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LG 34WN780-B vs Acer CB342CKC UltraWide Monitor: Which is Better

The LG 34WN780-B UltraWide QHD display (3440×1440 resolution, 21: 9 aspect ratio) is great for work. This allows large amounts of footage to be monitored for video editing, and numerous audio plugins and effects can be displayed at the same time.

LG has introduced a 34-inch Ergo 34WN780-B monitor with an aspect ratio of 21: 9. The new HDR-enabled product is an ergonomic stand with wide adjustment options. It is also suitable for multitasking, allowing you to split the screen into several active windows.

The Ergo telescopic stand attaches to the table and offers extend, retract, swivel, height, and tilt options. The monitor has a resolution of 3440×1440 pixels, a refresh rate of 75 Hz, viewing angles of 178 degrees, coverage of 99% of the sRGB color gamut, and is also compatible with the HDR10 standard.

The monitor settings menu, in addition to the traditional adjustment of color, brightness, and contrast, includes the ability to split the screen into several active windows. The display of the novelty supports reading mode and FlickerSafe technology to suppress flicker and reduce the intensity of the blue spectrum of the backlight. The novelty is equipped with HDMI, USB, and Display Port ports with FreeSync support.

The CB342CKC, the CB2 model series from Acer has been expanded to include a 34-inch model. Acer’s advertising slogan is: “Enjoy an extraordinary visual experience with a CB2-series ZeroFrame monitor – designed for prosumers.” Not many words, but they suggest that the model is being marketed as an all-around display.

The Acer CB342CKC has a 34 inch large IPS -Panel with 21: 9 widescreen format and a common but very pleasant for this size resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixels (UWQHD). The test person supports the sRGB color space and a refresh rate of up to 75 Hz. With a switchable function called “Visual Response Boost,” or VRB for short, the device should be able to achieve a response time of just 1 ms. FreeSync and an adjustment option for the black level display called “Black Boost” are also available for gamers.

In addition to the common DisplayPort and HDMI interfaces, the Acer CB342CKC offers a USB-C connection. Two USB 3.0 ports and headphone output are also on board. The remote control is included with the screen for convenient operation even remotely.

Although the presentation of the monitor on the Acer website is quite sober, this model offers extensive functions and fulfills all the requirements that are expected of an all-around monitor.

Although it’s important to be aware of one or two weaknesses as well as its many strengths. Make a purchase. Lets compare LG Ergo 34WN780-B ultravide monitor vs Acer CB342CKC all-round monitor. 


LG 34WN780-BAcer CB342CKC
ReleasedSeptember 1, 2020November 3, 2019
Panel TypeIPSIPS
Dimension20.9 x 82.9 x 46.1 cm81.79 x 23.37 x 59.69 cm
Weight6.9 kg8 kg 710 g
Screen Size34 Inches34 Inches
Resolution‎3440 x 14403440 x 1440
Aspect Ratio21:9‎16:9
Refresh Rate75 Hz75 Hz
Response Time5 ms1 ms
Adaptive-SyncAMD FreeSyncAMD Free-Sync
Ports2 USB (3.0 Hub)2 x USB, 1 x HDMI Cable
Built-In SpeakersYesYes
Pixels Per Inch110 PPI109 PPI
Brightness300 cd/m²400 cd/m²
Contrast Ratio1000:11000:1


This monitor features a 34-inch high-resolution display combined with a 3rd-generation stand supporting the free movement.

The model equipped with the 3rd generation stand is the LG 360 series. It is a form that has been further evolved from the previous 2nd generation, allowing free movement in a total of 6 directions up/down/left/right/forward/backward.

The stand of the 34WN780 is completely different from the standard stands of many monitors that have been released. This stand supports height adjustment and swivel and tilt, as well as free forward/backward and left/right movement. So, it can be very useful when working while standing or when you rotate the monitor to exchange opinions with team members.

To put it simply, it uses an ergonomic design to create the right work posture for office workers or users who spend long hours at the computer like me.

First of all, the swivel can be adjusted 280 degrees left and right, so you can use it when you want to use an auxiliary device or show the screen to the person next to you.

The V-shaped stand in the original product disappeared, and the space in front of it became wider. So, it became possible to open another laptop used outside and move the necessary data immediately to work.

In particular, creators who work by placing tablets like this in front of the monitor will empathize more. The difference between taking out one more device you need and not having it is huge.

