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Logitech G303 Shroud Edition vs Glorious Model O: Wireless Gaming Mouse Comparison

The sparkling high-end new edition of the G303 is convinced in the test when held in the claw grip. In the absence of equal alternatives, the input device becomes a clear recommendation for gamers looking for a dedicated claw-grip mouse. With a different grip, however, it becomes painful.

A popular choice in the genre is also the much cheaper from Glorious PC Gaming Race. Its wireless sister is now on sale almost simultaneously as Logitech G303 Wireless – the perfect time to compare the two presumably best and most popular high-end input devices for shooter players. However, it is difficult at the same level: The Model O Wireless costs significantly less than its competition with a recommended retail price of 90$.

Logitech G303 Shroud EditionGlorious Model O Wireless
Large PTFE sliding feetExcellent battery life
Freely customize 5 buttonsFeels very well-built
Secondary occupancy possibleAdjustable DPI
There is no LED lightExpensive


Logitech G303 Shroud EditionGlorious Model O Wireless
Model  G303 Shroud Edition Model O Wireless
Weight73 grams (without cable)70 grams (without cable)
Dimension117 × 70 × 40 mm128 × 66 × 38 mm
Material Hard plasticHard plastic
Sensor Logitech Hero 25KGlorious BAMF (PMW-3370)
Polling Rate1,000 Hz1,000 Hz
ConnectivityUSB-A to USB-C cableUSB-A to USB-C cable
DPI100-25,600 CPI100-19,000 CPI
Battery life145 hours71 hours
Wireless ChargingNoNo
SoftwareLogitech G HubGlorious Core
CompatibilityWindows, macOSWindows


While most gaming mice have concave notches on their flanks – or at least on the left side – and thus create comfortable contact surfaces for the fingers, the chassis of the medium-sized G303 forms a diamond or perhaps even an upside-down convex dragon square. As a result, the fingers do not encounter the familiar notches on the flanks but rather a flat surface or even a bump. In addition, the mouse becomes wider towards the top.

If users now try to operate the G303 in the palm grip – which means placing the entire palm comfortably on the mouse – the fingers on the sides hardly find any grip and inevitably slide off towards the mouse pad. In addition, the input device is not particularly long and has an abruptly sloping rear – the grip variant is therefore constantly uncomfortable. And the fingertip grip, in which the mouse is only touched with the fingertips on both sides and the left and right mouse button? This is possible, but the mouse always slides like a wedge towards the handball. And actually, the G303 Wireless is a little too rear-heavy for the fingertip grip, and the sensor is also inconveniently far back.

The G303, which has now become a bit larger as a Shroud edition, is not the first or only mouse to implement such a concept. Logitech offers with the G305even an almost similarly shaped mouse but otherwise has very little in common with the G303 Wireless. In principle, every fingertip grip mouse can also be operated in a claw grip, sometimes better, sometimes worse. 

Meanwhile, there are hardly any other special features. With a weight of around 73 grams, the G303 Shroud Edition is neither extremely light nor exceptionally well balanced. The large, remarkably smooth, and quiet sliding elements of pure PTFE are now suitable for such expensive mice. An obligatory note: a cloth mouse pad is compulsory. Otherwise, the sliding elements will scratch quickly and wear will become a problem much sooner. The matte black color scheme with no alternative to the silver G logo stands out from the crowd at most through the absence of any RGB LEDs. Only a single light-emitting diode in front of the mouse wheel provides information about the battery level when switched on or at a critical level.

The manufacturer Glorious PC Gaming Race, which has existed for a few years, has specialized in exceptionally light gaming mice. The Model O set a new record and reduced the weight to a highly light 69 g, although a battery is integrated for wireless operation. Accordingly, you should hardly notice the mouse in your hand, even during long sessions. It is visually noticeable through two light strips and a mouse wheel with RGB-LED – a matter of taste! The case is perforated with a honeycomb pattern.

