Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses vs Amazon Echo Frames: The Ultimate Smart Glasses Showdown

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses vs Amazon Echo Frames

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses vs Amazon Echo Frames: In recent times, there’s been a significant buzz around smart glasses. Brands like Ray-Ban and Meta are trying to capture a slice of this lucrative pie, especially now that Amazon has introduced its updated Echo frames line. Here, we break down the significant differences between the newly released Ray-Ban Meta Glasses and the Echo Frames’ third generation.

Here’s a breakdown of two leading players in the market: Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses and Amazon Echo Frames. Let’s dive in!

Design and Appearance

Ray-Ban, in collaboration with Meta, released the Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses last year. These glasses seamlessly integrate smart features into Ray-Ban’s iconic designs, such as the Wayfarer, and now come in more colors and designs, including a transparent version.

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses vs Amazon Echo Frames
Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses

Amazon Echo Frames are designed to be an extension of the Alexa experience. They come in seven different frame styles, and this collection has made them even lighter with 15% thinner temples compared to the previous model.

Amazon's Echo Frames third generation
Amazon Echo Frames third generation

Release Dates and Pricing

  • Ray-Ban Meta Glasses: Pre-orders for these glasses have already begun, with the official launch set for October 17th. Prices start from 300 USD, varying based on the style selected.
  • Echo Frames: Though the third-gen Echo frames do not have a confirmed release date yet, Amazon is accepting pre-orders for $269. The Echo Frames, including the Carrera collaboration, start at $299.99.
Carrera edition echo frames
Carrera Smart Glasses Echo Frames

Features and Capabilities

Ray-Ban Meta Glasses

Unlike the Echo Frames, these glasses do not have a voice control feature or smart assistant. Instead, they come with a companion app.

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Voice Activation: Simply saying “Hey Meta, take a photo” or “Hey Meta, take a video” can control these glasses.

Spatial Audio: Equipped with five microphones, these glasses can capture and playback spatial audio, offering a 3D sound experience.

Improved Internals: They’re powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon AR1 Gen1 processor. The glasses also have a larger touchpad for enhanced control and offer richer sound quality.

Usage and Charging: They come with a fancy leather charging case that supports up to eight charges. The glasses are ideal for short, sporadic use, perfect for capturing moments on the go.

Echo Frames

They come powered with Amazon’s Alexa. This means users can command Alexa to play music, podcasts, audiobooks, and even control other Alexa-compatible smart devices.

Multi-point Pairing: This feature allows users to switch audio sources between connected devices seamlessly.

Redesigned Audio: The open-ear audio architecture ensures sound is directed precisely to the wearer, minimizing what others can hear. This provides a clearer, more immersive listening experience.

Enhanced Voice Activation: Alexa’s wake word performance has been improved, ensuring clear voice recognition even in noisy conditions.

Collaboration with Carrera: Amazon partnered with Carrera eyewear from the Safilo Group, a renowned eyewear manufacturer, to design two of the new frames.


Ray-Ban Meta Glasses: One of the standout features is the 12-megapixel sensor embedded within the frame. Users can capture both photos and full HD videos (1080p) and even live stream directly to platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Editing and sharing can be done via the dedicated app.

Echo Frames: Amazon has chosen not to include a camera in their smart glasses, so no capturing of photos or videos.

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Ray-Ban Meta Glasses: They boast Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.3 capabilities, allowing users to link their glasses with their mobile devices seamlessly.

Echo Frames: These glasses offer something called a multi-point Bluetooth connection. This enables them to connect to two devices simultaneously. For instance, you can transition between a call on your phone and a video on your laptop without manual intervention.

Battery Life: Who Lasts Longer?

Ray-Ban Meta Glasses: They offer a battery life of about four hours on one charge. While they can be fully recharged in 75 minutes, they seem to lag behind the Echo Frames in terms of longevity.

Echo Frames: Amazon claims these frames can last up to 14 hours with moderate use. Continuous media playback or talking reduces this to around six hours (at 80% volume). The real-world endurance still remains to be tested.

Final Thoughts

The battle between the Ray-Ban Meta Glasses and Amazon’s Echo Frames third generation is shaping up to be a fascinating one. Both offer unique features, with the Ray-Ban glasses prioritizing camera capabilities and the Echo Frames focusing on voice assistance and extended battery life.

Which of these glasses appeals more to you? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Additionally, for a more detailed visual comparison between the Echo Frames and both frames, check out the link provided in the description.