The Acer CB342CKC has an attractive design with a frameless display, a black housing, and a silver decorative strip and base. The silver elements, in particular, make the monitor look more elegant. The plastic parts of the housing are manufactured to fit perfectly and have a decent strength so that nothing cracks when you touch them. There are no high-gloss surfaces on the test subject, which is advantageous in terms of scratches, dust, and fingerprints. And the back of the device is optically well done, not too intrusive and futuristic, but not too boring either.

The case is only about 1.8 cm deep on the lateral outer edges. The silver frame on the lower edge of the display is 2 cm high, with the manufacturer’s logo in the middle and an infrared receiver for the remote control. The Acer lettering can also be found on the back of the case.

The Acer CB342CKC is very flexible, offers height adjustment and a turn and tilt function in terms of ergonomics. The height of the display can be changed continuously from a minimum of 10.5 cm to a maximum of 25.5 cm. The mechanics run smoothly, and the display height can be adjusted precisely.

Thanks to the round base plate with a swivel function, the monitor can be rotated 360 degrees around its axis. The lateral rotation is a bit stiff.

With a tilt range of 6 degrees downwards and 28 degrees upwards, a sufficiently large inclination angle is available. The mechanics work again very precisely and smoothly.

The stand of the Acer CB342CKC consists of two parts: the stand plate and the stand arm. Both have a matt silver finish; the base arm is solid metal. The two parts can be connected without tools using a wing screw. There are large rubber inserts on the underside of the base plate, which ensure that the monitor does not slip.

The built-in plastic cable clip is very minimalist, if not to say particularly simple and not very functional. The monitor has a VESA mount, which is also used by the original stand. The hole spacing is 100 mm.


The LG 360 series 34WN780 is equipped with an IPS panel. It absorbs excessive light wavelengths and improves color density and purity, enabling clearer and more accurate color expression. In addition, it boasts a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees, so you can enjoy clear picture quality no matter where you view the screen from up, down, left, and right.

In addition, it is equipped with HDR 10 technology so that you can enjoy a clearer and brighter screen when you activate the HDR function in screen mode. You can feel more dynamic colors when watching movies or photos and feel a high level of immersion even when playing games.

In particular, since pre-sync is supported along with HDR, there is no screen tearing or stuttering caused by the difference between the graphic card frame rate and the monitor refresh rate when playing high-resolution games such as Bugs. So you can enjoy a smooth screen in fast deployment.

If you turn on both functions, but sometimes it is difficult to distinguish items or spaces on a dark map, using the ‘Black Stabilizer’ function is good. To put it simply, it is a function that increases the contrast ratio of a dark screen to reveal the color difference. It makes it easier to identify enemies when fighting inside a building.

In addition, it is equipped with an action mode that reduces input lag and responds without frame delay bypassing the graphics card input signal without going through the monitor scaler. It’s not a gaming product, but it’s good to play games occasionally as it has several features applied to the LG gaming lineup.

When choosing a monitor, one of the most important specifications is the sRGB color gamut. Depending on what percentage of sRGB, which is the standard Windows color, is reproduced, you can tell if the color of the screen you are looking at is accurate. The 34WN780 was very convenient when working with photos as it showed a 99% recall.

In addition, the high brightness of 300 nits is sufficient for use in brightly lit environments.  The LG Ultrawide Monitor 360 Series 34WN780 is the best multitasking product boasting a 34-inch 21:9 aspect ratio. You can think of it as an elongated 16:9 screen, commonly used.

If you use ‘OnScreen Control‘ provided by LG Electronics as standard, you can conveniently divide this widescreen and use it.

Up to 8 divisions are supported so that you can use 8 Word, Excel, or Internet windows open at once. Depending on the usage, you can choose from multiple split types, from two splits to PIP. It’s incredibly convenient than manually adjusting windows one by one.

Acer relies on the strengths of IPS technology for the CB342CKC and has installed a 34- inch panel with a 21: 9 widescreen format. The display is flat and has a 3440 x 1440 pixels (UWQHD) resolution. W-LED is used for the background lighting and a brightness of up to 400 cd / m² is achieved, which is why DisplayHDR 400 is also supported.

The factory setting for the Acer CB342CKC is the brightness of 70% and the color temperature of “Warm.” The contrast regulator is set to 50, and the black gain is set to 5. These settings ensure a high-contrast and razor-sharp display with brilliant color reproduction, even though the luminance of 290 cd / m² is too high.

