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Master & Dynamic MW07 Go vs MW07 Plus: TWS Earphones

We all know about the famous Apple AirPods. These headphones have helped launch a whole line of wireless headphones from a multitude of brands. This is the case with the Jabra Elite 75t or even other brands such as Master & Dynamic, which offer wireless headphones perfectly suited for athletes and sound enthusiasts.

Lately, we have compared Bluetooth headphones from various ranges. One of the goals is to break the myth that it was reserved for the better-off. The second is to show that there is something for all budgets. With the MW07 Go and MW07 Plus, you can mix good audio quality with the perfect fit in your ears in all circumstances.

Pros and Cons

MW07 GoMW07 Plus
Comfortable, secure fitThey sound incredible
IPX6 water-resistanceIPX5 water resistance
Vivid colorsStrong battery life
Stylish battery caseStylish case and design
No extra featuresNo extra features


MW07 GoMW07 Plus
BrandMaster & DynamicMaster & Dynamic
ColorsElectric Blue, Flame Red, Stone Grey, Jet Black, Lime GreenBlack Quartz, Jade Green, Black Pearl, Steel Blue, Tortoiseshell, Black Quartz
Battery life10 Hours10 Hours
Weight7.4 g (each)9 g (each)


MW07 GoMW07 Plus
Driver TypeDynamicDynamic
Noise CancellingNoYes
Dimensions earphone25 x 21 x 18 mm25 x 22.5 x 19 mm
Foldable DesignNoNo

Master & Dynamic MW07 Go

Let’s start by talking about the aesthetic aspect of these headphones. They are blue with a lot of interchangeable tips. They come with various small pouches filled with ear tips that you can insert onto the headphones depending on the shape of your ears. You will have a lot of choices with all the models present in the pack.

The headphones remain relatively simple with a fairly classic plastic, of course solid; it does not seem of a maddening quality at first glance, while the brand praises its merits. We also note that the box is well cared for with a braided fabric covering, which is not unpleasant. We find the above 3 LEDs indicating the remaining charge.

Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus

If you’ve ever seen this design, it’s because it became popular thanks to a collaboration with Louis Vuitton. The luxury brand has affixed its iconic monogram to the original design of Master & Dynamic.

On the sound side, the two models remain identical; the LV version, therefore, brings nothing in terms of audio. However, the peculiarity of this luxury version is its limited quantity. Hence it’s a very high price.

The headphones are completely made of plastic. Hard and high-quality plastic with an impeccable feeling! We are entitled to this model to a white marble effect, also available in black.

The headphones do not try to be discreet; they stand out more than is usual from the ears. When it comes to silicone tips, they seem more comfortable than average. However, here we are entitled to an additional tip to help the earpiece stay in the ear.

If you want to make your experience more pleasant, you can use a smaller mouthpiece or even no mouthpiece at all. This will reduce the hold of the earpiece in the ear but make it much more comfortable to use.


MW07 GoMW07 Plus
MicrophoneYes 2 MicsYes 4 Mics
Music ControlsNoNo
Quick ChargeYesYes
Drive10 mm10 mm
Full Remote OS SupportAndroid, iOSAndroid, iOS

Master & Dynamic MW07 Go

In the absence of an application, we must – if we want an equalizer – do it manually in the smartphone settings. However, the latter will apply to all devices you connect and to the smartphone itself when listening to music. As a reminder, an equalizer on iPhone is adjusted by going to:

Settings> Music> Equalizer

A solution could not be more painful if you use the music application with Apple Music. Spotify or Deezer have their own equalizer.

However, they allow you to make calls, of course, via microphones positioned on the right earpiece. They also allow you to call your voice assistant (Siri, Ok Google, Bixby, etc.) or various functions using their buttons. It is also located on the right earpiece and allows you to:

  • Pause / play (1 press)
  • Go to the next music (2 presses)
  • Go to the previous music (3 presses)
  • Activate your voice assistant (1 long press)

Overall, it looks very similar to what can be found on EarPods or other wired headphones, which allows you not to lose your bearings. You can also adjust the volume via the left earphone.

Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus

Not applicable for this MW07 Plus, which can be an advantage as a defect. Its absence does not mean that there is no functionality.

