A lot of gaming lovers and pro gamers actually prefer the 27-inch gaming monitors because of several reasons such as compact design, better and affordable price range, and comparatively a better value for money option. So here we have two gaming monitors from the two reputed and famous brands which are serving their products in the market for the last many years and they set new benchmarks in the market with their quality products. Here we will compare the Philips Brilliance 258B6QUEB and AOC 27G2U/BK 27 inch monitor we will compare both of them to know which one is really worth your consideration.

Pros and Cons

Philips Brilliance 258B6QUEBAOC 27G2U/BK 27
True full USB-C docking station.Good contrast for an IPS panel.
Color renderingNative frequency of 144 Hz.
2K ResolutionFreeSync / G-Sync compatibility.
Limited contrast.Connectors provided.
Lack of USB ports on the edge.Lack of black image insertion system.

Key Specification

Philips Brilliance AOC 27G2U/BK
Gaming MonitorYes Yes
Weight with Stand4.66 kg5.2 kg
Dimension571 x 344 x 55 mm730 x 520 x 190 mm
Power Consumption145 W28 W

Philips Brilliance 258B6QUEB

The monitor itself has a three-sided borderless design as you can see it’s got a pop-up camera which yes does stick into the monitor when it’s not in use. The camera quality in just a bit this pop-up camera is truthfully only useful for Windows hello so if you’re using it as a business solution and you want to use it to log into your PC by Windows hello then you might want to use that. Now moving on from the camera it’s worth going why understand now the stand itself is pretty thick by thick we mean not only in terms of its thickness but also in terms of width and how much space it takes on the desk it’s up to you in terms of if you like it or not it’s just worth throwing your mind’s made out of all plastic which is perfectly okay. But it’s pretty thick and takes up quite a lot of space on the desk it’s worth knowing that the stand actually also provides a full amount of adjustment so you’ve got tilt pivots height adjustments and you can also rotate the monitor a full 360 degrees or 90 degrees. So next up is the OSD now this can be accessed through a set of physical buttons found on the bottom right of the monitor.

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AOC 27G2U/BK 27

The build quality of the monitor has a three-sided borderless design which means it takes less space on your desk. It looks a lot sleeker and also means that if you do want to daisy-chain a few of them next to each other as envy your GPU you can do. So with a kind of borderless design and look nice now the stand normally at this price range you’d expect a non-tilt non-adjustable stand AFC you’ve gone full out you’ve got height adjustment, tilt adjustment, pivots and you can even rotate it 180 degrees, in other words, everything you’d like to do with it. The stand is made out of plastic but you won’t have any sort of problems. In terms of wobble. But in terms of stand wise in terms of looks it’s got like a black and a red design to it it looks nice it’s not overly aggressive and in terms of how he feels.


Philips Brilliance AOC 27G2U/BK
Display TypeIPSIPS LED
Size25 inch27 inch
Aspect ratio16:916:9
Resolution2560 x 1440 pixel1920 x 1080 pixels
Pixel Density117 PPI81 PPI
Response Time5 ms1 ms
Refresh Rate76 Hz144 Hz

Philips Brilliance 258B6QUEB

This monitor has a 27 inch IPS display it runs 1440p at 75 Hertz has a quoted response time of 5 milliseconds it has a quoted brightness of 315’s. This monitor looks it is incredible this IPS panel fantastic it does look calibrated. It does have a fantastic contrast ratio, it does have really nice color accuracy and viewing angles are also fantastic. Additionally, it’s got really good deep blacks and it doesn’t suffer too much from IPS glue or let’s say back like bleeding should we say, and the overall brightness uniformity does a decent job as well. Moving back in terms of the overall colors and how they pop looks fantastic this monitor looks fantastic its IPS panel the fundamentals of this monitor are absolutely done to perfection.

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AOC 27G2U/BK 27

This has a hundred forty-four Hertz panel one millisecond quoted response time AMD FreeSync support and yes that also does run on G-Sync and it has an IPS panel which is insane because most panels have a TN panel at this price range it has a full HD resolution which is great. The picture quality of this IPS panel at a hundred and seventy pounds is absolutely incredible. Not many gaming monitors let alone budget monitors, not even budget gaming monitors can actually boast this that is incredible now in terms of the contrast ratio 1200 to one pretty expected for an IPS panel.


Philips BrillianceAOC 27G2U/BK
HDMI2.0 x 11.4 x 2
DisplayPort1.2 x 11.2 x 1
Audio Output3.5 mm3.5 mm
USB3.0 x 43.0 x 4
Built-in SpeakersNo2 x 2W
G-SYNC SupportYes (Compatible)Yes (Compatible)
FreeSync SupportYes (Compatible)Yes (Compatible)

Philips Brilliance 258B6QUEB

Moving towards connectivity it gets one 2.0 HDMI port and a 1.2 DisplayPort. In terms of audio output, it gets a 3.5mm headphone jack. It also comes with a USB hub which has a 4 USB ports slot which is good. 

AOC 27G2U/BK 27

The AOC 27G2U/BK 27 comes with two 1.4 HDMI ports and a 1.2 DisplayPort. For audio output, it gets a 3.5mm headphone jack. Additionally, it also gets a USB hub which consists of 4 USB ports. And a cool thing is in terms of speakers it gets a 2W speaker set up which have decent sound quality. Both of these devices do have to support the G-Sync and FreeSync which is a great thing for gaming lovers.

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Philips BrillianceAOC 27G2U/BK
Power On100-240VAC,50/60Hz100-240VAC,50/60Hz
Power SupplyExternalExternal
DC Input Power

You can be observed from the above table that both of these monitors required a similar power while operating on the power-on mode they both require 100-240VAC,50/60Hz and additionally they both required an external type of power adaptor.

Which is better!

Both of these monitors are pretty good in terms of design, features, and connectivity options. But in terms of actual display and performance of the AOC 27G2U/BK 27 is slightly better than the Philips Brilliance 258B6QUEB monitor. Also, they both served in the market at a different price point so it is up to the buyer.