The Acer CB342CKC did not show any weaknesses in the test of the display quality of color levels and color gradients. All color levels are visible on our test image. Color and gray gradients are displayed precisely, without visible gradations (banding). The monitor shows a beautiful white and a rich black. Subjectively, this suggests a high contrast ratio.

The Acer CB342CKC is factory set to “Standard” picture mode, but as soon as an option in the “Picture” or “Color” menu is changed, the mode changes to “User.” The display remains the same except for the changes you have made yourself. The picture modes available for selection are “sRGB”, “Rec. 709”, “HDR”, “User”, “Standard”, “Eco”, “Graphics” and “Film”.

Except for the HDR preset, every picture mode offers the option “Color temperature.” You can choose between the settings “Warm,” “Normal,” “Cold,” “Blue light,” and “User”; the RGB controller is also offered for the latter. In addition to the color temperature, a gamma regulator is available. The factory setting is 2.2, but you can still choose between 1.8 and 2.4. It is annoying that the monitor resets the settings for brightness and contrast to the factory settings as soon as the color temperature “blue light” is selected. The brightness can be changed in sRGB mode, but the picture mode changes to “User.”

The 34- inch Acer CB342CKC has a flat display with 21: 9 format. The native resolution of the IPS panel is 3440 x 1440 pixels (UWQHD) and allows a maximum frame rate of 75 Hz. We examined the monitor at the native resolution of 60 Hz and 75 Hz at the DisplayPort.

The Acer CB342CKC offers AMD FreeSync. A monitor must support the FreeSync basic technology, namely low latency and a distortion-free gaming experience, to receive this certification. Our measurements show that the test subject can score with convincing latency times at 75 Hz. However, for FreeSync Premium, the model would still have to deliver at least 120 Hz.

The Acer CB342CKC offers two options for operating the OSD. One of them works via four buttons on the back of the case, as you are used to from most monitors. When any key is pressed, a menu appears on the screen. Symbols describe the respective function of the keys. When navigation begins in the OSD, the buttons have different functions. This type of operation is already very convenient. But there is still a better way.

The second way to operate the OSD that the Acer CB342CKC offers is by remote control. And it’s done well because there are many direct-dial options.

The power button is located next to the four control buttons on the back of the housing. A point in the middle makes it easy to haptically distinguish it from the other buttons so that it is not accidentally pressed and the monitor is switched off. The slim power LED is placed on the lower housing frame. The power LED lights up blue if the Acer CB342CKC is in operation. When the screen goes into sleep mode, the power LED changes color to orange.

When it comes to the visual design of the OSD, Acer has done without any color in the CB342CKC. The OSD is presented in black, gray, and white, but it is very extensive and offers many functions, some of which are special.


LG 34WN780 supports two USB 3.0 hubs. Since the monitor is relatively closer to the user than the main body, it can be used immediately by connecting a USB, external hard drive, and a wired keyboard/mouse.

You can even use a ‘dual controller’ that allows you to control various devices connected to the monitor with one controller, so you don’t have to connect a mouse or keyboard every time, alternately.

In Acer CB342CKC, all connections are located on the case’s back and are oriented horizontally downwards. The power switch is located next to the power connection. The other ports are positioned a little separated from this. In addition to a DisplayPort and two HDMI interfaces, the test subject offers a USB-C port, which shares the input with the DisplayPort. There are also two USB 3.0 ports and a headphone output.


The 34WN780 is a 34-inch large screen with a 21:9 aspect ratio, allowing you to use the monitor by combining the 3rd generation stand freely. In addition, the high-definition IPS panel realizes amazing colors and is suitable for multitasking work. It also has features for gamers.

Therefore, the 34WN780 is suitable for those looking for a premium monitor for various purposes. In particular, the 34WN780 will be a good choice for office workers who do a lot of business or content creators who deal with many photos and videos.

The new Acer CB342CKC impresses solid performance in all areas and is recommended as a good all-around monitor; it is not unusual that a few compromises have to be made regarding details. Our biggest criticism of the Acer CB342CKC is the sRGB color space coverage of only 88%. Nowadays, values ​​around 95% should not be a problem for an IPS panel. As a rule, IPS panels achieve a color space coverage of 99%. The color space coverage is also why we could not award a “very good” overall.


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