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Huawei Watch GT3 46mm vs Huawei Watch GT3 42mm: Which Smartwatch is For You

The Huawei Watch GT3 is the latest smartwatch from the popular GT model series and brings some essential innovations that are particularly interesting for amateur athletes.

Huawei has been one of the most involved manufacturers to date, having already launched several new models with the Watch 3 and some versions of the Watch Fit in 2021. And now, at the end of the year, the Huawei Watch GT3 was also presented, with which the GT series has had further offspring.

Huawei was clever and adopted all the positive features and properties of the previous GT models on the new Smartwatch and presented a few interesting new features. The Watch GT3 can now also keep up with sports watches from Polar or Garmin with this equipment.

Let’s start and take a quiet look at the clock. The Watch GT3 is offered in two versions, which differ mainly in size and color.


Huawei Watch GT3 46mmHuawei Watch GT3 42 mm
BrandHuawei Huawei
Dimensions 45.9 x 45.9 x 11 mm42.3 x 42.3 x 10.2mm
Weight 42.6 grams35 grams
Caseblack or silverblack or silver
Display1.43 inch1.32 inch
Resolution466 x466 pixel466 x466 pixel
Classic with leather strap
Elegant with leather strap
Elegant with milanese strap
sensor Geomagnetic sensor
Optical heart rate sensor
Air pressure
sensor Temperature sensor
sensor Geomagnetic sensor
Optical heart rate sensor
Air pressure
sensor Temperature sensor
Water resistance5 ATM5 ATM
Compatible OSHarmonyOS 2 or newer, Android 6.0 or newer, iOS 9.0HarmonyOS 2 or newer, Android 6.0 or newer, iOS 9.0
BatteryUpto 14 days Upto 7 days


As far as the external appearance is concerned, Huawei has not embarked on any major experiments and has adopted the design of the GT2 on the new smartwatch. The watch case is made of stainless steel; the back is made of plastic, and the heart rate sensor is protected in the middle by a curved glass lens, which does not interfere with wearing.

The two buttons that are now also found on the GT3 have been adopted from Watch 3. The upper button is a rotatable crown intended to enable the more precise operation and navigation.

Both sizes are available in different versions.

The 46 mm variant is available as a

  • Active Edition: Black case with black silicone strap
  • Classic Edition: The silver case with brown leather strap
  • Elite Edition: The silver case with silver stainless steel bracelet

and the 42 mm version is available as

  • Active Edition: Black case with black silicone strap
  • Elegant Editio: Golden case with white leather strap
  • Elegant Edition: the gold case with gold mesh bracelet


When it comes to the display, Huawei goes to great lengths and offers a colorful, high-resolution AMOLED touchscreen that can be read perfectly in almost all lighting conditions.

Of course, there is also an Always On Display, but I didn’t use it during the test phase, as activating the screen with a gesture worked wonderfully, and I didn’t need the feature.

Five different watch faces are already preinstalled to give the watch a unique look. There are hundreds of other display designs to choose from in the associated app gallery.

Overall, the Watch GT3 makes a very solid and decent impression, and you have a good feeling from the start that you are wearing a high-quality and beautiful smartwatch.


The initial set-up and configuration of the clock go smoothly; we recommend that you download and install the Huawei App Gallery on your smartphone as the first step. Then look in the gallery for the Huawei Health app, which you also install on your mobile phone.

Once these preparations are completed, the rest is no longer witchcraft. You connect the watch to the smartphone and the health app via Bluetooth. As a result, some instructions will be displayed on the smartwatch, and the device will be set up in just a few minutes.

The operation of the watch is also quickly explained.

  • Swipe down: General settings
  • Swipe up: Notifications
  • Swipe right: Weather and music player
  • Swipe left: widgets for HR, SpO2, sleep, etc.
  • Press upper button: call up all functions (start screen in a grid)
  • Press the lower button: The sport profiles button can be assigned any function.

Advance Features

In addition to the usual basic functions such as step counting, distance, calorie consumption and a detailed sleep recording, there are other features that we already know from the previous models. Such as the SpO2 measurement, skin temperature, stress or breathing exercises.

