How To Use Pictory To Generate Videos With AI

How To Use Pictory To Generate Videos With AI

Welcome to this beginner’s tutorial on how to use Pictory to generate AI-powered videos. In this tutorial, we will explore the script-to-video feature, one of the most popular functions of Pictory.

Pictory is an AI-powered video editing tool that allows you to convert scripts and articles into videos by simply pasting the text or URL. It eliminates the need for traditional video editing software and offers the option to upload your own media and photos to create videos. Pictory is ideal for various purposes, including educational videos, marketing videos, social media content, and more. Whether you are a content creator, marketer, or just want to create compelling videos for personal use, Pictory can be a valuable asset to have.

Sign Up and Access Pictory

Before we dive into the details, make sure you have access to Pictory. If you are new to Pictory, you can sign up for a free trial using the link provided below.

Go to Pictory’s website and sign up for an account.

Once signed in, you’ll see the main content creation page.

Choose Content Conversion Option:

Pictory offers several content conversion options.

Sign Up and Access Pictory

Script to Video: Convert your text script into a video. Suitable for educational, listicle, compilation, coaching, and step-by-step guide videos.

Article to Video: Copy and paste an article or blog post URL to automatically generate video scenes based on key areas in the content.

Edit Videos Using Text: Edit existing videos by uploading the video and its transcript, allowing you to remove filler words, highlights, and customize scenes.

Visuals to Video: Upload your own photos and videos to create custom videos.

Creating a Script to Video

Creating a Script to Video

The first step is to have a well-structured script for your video. A clear and concise script is essential for creating a compelling video. Keep in mind that Pictory will use keywords from your script to find appropriate videos to match the content. Thus, it’s crucial to ensure that your script contains relevant keywords.

Once you have your script ready, log in to your Pictory account and proceed to the script-to-video feature.

Proceed for script to video

Paste your script into the designated area, and Pictory will analyze it to identify suitable visuals for each section of the script.

Choose the “Script to Video” option and paste your script into the provided field.

Click on proceed tab for next page

Optionally, highlight specific keywords or phrases to help the AI find relevant visuals and media.
Select a template from the library based on your video’s theme.

Choose a template from library and aspect ratio (landscape, portrait, or square) depending on your target platform.

Select template and aspect ratio

The AI will process your script and create scenes accordingly.

Video story board creating

Customizing Scenes:

After uploading your script, Pictory will present you with a storyboard where each section of your script is matched with corresponding visuals. At this stage, you may need to review and fine-tune the video selection to ensure it aligns with your intended message.

For instance, Pictory may offer generic videos that might not perfectly match your content’s specifics. You can replace these videos with more relevant ones by searching for specific keywords or terms related to your topic. This process allows you to have greater control over the visual elements of your video.

Adjust scene duration and add transitions between scenes.

Adjust scene duration and add transitions between scenes

Preview the video to see how it flows.

Utilizing Additional Elements

Pictory offers a range of additional elements to enhance your video. These include emojis, GIFs, stickers, and more. You can use these elements strategically to add visual appeal and engagement to your video.

For customization

Additionally, you can utilize voiceovers to provide narration or explanations for the video. Pictory offers an option to record your own voiceovers or upload pre-recorded voice files for specific scenes.

Downloading the Video

Once you are satisfied with the visuals and elements of your video, it’s time to choose the video resolution. For best results, select 1080p as the resolution. After formatting, click on the download button, and Pictory will process and generate your video.

Downloading the Video

Note that free trial versions may include watermarks, so consider subscribing to a plan for watermark-free videos and additional features.

Other Conversion Options

If you want to convert articles or edit existing videos, follow similar steps to customize the generated content accordingly.

Pictory Pricing Options

Pictory offers free trial versions with watermarked videos for testing.

To unlock more features and remove watermarks, consider subscribing to a Standard or Premium plan.

Pictory Pricing Options

The plans are available on a monthly or yearly basis.


Pictory is a powerful AI video editing tool that simplifies the process of converting scripts and articles into engaging videos. It’s suitable for various content creators, including educators, marketers, bloggers, and coaches. With Pictory’s user-friendly interface and AI capabilities, you can create compelling videos without the need for complex editing software.