Jabra Elite 4 Active vs Jabra Elite 7 Active: Wireless Earbuds Comparision

Jabra is a brand offering a whole range of portable audio systems for all budgets for several years. After reviewing the Jabra Elite 7 Active, we quickly notice that the design is more than similar and that they mainly use the same chassis from the Active range from Jabra. They are available in several colors: black, pastel green, and blue.

The Jabra Elite 4 Active are fully wireless TWS headphones with Active Noise Canceling. Although reasonably priced, it is naturally equipped with an ANC (active noise canceling) function and a hear-through function that allows you to hear the surrounding sounds.

With a long battery specification of up to 7 hours when using ANC, the wireless function is compatible with Bluetooth Version 5.2. It also supports aptX, a high-quality codec. In addition, the latest functions such as Google Fast Pair support are also installed. And, of course, it also supports Jabra Sound +, an iOS / Android compatible app common to Jabra’s Elite series.

The Jabra Elite 4 Active is designed to stay at home while you work out. With a secure active fit and IP57 water and sweat resistance, these headphones are built for all kinds of workouts.

The usefulness of True Wireless earphones in the daily life of users is no longer to be proven. In that case, manufacturers are constantly renewing and improving their range to meet users beyond users’ expectations. Recently, Jabra released the Jabra Elite 3, Elite 7 Active, and Elite 7 Pro and now Jabra Elite 4 Active.

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Pros and Cons

Jabra Elite 4 ActiveJabra Elite 7 Active
Good quality soundGood quality sound
Solid noise cancellingUSB-C, wireless, and fast charging
Long-lasting battery lifeSecure, compact and comfortable
Reliable fit for exerciseJabra Sound+ App
IP57 ratingIP57 rating
No AAC supportANC could be better


The Jabra Elite 4 Active Wireless Headphones have a modern and stylish, minimalistic design similar to previous models. The earbuds have a traditional shape; the kit comes with replaceable silicone earbuds; by the way, thanks to them, the headphones provide passive noise cancellation.

The earbuds’ shape is specially designed to fit securely in the ear, without any discomfort.

Jabra has also retained a similar case design for the Elite 4 Active that it has used on many of its recent headphones. This is a vertical clamshell-style case, most similar to the AirPods Pro.

On the front, we find the Jabra logo written in white. This face is made of silicone to integrate a physical button. This silicone layer also hides a small status light on each earpiece.

There are then 2 microphones per earphone, located all around them. Both microphones are placed around the headphones. They are well integrated into the design thanks to a small metal grille that makes the whole design look more premium.

Inside, we will find the 6 mm in-ear speaker, two contacts dedicated to recharging as well as the inlay of the position of each earphone (L for the left earphone, R for the right earphone ).

As for the charging box, we find the rectangular shape, which can be described as classic at Jabra.

On the front is the brand logo, and placed below the logo, an earphone status LED. Each color corresponds to a function, charging / listening / storing / updating.

At the back, we find the USB-C port to recharge the box that is responsible for recharging the headphones. The entire exterior of the case takes up the colors and the main material of the headphones. This allows for creating homogeneity in the design, which my faith, is rather well done.

The case inside is covered with the same plastic as on the headphones and the outside of the case. Of course, there are storage locations for the Jabra Elite 4 Active. Magnets ensure the closure of the case.


In-ear headphones, we like them, or we don’t like them. One thing is sure; this configuration makes it possible to have a powerful passive reduction, especially since Jabra has worked on the overall shape of the headphones to give them the ideal shape. Adding to the in-ear design of the earphones allows for foolproof ear support.

Audio quality

All headphones from Jabra boast good sound, and the Elite 4 Active is no exception. Headphones provide clear, deep, and pleasant sound.

For a price of around 120 USD, we can expect superior sound. The Jabra brand communicates on its Elite 4 Active as sports headphones, while the sound is much better than most headphones. The sound is clear, and the bass is present without being sizzling. But the bass is not an essential part.

The treble and mids are also excellent and precise. indeed, it is not worth high-end headphones, but you can go there with your eyes closed for a simple music lover.

It’s excellent for listening to rap and modern music; everything is well transcribed, the bass is excellent, and it immerses you well with the noise reduction activated. It’s even more telling in electronic music, the bass is well transcribed, and you can feel the sound coming through.

The cool thing is that you can customize all Jabra headphones in a proprietary application. Jabra has several presets to choose from, such as Bass Boost and Energize, and self-tuning.

Thanks to 2 microphones , the quality of calls is not outdone. Allowing quality telephone exchanges without the interlocutor bleeding from the ears listening to us. Although they are still relatively attenuated, ambient noise will occur when present enough without degrading voice capture quality.

There are four MEMS(Microelectromechanical System) microphones on board the Elite 4 Active, used for calls and noise cancellation.

Noise reduction

The big highlight of these headphones is the active noise reduction. It works wonderfully. It’s not the best performing active noise reduction. Coupled with the insulating rubber tips, this makes the sound very immersive. The earphones adapt to the ambient noise to adjust the reduction by sending a very effective cancellation signal at low frequencies. The built-in microphones provide excellent sound pickup to improve noise reduction significantly.

Battery life

Jabra has excellent battery life, and the headphones last up to 7 hours on a single charge. In a concrete case of use, the battery with the same conditions is correct; we find a minimum of 6 hours of battery life.

However, in terms of active noise reduction and sound at around 80% of maximum volume, we end up with a battery life closer to 5 hours than the 7 hours announced by Jabra.

In addition to that, thanks to the mono use of each earphone, it will be possible to use each earphone independently while letting the other recharge. This can be useful for longer continuous listening sessions or on the phone.


The Jabra Elite 4 Active are in-ear headphones for everyday use despite brand communication practically only on the sport side of these headphones. Yet they are an ideal ally for everyday adventures. They offer high-performance audio quality, all in a very compact and lightweight format that is very comfortable to wear.

The Jabra Elite 7 Active manage to bring a real revival to the manufacturer’s sports range for a launch price of $179. They offer high-performance audio quality with an overall increase in the autonomy of the headphones that are not insignificant. All in a very compact and lightweight format that is very comfortable to wear. Despite an active noise reduction that is too indistinct, they will have plenty to satisfy their target: athletes, in particular, thanks to the guarantee of resistance to sweat.

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