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Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro Review

Smart watches are not just digital watches; they are classified as wearable devices, and many models are on sale from major smartphone and wearable device makers.

This GT3 Pro is newly based on HarmonyOS, and it has been back for the first time in about a year and a half with power-ups in all aspects of operation and functionality. The selected materials and high texture are outstanding as the next masterpiece.

The Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro, which was previously introduced for the domestic market, comes in two varieties: a titanium model with a body case of 46.6 mm (upper image) and a ceramic model with a body case of 42.9 mm (lower image). Each features a 1.4-inch or 1.3-inch organic EL display.

The watch’s windshield is made of sapphire glass, which is resistant to scratches. It is also dustproof and waterproof, with an IP68 rating and a 5ATM water resistance rating. The previous “Huawei Watch GT2/GT2 Pro” model was distinguished by a long-lasting battery that lasted two weeks, but the GT3 Pro has a battery life of up to 14 days for the titanium variant and up to 7 days for the ceramic model

Attractive, premium designsApp store is still limited
Excellent battery lifeECG support not live
Advanced tracking abilities
Fast GPS lock
5ATM water resistance


  • Dimensions: 46.6×46.6×10.9 mm
  • Weight: 54g
  • Display: 1.43″, AMOLED, 466×466, 326 ppi
  • Memory: 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM
  • Battery: 530 mAh
  • OS: Harmony OS 2.1
  • Communication: Wi-Fi, LTE (does not work in Russia), Bluetooth 5.2, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS
  • Sensors:  Accelerometer, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor, optical heart rate sensor, ambient light sensor, barometer, temperature sensor, ECG
  • Band Colors: Black Fluoroelastomer, Gray Leather, Titanium

Huawei WATCH GT 3 Pro is a new smart watch with a high-class feel and elegant design that can be used in professional settings. There are two sizes available: 46mm and 43mm, with titanium for the 46mm model and nanoceramic for the 43mm variant.

The portfolio includes four models, with the 46mm model available in two varieties: a traditional model for business use and an active variant for sports use. There are two sorts of 43mm models: classic models with ceramic belts and classic models with leather belts.

The 46mm variant is made of lightweight and highly durable titanium, and it is gentle on the skin and comfortable to wear thanks to the use of a nanoceramic rear casing. The board is composed of sapphire glass, which is highly transparent and resistant to scratches.

Huawei’s first nanoceramic smartwatch is the 43mm model. The primary body is composed of nanoceramic that has been fired in a kiln for 7 days at 1500 °C and polished with diamond powder. Nanoceramics offer more strength and toughness than regular ceramics since their particles are smaller.

Aside from the freediving option, a new “apnea training mode” has been included. You can also share your achievement measurement data with your pals while measuring how long you can hold your breath.

The main unit’s wireless charging is 30 percent faster than the previous model, and it now offers quick charging, which can be used for an entire day with only 10 minutes of charging. With health monitoring enabled, the battery life for the 46mm model is 14 days and 7 days for the 43mm model.

Bluetooth calls and SNS instant replies are among the other functions, and the built-in GPS allows it to be used independently to some extent. Even if you go for a run without a smartphone, all of your records will be saved by simply connecting to your smartphone when you return.

Furthermore, Huawei claims that this new model is focused on boosting the functionality associated with iOS. The remote shutter feature and music playback control, in particular, are now available, making it more comfortable for iOS users.


Let’s start with the design and texture of the HUAWEI WATCH GT3 Pro.

The great quality of the texturing is something that many people look for in GT3 Pro. We have great quality that does not fall short of expectations. This is the much-anticipated HUAWEI Watch GT3 Pro, which gives you a squeaky feeling the instant you take it out of the box! I can almost feel the excitement.

There are numerous changes to the design from the preceding GT2 Pro. The contour near the belt lug has been modified to a square design with a strong edge feeling.

It will also be a significant change because it features a broad crown that can be rotated. The primary body casing is made of titanium and has a robust matte finish. The angular surface is blasted, and the sides are hairlined, giving it a more rugged appearance than the prior work. In the prior work, the case color was near gunmetal, but it faded to a dull silver tint.