This makes the mouse lighter and ensures better ventilation of the palms of the hands. On the other hand, this makes the mouse a little more prone to breakage and more challenging to clean. In practice, the mouse works with high precision, as is usual from this brand, and the software allows fine adjustments. The PTFE glides on the underside ensure optimal sliding properties. Overall, it’s a solid mouse that can justify its high price. Left-handed people and people with rather small hands are still not advised to buy.

There are two primary body colors, black and white. The surface of the mouse is smooth and has not been satin finished. It is very slippery when your hands are dry, but you can feel a moderate grip when you sweat.


As usual, the G303 Wireless has a microcontroller and internal memory. The wireless connectivity is implemented via Logitech’s 2.4 GHz radio at Lightspeed level so that the maximum USB query rate is 1,000 Hertz, and the delay is accordingly limited to 1 ms. Although it is also possible to reduce the frequency to, for example, 500 or 250 Hertz, the latency increases reciprocally proportionally to 2 or 4 ms, respectively. The usual note at this point follows: For use in games, it is unequivocally and exclusively recommended to use 1,000 Hertz. Apart from minimally lower energy consumption, there are no advantages associated with the lower query rates.

A dedicated consideration of the sensory characteristics of the G303 Wireless is completely superfluous after dozens of available G-mice with Hero sensor and the Lightspeed above connection. In short: Logitech’s latest gaming mouse also offers high-end sensors with first-class precision. It does not matter whether the input device is operated on a cable or wirelessly. The additional delay in connection via radio is beyond the scope of human perception and does not become a limiting factor in competitive pro-gaming scenarios.

Even if users of the G303 Wireless generally do not need any special software to operate, it can still be worthwhile to install Logitech’s G Hub.

On the other hand, the Logitech sensor is very much superior in energy consumption. Even PixArt’s PMW-3370, which has been specially optimized for energy efficiency, does not come close to the low power consumption of the Hero, so that no surprises were expected or found concerning the battery life. According to Logitech, even the G Pro X Superlight, measured by its extremely low mass, offers a good battery life of over 70 hours.

Model O Wireless is an asymmetrical gaming mouse with an overall flat shape “as close as possible to the ZOWIE FK1”. Recently, many small and lightweight gaming mice have a short overall length, but since this is 66 x 128 x 37.5 mm and the overall length is a little long, you may feel that it is unexpectedly large.

Based on these, check the compatibility with the three general ways of holding. The size of my hand is 9.5 cm wide and 18.5 cm long. It should be noted that the feeling may differ depending on various factors such as the thickness and length of the fingers and the detailed habits of each way of holding.

It is equipped with a “Glorious BAMF Sensor”, which is a custom product of PixArt PMW3370, the next high-end sensor of PixArt. The main specifications are:

  • A maximum of 19,000 DPI.
  • A maximum speed of 400 IPS.
  • Maximum acceleration of 50 G.

Sturdy and good build quality. No matter where you press it, it will not squeak, and even if you shake it firmly, it will not make a rattling sound.

However, the side button and DPI button have minor scratches. There is no problem in actual use, but it doesn’t feel perfect for finding a scratch when you open the lid. There seems to be room for improvement in quality control in that area.

The connection method is a 2.4GHz wireless connection with the attached USB dongle. The charging cable is USB Type-C and supports quick charging. In addition, it is a paracord cable, so it can be used comfortably while charging.

It is compatible with the integrated software “Glorious Core” for Glorious devices. (Previously, software was prepared for each product, but Glorious Core has appeared as a new integrated version)

The battery lasts up to 71 hours when fully charged, which lasts longer than the flagship wireless mice from major manufacturers.


The Logitech G303SH has a unique shape and is not a mouse that everyone receives like the G PRO, but it is lightweight and compact at 74g, making it easy to handle even with small hands. However, it is a high-performance gaming mouse that has been designed with attention to detail and equipped with the latest sensors.

Glorious Model O Wireless is a mouse that is classified as a high-performance, lightweight wireless mouse such as Logitech G PRO X SUPER LIGHT and Razer Viper Ultimate, but I think that it is a relatively cheap and easy-to-obtain mouse. ..

It was an easy-to-use mouse that could be an option even if you want to work on FPS from now on.

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