LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga: Starting Tips Checklist

The guide for LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga contains a detailed walkthrough of the campaign and tips for completing tasks. Thanks to this, no board will be a problem for you. There was also a description of side missions. These can be found in specific locations during the main quests.

If you come across a logic puzzle on a board that won’t let you go further, you will find its description in our guide. The riddle section contains walkthroughs of all the complicated moments with cinematics to make each situation clear and transparent.

Our guides will help you get platinum. We have created pages where we thoroughly described all the achievements that can be obtained in the game. Thanks to this, you will learn what to do, and you will get to know the best opportunities to score given achievements.

We have prepared pages with the locations of all the secrets available in LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga. Thanks to this, you will discover all: minikits, level challenges, puzzles, trials, and challenges.

The guide also includes tips that will help you get used to the game. In addition, we described the hardware requirements and controls and answered the question about the game’s length. Thanks to this, you can find everything you need with us.

LEGO Skywalker Saga: Quick Start Tips

  1. Start by going through the storyline. Before you start maxing the game, first complete all main quests. Thanks to this, you will unlock various characters and familiarize yourself with the map. After such a transition, turn on the free mode and complete your collection in it.
  2. Not everything can be done at once. Some missions unlock at specific points, such as when a goal is completed in a different location. In the guide, however, we have marked such situations to easily discover what is standing in your way in completing a given task.
  3. Pay attention to the multipliers. Killing an enemy increases the combos that studs give you. It’s worth keeping this in mind, even in Free Farming Mode. Thanks to this, you can get a lot of studs at which time.

LEGO Skywalker Saga: Game Length

LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga has 45 levels. It will take you about 15 hours to complete the story itself. However, suppose you want to discover everything the creators have prepared, collect collectibles, complete all side missions and unlock each available heroes. In that case, the passage time will increase to 35/40 hours.

LEGO Skywalker Saga: PC system requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10 64-bit
  • Processor : Intel Core i5-2400 3.1 GHz / AMD Ryzen 3 1200 3.1 GHz
  • RAM memory : 8 GB
  • Graphics : GeForce GTX 750 Ti / Radeon HD 7850
  • Required disk space : 40 GB
  • Graphics card memory : 2 GB

LEGO Skywalker Saga Guide

This LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga guide page includes a set of starting tips. The hints concern, among others, fights, acquiring bricks, or unlocking characters.

On this page of the LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga guide, you will find tips on various aspects of the game. We have addressed all elements that may be unclear in the initial stages and those illogically explained in the game.

Focus on Story Mode first

In LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga, there are 45 story missions (levels) from 9 parts (episodes) to complete. We strongly advise you to complete them all once and ignore the optional activities of the game until then. There are several reasons for this behavior:

  1. You can’t do everything right away. We have dealt with this topic in more detail in the next section. In addition, you should know that by completing a stage in the story mode, you will unlock it in the free game mode with the ability to choose your heroes depending on your needs freely.
  2. Story missions will unlock new playable characters. This is very important for unlocking locations where characters from specific classes or with specific equipment are needed. You will initially not have a hero to choose from in some classes.
  3. Completing the levels will reveal the entire galaxy map. You cannot freely travel around the planets and other locations on the world map. You will unlock them by visiting them for the first time in one of their story missions.

You can’t explore 100% of the locations you visit right away

In Skywalker Saga, just like in other titles from the LEGO series, you have to reckon with the fact that you can’t look everywhere immediately. This means that you also cannot get all secrets right away. Fortunately, you can find collectibles or, for example, entrances to buildings on the map, and you don’t have to remember their locations. You can return to them after meeting the requirements to unlock them. You can view the statistics of secrets and optional activities from a given location on the pause or map screen to determine how much is still 100% missing from you.

There are two main obstacles to fully exploring a given location:

  1. No suitable hero – After approaching a collectible or a closed location, the game should display the icon of the character class that will be needed in that place. Initially, you may not have any given-class heroes and need to purchase or unlock them in story missions.
  2. Lack of a proper gadget – This is a problem related only to selected heroes, especially the Collector class, whose representatives can craft a web launcher, hang glider, and a demolition blaster required to deal with certain types of obstacles.

