Huawei smartwatches Comparision 2022: Reviewed

In recent years, Huawei has developed into a serious provider of smartwatches and fitness trackers and has now developed an extensive range of excellent watches. This guide shows you what the individual models offer and what you can choose from.

The manufacturer caused a stir in 2019 with the first watch, the Huawei Watch GT2. After all, a fitness tracker had been introduced back then, which impressed with its design, functional equipment, and very long battery life and quickly became an absolute bestseller.

The same applies to all subsequent models. And so the manufacturer can now offer six attractive watches. Reason enough to take a closer look at the various Huawei smartwatches and compare them.

We have already extensively tried 6 Huawei watches. You can find the corresponding review reports here.

  1. Huawei Watch GT 2
  2. Huawei Watch GT2 Pro
  3. Huawei Watch 3 
  4. Huawei Watch GT3
  5. Huawei Watch 3 Pro
  6. Huawei Watch GT Runner

Huawei Smartwatches Comparison

Watch 3 ProWatch GT 3GT RunnerGT 2 ProWatch GT 2
VersionsStandard ProGT3 46mm
GT3 42mm
GT 2 46mm
GT 2 42mm
Weight54g/ 63g42g/ 35g38g52g41g / 29g
touch screen
Display size1.43 inch
1.43 inch 466x466px
1.32 inch 466x466px
1.43 inch 466x466px1.39 inch 454x454px1.39 inch 454x454px
1.20 inch 390x390px
Battery packup to 3 days ( Standard)
up to 5 days ( Pro )
up to 14 days(46mm) up to 7 days (42mm)up to 14 daysup to 14 daysup to 14 days (46 mm)
up to 7 days (42 mm)
Optical RF Sensor
Light Barometer
Optical HF Sensor
Air Pressure
Optical HF sensor
Air pressure
Optical HF sensor
Ambient light
Air pressure
Optical HF sensor
Ambient light
Air pressure
Memory16 GB4 GB4 GB4 GB4 GB
Dual – GNSS (Pro)
Dual – GNSS
GPS BluetoothGPS Bluetooth

As can be seen from the comparison table, all Huawei smartwatches are technically well equipped and have even introduced entirely new standards concerning some specifications that other manufacturers have not been able or wanted to achieve so far. More on that later.
The GT2 and the GT2 Pro are technically and functionally almost identical, but the Pro model is of higher quality and nobler due to the materials used.

The GT3 is the successor whose focus is more clearly on sport and fitness. The GT Runner is the sister model of the GT3 and differs only in the design and the built-in GPS antenna.

The Watch 3, on the other hand, is a real smartwatch in its Standard and Pro versions.

And although we are talking about six different watches here, you will find out in the course of this guide that the models are very similar to one another and that the differences are only in the details.

Design and Displays

As far as the visual appearance of the Huawei smartwatches is concerned, there are hardly any differences between the individual models. All devices have the classic round design of high-quality stainless steel, ceramic, or titanium materials. Bracelets made of conventional fluoroelastomer, leather, and metal are combined.

The Watch GT2 and GT3 are available in two sizes (46mm and 42mm), making an attractive offer for ladies with slim wrists. The Watch 3 is also available in two versions, 46mm and 49mm, which are less suitable for delicate forearms due to their dimensions.

A key feature of the Huawei watches is the excellent AMOLED touchscreen, which impresses its high resolution and rich colors. The display can be operated in always-on mode or activated by gesture.

The large selection of watch faces, some of which are pre-installed or available for download in the app, is particularly appreciated by users.

Battery life

Another notable feature for which Huawei smartwatches are now known and famous is the very long battery life. Despite the AMOLED above touchscreen, which is known to be a real power guzzler, all watches typically last around 7-10 days before needing to be recharged.

The only exceptions here are the Watch 3 and 3 Pro, which are not quite as enduring, but still offer good battery life for real smartwatches.

At this point, it must also be commended that Huawei always provides precise information on the battery runtimes and, above all, also gives usage examples so that the user can get a concrete idea of ​​the usual energy consumption in daily practice.

Health and Activities

The basic equipment of every Huawei Smartwatch naturally includes the usually measured values, such as steps, distance, calorie consumption, and sleep monitoring.

After using it for some time, we only noticed that what puzzles many users is the incomplete calorie calculator. We don’t understand that the feature only shows actively consumed calories but no basal metabolic rate. This means that a large part of the daily consumption is not considered, so the whole tool is useless.

What was completely screwed up with the calorie calculator was made better with the sleep monitoring.

TrueSleep is the name of Huawei’s sleep tracking, which has to be activated separately in the Health app. Once that’s done, the smartwatch records your heart rate and any movements during the night’s sleep. Specifically, the following values ​​are determined.

  • Time for total sleep
  • Percent deep sleep
  • Light sleep percentage
  • REM sleep percentage
  • Deep sleep duration in points
  • Number of waking periods
  • Breathing quality in points
  • Time for nap

Overall, sleep monitoring seems entirely accurate and works well. This can be seen above all because Huawei watches easily recognize even small naps during the day, which smartwatches from other manufacturers do not do at all or only do incorrectly.

In addition to the basics, all watches also measure blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), respiratory rate, and stress tracking. With the Watch 3, 3 Pro, and the GT3, it is also possible to measure the skin temperature.