In fact, we first find a transparency mode. Compared to others, that of the MW07 Plus does not do brilliantly. It remains quite usable, but we find the background noise too high and the “microphone” feeling too present.

The second feature is the active attenuation of ambient noise. So far, great disappointment because we did not know how to notice the slightest difference between with and without. Other testers praise this feature, but in our case, we didn’t find it very useful.

Fortunately, it is easy to overlook this drawback due to the excellent passive isolation. Indeed, in addition to being comfortable, the tips do a great job of isolating outside sound. This will cause you to find yourself using transparency mode more often than you might imagine, despite its questionable quality.

In the absence of software, these functions are controlled directly on the headphones. Thus, a long press on the Volume button – activates and deactivates the reduction of ambient noise. Conversely, a long press on the Volume + button activates or deactivates transparency mode.

The single button on the right earcup toggles between the next and previous track and pauses playback.


MW07 GoMW07 Plus
Battery TypeLi-PoLi-Po
Battery LifeUp to 10 hoursUp to 10 days
Charging Time0.7 hours0.7 hour
Charging PortUSB-CUSB-C
Qi Wireless ChargingNoNo

One point that can satisfy us with these MW07 Go headphones is battery life. It takes about 9 hours with a full charge of the headphones without putting it back in the case. On top of that, you can add the case, which is advertised for 12 hours of extra listening time, which brings the headphones to almost 20 hours on a single full charge at all. It’s very satisfying when you see that the competition sometimes does a lot less well in terms of battery.

The MW07 Plus box has fast charging, which is quite nice. It thus achieves 50% battery in just 15 minutes. Even if the battery inside is not large, it is appreciable to see such a rapid charge for several hours of music listening.

The MW07 Plus charging box is arguably the most premium aspect of the product. Made of shiny aluminum, it sweats the top of the range even with all its scratches and ease of obtaining them.

As for the size, we are in front of a charging case much heavier than those of the other wireless headphones that we have been able to have in our hands, which does not help the case to be made. Forget in the pocket.

Ultimately, it performs with excellence its primary task, which is to charge the headphones. We were able to use them for a good two weeks without having to recharge their case, which is quite impressive, although reassuring, given the size of the case in question.

Sound Quality

In terms of sound quality, this is clearly what one can expect from such headphones. The mids are clear, the bass very present, and the treble not aggressive; we can only be satisfied with the sound quality. Unlike the Jabra Elite 75T, there is no dedicated app designed by Master & Dynamic. It is a shame not to find this type of service, making it possible to adjust an equalizer, for example, only for the headphones.

Besides this fact, this MW07 GO is not active noise reduction like AirPods Pro but passive noise reduction. This means that she is operated on just because you have in-ear headphones, blocking some of the noise that enters your ears. This offers better audio quality, and we must admit, it is quite successful thanks to the many tips you have.

The sound quality of the MW07 Plus is simply good, impossible to explain otherwise. We are not in front of a product that will redefine your perception of music, but a pair of pleasant headphones to listen to.

The bass is more present than on the AirPods but seems more natural than the Jabra Elite 75T. The sound, in general, seems less overprocessed than it does with the Jabra. We will obviously not insult you by comparing this MW07 Plus to Klim Pods.

There is, however, a catch, and it is the iPhone users who will be unhappy. Indeed, the headphones support the aptX codec. In short, this codec allows for better sound quality while losing latency.


MW07 GoMW07 Plus
BluetoothYes 5.0 vYes 5.0 v
Supported Audio CodecsSBC, aptXSBC, aptX
Range30 m30 m


The Bluetooth headphones Master & Dynamic MW07 GO are good wireless headphones for smartphones. They allow you to listen to music for a long time without recharging them, which is a major advantage. Considering we will skip the fact of not having an application or the rather special insertion in your ears, we will focus on the good sound quality and the perfect adaptation in all conceivable ear shapes. The Master & Dynamic MW07 Go are good Bluetooth headphones with excellent battery life. Their sound quality and comfort confirm their performance in all circumstances.

The Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus are excellent headphones when it comes to sound quality and battery life. However, they suffer from unhelpful features, a high price tag, and support that needs to be reviewed for some platforms.

The first part is completed. As for the second, there is much to improve. At 350 USD, we were expecting a pair of headphones with excellent quality and cool features. The battery and the design make it, however, a product that remains recommendable in several scenarios.


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