Sapphire glass is the most popular smartwatch material, so it has been used again this time. Because sapphire glass has stronger wear resistance and texture than conventional biological glass, simply utilising it would substantially improve the quality. The glass has a great degree of transparency, and the edges are trimmed so that they gleam. It contrasts nicely with the matte finish of the main body casing.

On the side is a big crown. It is a Watch3 series feature that also permits rotating operation. The crown is highly polished and has a rustic yet elegant appearance. The button on the lower right side of the main device also functions as an electrocardiogram touch sensor. This will be addressed later.

The belt is a well-known fluoroelastomer band. A leather band is also available. The shape of the band appears to be similar to that of the GT2 Pro.

I’ve seen quite a few smartwatches, but this fluoroelastomer band has a really appealing texture. To complement the body color, the buckle is likewise silver.

The back casing is made of ceramic. The GT3 series sensor has also been changed. The back of the GT3 Pro has a nice texture because it is ceramic. It is quite smooth, as opposed to plastic, which improves the overall touch.

The circumference of the arm is 16 cm. It is a huge smart watch, similar to the earlier work. It has the same presence as previously, but the main body thickness is 10.9 mm, which is 0.5 mm thinner than the previous work’s 11.4 mm. The foreign body sensation on the arm was pretty strong in the prior job due to its thickness, but this time I genuinely feel that it has slimmed down.

It is reported to be thinner than the previous model, but there is no doubt that it is a heavyweight smartwatch. Despite being lighter, the weight is the same as in the prior work.


Sapphire glass is used to make the display. In addition, while the previous GT2 Pro featured a 1.39-inch display, the GT3 Pro now features a 1.43-inch display

In terms of outdoor visibility, the reflection of the glass is a little intense and difficult to notice. This is not because the display’s brightness is uncomfortable, but because the sapphire glass’s refractive index of light is high.

Speaking of which, the Xiaomi Watch S1, which was likewise made of sapphire glass, was difficult to see outside… An anti-reflective coating appears to be used on pricey luxury watches, but why isn’t it used on the GT3 Pro?

When it comes to HUAWEI Watch, the watch face shop is extensive. There are numerous watch faces available, both paid and free, but this time let’s examine some of the faces added by GT3 Pro Authentic. The official watch faces from HUAWEI are all of high quality.


At the moment, the HUAWEI Watch GT3 Pro is not much different from its predecessor, the GT3. The most significant advancement is the addition of an ECG (ECG sensor).

The ECG function is currently unavailable outside of China for a variety of reasons, including regulatory requirements. The SpO2 measurement capability was initially disabled for GT2 Pro as well. So, for the time being, there isn’t much of a functional difference between GT3 and GT4.

Because the internal configuration is nearly identical, the operating experience is identical. Based on HarmonyOS, it features a light operation feel.

Since it is equipped with a speaker, you can make a call from the clock side and talk as if it is. It also has storage, so you can transfer music from the app and listen to music with the watch alone.

For missed calls and SMS, there is also a simple message reply tool. However, it does not yet support LINE. The higher-end Watch3 model includes LINE response. Support for this function is growing in other manufacturers’ smart watches, so I’d like to see upgrades.

Perhaps the number one topic in healthcare is that it is equipped with ECG (ECG function). However, the ECG function is currently only lifted in China, and the global version is still locked .

Recently, smart watches from various companies have added various information regarding sleep logs as added value, and differentiation is progressing. Oppo’s snoring analysis and Amazfit’s dyspnea graph Huawei’s sleep log has come to feel that such additional information is a little unsatisfactory.

However, the accuracy of the Huawei TruSleep algorithm seems to be better than others, and this measurement gave an interesting result .

There are over 100 distinct workouts, but Huawei’s smartwatch concentrates on a certain activity each time. This GT3 Pro is mostly used for golf and diving.

About workouts: To be clear, none of these is a sport I would ever participate in, so I haven’t gotten to the point, but golf appears to be capable of measuring swing speed, swing tempo, backswing time, downswing time, and so on.

It is claimed to support diving to depths of up to 30 metres. In terms of waterproofing, it appears that it is not as good as a dive watch, so use caution.

Furthermore, the lactate threshold item, which was added to the GT3 runner, is now available. Running a bit tight and measuring the quantity of lactic acid that accumulates is a rough analogy.


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