We all know that it’s a bit complicated to take care of in times of confinement, but we all have a miracle solution: video games. Whether on your console or your PC, video games are a great way to keep busy.

If you’re a PC gamer and looking for a mouse in these times of crisis, look no further than Klim’s Blaze mouse, which strangely reminds us of the Logitech G502 Lightspeed. But is it at its level.

Pros and Cons

Different LED effectsCannot add weights
Fast change of DPI
Comfort in use


KLIM Blaze
Mouse typeGamer
ConnectivityWireless or by USB cable
Buttons 7
Sensor Optical
DPI range Up to 1000 DPI
Bluetooth Yes
ColorsBlack, Pink
Dimensions4.92 x 6.89 x 1.56 inches
Weight110 grams
Supported OSWindows


Let’s start with the design. It’s frankly clean but reminiscent of the Logitech G502 Lightspeed. It’s a simple yet effective mouse design with a spotless finish. There is a backlit logo at the front of the mouse, which starts blinking when the mouse battery is low, and backlighting all around the mouse at the bottom.

On the back of the mouse, we find in the center the High Precision sensor according to the brand’s statements, which can reach 6000 DPI. We also see 5 rubber pads, two at the level of the right and left clicks and three below the sensor, allowing excellent adhesion to the office or the mouse pad, which also slides very well.

There are six buttons on the mouse, one of which is for adjusting the DPI to which can assign macros via the Klim Blaze driver, which we will come back to later. As for the sides of the mouse, there is a sticky surface, always practical for long gaming sessions.

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On the performance side of the Klim Blaze, there is a High Precision sensor, according to Klim, ranging from 600 to 6000 DPI, although it is possible to push to 10,000 DPI using the driver, although it is not. Not of much use.

As for the autonomy, it is not communicated, but after several types of research, particularly through the opinions on the mouse, one estimates approximately 180 hours of autonomy for this mouse. However, it will all depend on how often you play.

This mouse works exclusively on batteries, so it will be impossible to put batteries in it like on some other mice. On the connection side: possible to play wirelessly via the supplied USB dongle, just like on the SteelSeries Rival 3, but also wired for those who prefer.

We are here on a 110-gram mouse; it seems a bit heavy for some, perfect for others. It will depend on your old mouse and possibly the game you are playing (if your game requires large wrist/arm movements or not). For players who prefer heavier mice, note that it is not possible to weigh the mouse.

Back lighting

The Klim Blaze is no exception to the rule and has its own driver titled “Klim Blaze,” which allows you to customize your RGB as you wish and configure macros. Nothing could be simpler for that: go to the Klim website and go to the User manuals & Drivers section, and you have to extract the executable from the driver to install this driver. Once the software is launched, you need to connect the mouse with its USB-C cable to configure it.

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Firstly, it is possible to change the role of each click (for example, assigning the right click to the wheel) and create macros on each key or combination of keys. It is possible to customize RGB profiles on the backlight side by changing the colors, the type of animation, etc. 


Klim once again shows us its expertise in terms of low-cost gaming hardware. Indeed, for a mouse, around $46, we find good performance, a nice design, and a quality/price ratio at the top.

Well-known to gamers, the Klim brand once again keeps these promises with an entry-level mouse that does its job perfectly. This is a cheap mouse with good precision, elegant aesthetics, quality materials, and good resistance to time.