In recent years, Instagram has added many features. This includes Stories and Reels, controversial platform features. Instagram added a large song library after users used its new features to gain new audiences.

You can now use these songs in your Reels and Stories. But what about your saved songs? Can you use them inside Stories on Instagram? Let’s find out!

Why should you add audio?

As we said, inserting music or audio to your reels or stories is essential if you want to succeed on Instagram. In fact, this functionality has numerous benefits that you should know about:

  • It allows you to encourage your followers or make them share your emotions. Through music, you can reflect on joy, emotion, sadness, etc. In short, they will empathize with you and become more involved with your content.
  • Better experience: Complete posts make us feel better.
  • Improved communication: By using relevant songs, your followers will quickly grasp your message.
  • More joyful posts: This is one of the biggest benefits, since people use social networks to relax and laugh. If you make your followers happy with fun music, they’ll visit your profile more often.
  • They will stay longer: If they like the audio or song, they’ll stay longer in your post or reels because the music is more pleasant.

Music and audio are gaining popularity on this social network, so many users use it to stay in their followers’ minds. They’ll say less but convey more. Each post has its own audio or melody.

Use saved audio for your Instagram story

  • Tap the profile tab in the bottom-right corner of the Instagram app.
  • Tap the Menu button in the upper-right corner and select “Saved.”
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  • Open the Audio directory under Saved to find all of your saved audio.
  • Tap the Play button next to the audio you want to listen to.
  • Tap the audio title to open its page and share it with someone on Instagram. Then, using the paper plane icon, send the audio via DM.

How to Add Music to Instagram Reels

To publish a reel, search for a song and click Use audio. This opens sound editing. When making a reel,  press the musical icon on the left to choose a soundtrack. Authors can see suggestions or write the song’s name. In the lower section, the song’s timeline is shown to allow us to choose the fragment to play. To fix it, click Done in the top right.

How to Add Music to Instagram Stories

  • Swipe right on Instagram to access the camera. Record your video with ‘Story’ selected at the bottom.
  • Tap ‘Stickers’ once recorded.

  • Now search for ‘Music’ and tap the sticker that appears.
  • Enter the song’s name in the top search bar. Tap the song in search results.
  • Drag the bottom timeline to add audio to your video.
  • Tap the bottom list to select a font.
  • Tap the colour icon to change the lyrics’ colour.
  • When finished, tap ‘Done’ in the top left corner.

There are other ways to get sounds for Instagram

If you want audio for your Instagram stories or Reels, we’ve already discussed how to see, download, and use them on the social network, although these are limited and some will be missing. copyrighted. You can give your photos with music content a new personality in other ways.

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Instagram supports Spotify music. Once you open the screen with all the data, you’ll find an option that interests you, which you can access in different ways. Below is the page’s share icon.

You can share it by pressing it. Sharing can be done on Instagram Stories or Direct. If you give your stories, the song will appear in the format shown, and you can customize it by adding elements, stickers, effects, and more.

With external applications

You can also use InShot, YouCut, and Adobe Premiere Rush to add music to your videos and publish them. Video editing with them or any other designed for this purpose is rewarding. Here’s how to use each.

It’s iOS and Android compatible. You can personalise your content with music to make it more appealing, striking, or distinct.