Sports and Fitness

The many great features for sports and fitness that were already an essential feature of the Watch GT2 and continued in all subsequent models.

All Huawei smartwatches are equipped with up to 100 different sports profiles, some of which are preinstalled directly on the watch or are available in the app. Various running training or fitness courses are also offered, depending on the model.

Depending on the sports mode, it is also possible to make different training settings. For example, the running profile can define a training goal (duration, calories, distance). The popular and helpful Autostop function is also available, which automatically interrupts the training recording at red traffic lights, for example.

There is also the intelligent companion. This function loudly prays down all relevant measurement data in English at regular intervals during training.

The two new models, Watch GT3 and Watch GT Runner, also have their feature for interval training in the sport mode running. This makes it easy and convenient to create a workout with intervals and recovery phases directly on the watch.

Individual training sessions are recorded comprehensively and in detail, with the measurement data visible directly on the watch and in the app.

Training analysis

The compact and very successful training analysis, which can be found on all Huawei smartwatches, is particularly worth mentioning. The tool was originally offered in cooperation with Firstbeat, the leading manufacturer in physiological analysis for sports and health. However, since Garmin bought the company, Huawei now uses its resources and continues to offer this feature.

The analysis shows you and understandably how intense your training is, how to fit you are, what effects your activities have, the time until you are fully recovered, and your current VO2max.

Since the Huawei tool is very similar to the Garmin training analysis, we recommend my related article series to know more about the topic.

Tip: For the Huawei training analysis to deliver meaningful and valuable data, you must store your maximum heart rate in the app.

The AI running coach is an entirely new feature, currently only offered with the Watch GT3 and GT Runner. This tool creates personalized and individual training plans based on your current physical condition and fitness level.

The training plan is transferred to your watch via synchronization, and the appropriate workout is automatically suggested for the agreed training days.

Chest strap and data export

The fact is that it is impossible to connect Huawei smartwatches to a chest strap or export training data to other platforms, such as Strava.

Since many other users also complained about this lack of options and Huawei listens to its customers, the new Huawei Watch GT3 and Watch GT Runner models are compatible with common chest straps.

The same applies to data export. The Health Sync application now offers the option of exporting training data in .tcx or .gpx format to other web platforms. This should be possible with all Huawei Smartwatches.

Measuring accuracy heart rate and GPS

Overall, all Huawei watches provide solid heart rate measurements. However, there are certain differences in quality between the GT2, which is now around three years old, and the current GT3. But that’s not surprising if you look at which sensors were installed.

  • Huawei Watch GT2 Heart Rate Sensor True See 3.5
  • Huawei Watch GT2 Pro heart rate sensor True Seen 4
  • Huawei Watch 3 + 3 Pro heart rate sensor True Seen 4.5
  • Huawei Watch GT 3 + GT Runner heart rate sensor True Seen 5

This shows that the manufacturer has continuously developed its heart rate sensor, which positively affects measurement accuracy. During my test of the GT3, I was able to determine that the watch delivered almost the same measurement data as the chest strap I carried with me, even during vigorous interval training, which is not necessarily standard with optical heart rate measurement.

Huawei can also offer improvements in terms of GPS. The Watch 3 Pro, the Watch GT3, and the GT Runner have been equipped with the so-called Dual Band GNSS, enabling a much more stable and precise location determination and distance measurement.

Smart features

All Huawei smartwatches are also very similar in terms of smart functions. Of course, all models inform you about incoming calls, messages, and notifications. If there is a Bluetooth connection with the smartphone, you can also make calls directly via the watch.

A significant exception is the Huawei Watch 3, which as a real smartwatch, is also LTE-compatible and can therefore be used entirely independently from the cell phone.

Also found on all Huawei watches is a complete music player with ample internal storage for your playlists and favorite albums. Spotify and Deezer can also be operated directly via the clock via the music control.

The manufacturer also offers its app store, which is still quite poorly equipped. As a small compensation, there is a huge selection of watch faces that are very popular with users.

Which Huawei Smartwatch is right for you?

As mentioned at the beginning, the various watches are very similar in design and features, which is why you can only find a few differences in detail if you look very closely. For better orientation, the current models can be typified as follows:

The Huawei Watch GT2 and GT2 Pro as modern fitness trackers are great all-rounders that can be used in everyday life and sports activities.

Suppose you count yourself among the ambitious amateur athletes, and running is your favorite sport. In that case, the Watch GT3 and the Watch GT Runner are suitable watches for you, as they deliver the most accurate training data thanks to the improved HF sensor and the further developed GNSS.

The Huawei Watch 3 is a great smartwatch that unfolds its full potential, especially with a Huawei smartphone. Whereby the somewhat meager App Store and the relatively high price compared to other equivalent smartwatches is a downer.


Huawei Smartwatches are not only beautiful to look at, but they also impress with their great technical equipment. It is an excellent AMOLED touchscreen, and the very long battery life is immediately noticeable.

You also have a lot to offer when it comes to functions, which is why you hardly miss anything in everyday life or sports. Above all, the possibility must be mentioned here that the latest Huawei watches can also be connected to a chest strap and the export of training data is also possible. Many other manufacturers cannot or do not want to offer two features.

So if you are looking for a solid smartwatch that works reliably, measures accurately, and is easy to use, then the Huawei watches are for you.

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