The most important measurement data, steps, activities and active hours are shown in the well-known Tri-Ring, which gives you a good overview of the daily exercise volume.

Huawei Healthy Living is new. This is an independent program in the Health App that is supposed to help you develop good habits that increase your well-being. In addition, there are various tasks to be performed daily

  • Step count
  • Breathing exercises
  • Sleep falling asleep / getting up
  • Activities
  • Daily smile
  • drinking water

In addition, these tasks can be assigned to different challenges, which are described in the app.

The tasks are adjusted and weighted according to the challenge. You can see whether and how far you have already completed these tasks by looking at the so-called cloverleaf, which can be seen on both the watch and the app.

All data on daily activities and health can be called up directly on the watch as well as in the app.

Sport and fitness: Many of the features of the previous models have also been carried over to the new Huawei Watch GT3. Again, around 100 different sport profiles are available, whereby various settings can be made in each mode.

A training goal such as distance, time or calorie consumption can be defined. You can also decide whether you want to receive announcements and information on various measured values ​​via the loudspeaker. And the very useful auto-stop function for short breaks, for example, at a red light, is also included again.

The interval training integrated into the running sport profile is very successful. With a few settings, you can configure whether you want to start training with a warm-up phase and end it with a cool-down phase. The particular intervals and recovery times can be defined according to distance or time.

The ease of use and the fact that such a workout is created directly on the watch and not in the app is simply great. It couldn’t be more user-friendly.

The AI treadmill is available in the health app. You can choose from the following training plans.

  • 3 kilometer beginners plan
  • Basic running plan
  • 5-kilometre plan
  • 10-kilometre plan
  • half marathon
  • marathon

These are not standardized training plans but individual programs that take your current fitness into account and help you achieve your training goal.

First, you have to fill in various age, gender, weight, and height data. In the next step, you have to provide information about your average running performance, what training goal you have, and when to start the training plan.

Once the information has been entered, the AI ​​trainer automatically creates a personal training plan that you install on your watch via synchronization.

Smart Features

The Huawei Watch GT3 brings all the popular features with it. This includes the usual notifications of incoming calls, messages or upcoming calendar events and tasks.

Since the last update, ready-made answers can be viewed in the app and changed. Unfortunately, it is currently only possible to reply to SMS messages.

Of course, thanks to the integrated loudspeaker and microphone, it is also possible to make calls directly via the watch and with surprisingly good voice quality, but only if there is a Bluetooth connection to the smartphone.

There is also a music player equipped with a generous internal memory to store all your favorite songs and playlists. So you can listen to music while exercising without having to take your mobile phone with you.

As already mentioned at the beginning, you will find a large selection of watch faces in the App Gallery, as well as a few third-party applications.


Now we come to one of the great strengths of Huawei smartwatches, namely the battery life. The Watch GT3 was also equipped with a strong battery, which is why you can expect correspondingly long runtimes.

The battery lasts 14 days under the following conditions: 30 minutes of Bluetooth calls per week, 30 minutes of music playback per week, heart rate detection activated, HUAWEI TruSleep activated for sleep mode, 90 minutes of exercise per week (GPS activated), Message notifications activated (50 SMS, 6 calls, and 3 reminders per day), display activated 200 times a day.


The manufacturer has done a lot right with the new model. On the one hand, many predecessor features have been taken over and supplemented with great functions.

The AI ​​running trainer, interval training or compact training analysis make the Watch GT3 an interesting sporty smartwatch.

On the other hand, Huawei has fulfilled two great wishes of users. The GT3 can be used with a chest strap, and the training data can be exported. With these two new features, the watch is now in line with the models from Polar and Garmin.

As a fitness tracker and smartwatch, the GT3 offers the most important and popular functions, is easy to use and does a really good job in all respects.

Otherwise, the smartwatch comes with a pleasing design and in two sizes, which is why both women and men are sure to find the right variant. So if you don’t necessarily need a high-end watch but are looking for a beautiful and rock-solid smartwatch, you will be very happy with the Huawei Watch GT3.

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