Spend all your coins on coin multipliers

In LEGO Skywalker Saga , as in previous productions in this series, you can and should unlock coin multipliers in order to accumulate much more of them (for the same activities). Ultimately, this will allow you to accumulate billions of coins, thanks to which you will be able to afford all other purchases. Until you have achieved at least the first 3 multipliers, try to avoid other unnecessary expenses.

The multiplier purchases also have data cards , which are one of the collectibles, but you only need to find a few of them, not all of them. Having at least 1 card and the required amount of coins, go to the add-ons menu and purchase the multiplier. We advise you to unlock the multipliers x2, x4 and x6 as soon as possible, and eventually also the others. Having multipliers will also make it easier for you to gain the status of a True Jedi in story missions.

Always choose Free Roam when repeating levels

As mentioned before, completing each level in Story Mode will unlock it in Free Roam. You should always choose the latter if you want to replay a given stage. This action is supported by the fact that the availability of the heroes in the story mode is predetermined. They are just heroes related to the main storyline.

Selecting the Free Roam mode will allow you to use all unlocked playable characters. This will allow you to reach the mini kits and deal with level challenges that would not be available when playing in story mode. Thanks to this, you will be able to realistically fight for the status of completing a given mission with 100%.

You have a lot of freedom to choose the order in which you complete the episodes

The plot of the game covers all 9 main parts of Star Wars. Still, there is no obligation to complete them in chronological order, i.e., starting with episode 1 of the Phantom Menace and ending with episode 9 of Skywalker Rebirth.

You can choose your order to complete the episodes; although there is a slight limitation – in each of the trilogies (1-3, 4-6, 7-9), you have to complete the episodes one after another. For example, you can’t deal with Episode 5 (The Empire Strikes Back) right away, but first, you need to complete Episode 4 (A New Hope). It is only about completing 5 story missions of a given part, and you do not need to deal with its additional content.

The order in which the episodes are played does not matter much. In each part, you can unlock useful characters and new locations from the galaxy map to visit in free play mode. However, it should be noted that the episodes of the first trilogy (1-3) have slightly less complex stages than those of some of the later episodes.

Get a Collector’s Detector

LEGO Skywalker Saga is a game with a huge number of collectibles – there are almost 2000 of them to find and obtain. All this means that any help in locating them can be of use and the upgrades in the Collectible Detector category are very useful here , which you can buy by sacrificing bricks Kyber and coins.

The detector shows circles on the screen that can lead you to the places where you can find secrets. Depending on the purchased detector level, you can reach minikits, Kyber bricks and data cards. This can be very helpful if you plan to search the location 100% . It should be noted, however, that the detector only means the location of the collectibles. You will still have to solve puzzles or use the right characters to get them. You will only avoid having to look at every corner, because you will know where to look for the missing secrets.

Talk to characters marked with exclamation marks

You can come across NPCs with exclamation mark icons when visiting open locations in the breaks between playing story missions. Exclamation marks can mean two main things:

  1. A given character can share a rumor – They are treated as hints, and thanks to them, you can learn, for example, about the location of a collectible or how to obtain it. The rumors are described in more detail on the FAQ page called Rumors – is it worth buying?
  2. This character is the giver of a side quest – Side missions are not required to complete the campaign, but they can bring you closer to completing the game 100%, and you will receive valuable rewards.

Additional information: R4DA (H1NT) droids are also in the game world, but they only help remember some mechanics and have no practical use. You can, exceptionally, ignore them and lose nothing in this way.

Switch between heroes

In LEGO Skywalker Saga, you never explore new locations with a single character. In the story mode, at least two playable characters always take part in the struggle. The free play mode offers even more freedom, which allows you to choose your hero freely.

It would help if you remembered about switching between available characters, especially when playing singleplayer, but it can also be useful when playing in co-op. Choosing another character from the active party may be to:

  1. Using a unique skill of a given hero – Character 1 may not have the required skill, and it may be available for character 2.
  2. Performing an activity together – You have to, e.g., pull 2 ​​levers simultaneously or stand on different pressure plates in some locations.
  3. Defeating a unique boss – Selected fights with bosses can force you to change characters too, for example, surprise the boss or use the attack of a specific hero.

This topic is even more elaborate in some story stages because he commands two groups of heroes. You then have to switch between groups from different parts of the map so that, for example, group A can help in unlocking the passage for group B.

