Magic Editor:

  1. Unlock Your Device: Start by unlocking your Pixel 8 or Pixel 8 Pro.
  2. Access the Photos App: Locate and open the “Photos” app on your device. This is where all your images are stored.
  3. Choose an Image: Scroll through your photo library and select the image you want to edit.
  4. Enter Editing Mode: Once you’ve chosen an image, tap on the “Edit” option. This will provide various editing tools and features.
  5. Access Magic Editor: Look for a button that resembles a “Magic Wand” or labeled “Magic Editor.” Tap on it.
  6. Select Editing Feature: The Magic Editor provides a range of options, from adjusting the sky to modifying facial features. Choose the aspect of the photo you want to edit.
  1. Make Your Tweaks: Depending on what you’ve chosen to edit, a series of options or sliders will appear. Use these tools to adjust or tweak your image as desired.
  2. Finalize Edits: Once you’re satisfied with the changes, tap on the arrow or forward icon. This step will apply all the modifications you’ve made.
  3. Save the Edited Image: To save your edited image, tap on the tick box or the “Save” button. Your edited photo will now replace the original in your photo library or be saved as a new image, depending on your settings.
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How to Use Magic Editor On Google Pixel 8 Pro
How to Use Magic Editor On Google Pixel 8 Pro

Magic Editor will present you with various suggestions based on the content of your photo. For example, if you have a picture with the sky, it might suggest edits to enhance the sky’s appearance. Another exciting aspect is the ability to reposition subjects within a photo, making it look as if they were originally positioned that way!

Other Notable Features

The Pixel 8 and 8 Pro have more to offer:

  • Battery Diagnostics: This feature runs tests to ensure your battery is in top condition.
  • Enhanced Face Unlock: A more secure way to unlock your device, even for banking apps.
  • New Ringtones and Notification Sounds: Fresh sounds to customize your phone experience.
  • Display Size Settings: Adjust the size of icons and text on your display for a comfortable view.