Respond to bouncing blocks – they can be used to build various things

In LEGO Skywalker Saga, you should not limit yourself to destroying all objects in the environment (collecting coins, unlocking new passages) and looking for opportunities to build structures. The game marks all places of this type with bouncing blocks, and when you approach them, you can hold down the build button.

By using the construction option, you can, for example, create terminals that help in solving puzzles or structures that you can climb. It is worth noting that sometimes you have to destroy something first so that the objects used for construction can appear. Do not be discouraged if you do not find them in a given location right away, but try to destroy other elements of the environment first to explore the place again.

LEGO Skywalker Saga: Combat – Weapons and Tips

This LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga guide page contains information about the fight. We have described the combat mechanics and weapons that will come to your hands in the game.

The LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga guide. You will learn what weapons appear in the game and how to use them.

Hand-to-hand combat

You can also fight without any weapons. Each hero has fists that can be used. But remember to attack in this way only when you have no choice. If your opponent has a gun, you are doomed. Death in the game is not very painful, but it’s good to avoid it.

Melee weapons

The obvious melee weapons in the Star Wars universe are lightsabers. These can only be obtained in the hands of specific characters, such as Rey. Light swords work like ordinary weapons; they do not have special properties.


Each hero can grab a firearm. Shooters, rifles, pistols, or crossbows. Most characters will have them with them. Thanks to them, you can shoot enemies while keeping them at a safe distance.

Remember that your opponents are quite tough. You can’t beat any of them with one shot.


The combo sticks by attacking the opponent with a specific combination of buttons. Remember that you cannot get hit yourself while hitting. Two killed opponents right after each other – combo x2. You can hit a combo of 10 this way, which will give you a lot of extra studs.

LEGO Skywalker Saga: Death Loading Point and Loss of Bricks

You will find combat tips in the LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga guide. You will learn what weapons appear in the game and how to use them.

Health points

The hero’s health points appear only when hit during the fight. It’s a red stripe right above the character’s head. When you see him, the hero has already been attacked, and some points have been lost. The bar does not appear if the character has full health points.

Loading site

After you die, you will reappear in the same place where you died unless you fell into the abyss, then right over the precipice. The game does not return you to any save points or the beginning of the mission. Everything remains as it was a few seconds before. If there were enemies around, they would continue to attack you constantly.

Loss studs

You lose that stud pool when you die. However, you can pick them up right after they reappear on the map. These lost points orbit around the place of death, so nothing prevents you from quickly regaining them without unnecessary nerves and additional losses.

LEGO Skywalker Saga: Vehicles Types and How to Use

On this page of the LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga guide, you will find information about the vehicles available in the game.


New to LEGO games are ships that allow you to explore outer space freely. Thanks to them, you can explore the area and land on selected planets in many different places.


On some maps, you will find animals ready to be transported. Thanks to them, you can quickly traverse maps/boards.

To enter such mounts, you only have to click the appropriate button.

Combat vehicles

There are also special combat vehicles in the game. You will find/create them during the mission. They are used to destroy objects, not just enemies. You can move them around a specific area while using their deadly weapons.

Character Development Upgrades and Skills

You will learn, among others how to buy general upgrades and skills related to the main classes of heroes.

Development trees

There are two different ways to develop your character in LEGO Skywalker Saga. The first method is to buy Core Upgrades, i.e., skills common to everyone that will be useful to you, regardless of the character classes used in subsequent missions or free exploration.

The most important groups of skills to unlock are:

  1. Extra Health – It will increase the vitality of your heroes, and you will appreciate it, especially when confronting bosses and groups of elite opponents. The “death” of the hero is not very severe in the game, but you can lose some of the transferred coins this way.
  2. Collectible Detector – It can mark the location of collectibles while exploring the game worldYou will be able to reach them more easily to obtain valuable secrets. However, it may still be necessary, for example, to complete a puzzle to unlock access to a given collectible.
  3. Attract Studs – This is a great passive ability, thanks to which coins can be automatically “grabbed” from a greater distance. Thanks to this, you will save a lot of time, and you will not “miss” coins during intense fights or scenes in which you have to rush with some activity.

The second method is to buy skills for each character class. As a reminder, this is the case with the class:

  • Jedi,
  • Heroes (Hero),
  • Scavenger,
  • Scoundrels,
  • Bounty Hunter,
  • Villain,
  • Dark Side,
  • Astromech Droids (Astromech Droid),
  • Protocol Droid.

There are different unlockable upgrades available for each of the classes listed. For example, by selecting the Jedi class, you can increase the effectiveness of attacks with the use of Force power or the usefulness of mental tricks (mind control).

When selecting skills to buy, you should prioritize frequently used character classes. In the story mode, you will spend most of your time with Jedi classes, Heroes, and two types of droids.

Raw Materials

Unfortunately, you need two different types of resources to buy skills:

  1. Kyber blocks – You can find them in the game world as collectibles and receive them by completing missions and challenges.
  2. Coins – You can collect them mainly by destroying objects and machines from your visit locations. 

Bricks are much more difficult to obtain than coins, and you should spend the most important upgrades first. In addition to advancing in the campaign, try to acquire new bricks regularly for your next purchases.

LEGO Skywalker Saga: Jedi Powers Action

you will find all the most important information about Jedi powers. You will learn how to use it and when.

How to unlock

Powers are only available on selected characters. Ben Kenobi is one of the more obvious heroes to possess this power. When you play it, you will see many puzzles based on the use of powers. We have described all such moments in our guide – in the walkthrough.


The Jedi Power is most useful for opening closed passages. Thanks to it, you can influence the opponent on the other side, take him over, and use his hands to open a gate.

You can also use it for more evil purposes. A good way is to take over someone and make them attack their companion. In this way, you can perform a near-silent takedown without rushing into the center of a conflict.

Fast Travel The Way it Works

You will learn how to quickly move within the same planet and how to get to other locations on the world map.

Traveling on the same planet

You can use fast travel in LEGO Skywalker Saga on two levels. It is primarily available for traveling within the planet you are currently on.

If you want to move to another place, you can reach the taxi rank or the hero chaser . Interacting with one of the vehicles will allow you to choose your destination (among the known ones). Fast travel is free.

You can also use smaller machines and creatures (mounts) to make the exploration of the open location easier . After jumping onto a machine or a friendly creature, you will be able to explore the map much more efficiently or reach distant markers.

Unlocking and visiting locations on the galaxy map

The second form of fast travel is traveling across the galaxy using the world map. The heroes’ spaceship is used for this, and it can be any model (all of them have hyperdrive).

Unfortunately, there is one significant limitation here – you can only move to systems that you have already discovered . This means that dealing with story missions from all 9 episodes plays an important role, because only thanks to them you will be able to visit various planets and other locations on the galaxy map for the first time. From now on, they will remain permanently available, also in free play mode.

After selecting the system you are interested in from the galaxy map, you have to specify the destination – you can, for example, move to orbit around the planet or land on its surface immediately.

Fast travel on the galaxy map is also free and unlimited.

Cheat List – Bonus Content Unlock

You can find a list of bonus codes to be entered , thanks to which you can unlock additional game content. You will also learn how to enter the available codes.

Entering codes

LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga allows you to enter codes for bonus content , thanks to which you can unlock it for free, i.e. without having to spend coins (studs) or meeting other requirements.

You will find the input code window in the pause menu . One of the options at the bottom of the screen will be Enter Code.

Summary of codes for bonus content

  • Aayla Secura – enter the code KH7P320
  • Admiral Holdo – enter the code XV4WND9
  • C-3PO ( Holiday Special) – Enter the code C3PHOHO
  • D-0 ( Holiday Special) – Enter the code TIPYIPS
  • Darth Vader ( Holiday Special) – Enter the code WROSHYR
  • Dengar – enter the code OKV7TLR
  • Emperor Palpatine – enter the SIDIOUS code
  • Gonk Droid ( Holiday Special) – Enter the code LIFEDAY
  • Itchy ( Holiday Special) – Enter the code WOOKIEE
  • Nute Gunray – enter the code WBFE4GO
  • Poe Dameron ( Holiday Special) (Holiday Special) – Enter the code KORDOKU
  • Poggle the Lesser – enter the code Z55T8CQ
  • Ratts Tyerell – Enter the code GR2VBXF
  • Resistance Shuttle – Enter the code SHUTTLE
  • Tarkin – Enter the code 3FCPPVX
  • The Razorcrest – enter the code ARVALA7
  • Wexley – enter the code SKYSAGA

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