2023: Razer Blackshark V2 Pro Gaming Headset Review

Razer Blackshark V2 Pro Gaming Headset Review

Razer Blackshark V2 Pro 2023: In 2021, Razer released its popular Blackshark headsets with both wired and wireless options. These headsets quickly became popular due to their affordable price and comfortable design. Now, in 2023, Razer has released an updated wireless version called the Razer Blackshark V2 Pro. Let’s take a closer look at this model, which we missed reviewing earlier.

The Razer Blackshark V2 Pro 2023 includes a new feature: Bluetooth 2.4 GHz connection. This makes the headset more versatile and allows it to be used with both a PC and a smartphone while on the go.

However, the price of the headset is $199, which is quite expensive compared to the previous generation, which is currently priced at around $121. This puts it in direct competition with other premium models such as the SteelSeries Arctis Pro 9, the Corsair Virtuoso XT, and the Astro A50 Gen 4.

The Razer Blackshark V2 Pro 2023 includes a new feature Bluetooth 2.4 GHz connection

The headset comes in a cardboard box with Razer’s usual color codes. We discover some visuals of the product and its main characteristics.

Razer Blackshark V2 Pro 2023

The Headset comes with the following items:

A detachable microphone with windscreen.

A 2.4 Ghz dongle for the wireless connection.

USB extension to bring the dongle closer.

USB-A to USB-C cable for charging.

A user guide and some Razer stickers.

Pros & Cons

Comfortable to wearDoesn’t work with Xbox consoles
Competitive esports EQ profilesNon-removable ear cups
Dual wireless connection
Good Microphone quality
70 hour battery life


V2 PRO 2023V2 PRO 2021
Connection2.4GHz wireless or BluetoothWireless 2.4GHZ / 3.5mm
Audio DriverTriForce Titanium 50mm DriversTriForce Titanium 50mm Drivers
MicRemovable MicRemovable Mic
Sound IsolationAdvanced Passive Noise IsolationPassive Noise Cancellation
Ear CushionsPressure-Relieving Memory FoamUltra-Soft Memory Foam
Surround SoundTHX Spatial AudioTHX Spatial Audio
Audio ControlsOn-HeadsetOn-Headset
Weight320g320 g


Razer’s new Blackshark V2 Pro gaming headset has a unique design resembling a helicopter pilot headset. Unlike many other gaming headsets, it doesn’t have any RGB lighting, giving it a more understated appearance. The 2023 version is similar in appearance to the 2021 model, with most changes focused on functionality rather than aesthetics.

Headphone with mic

The headband is well-padded and covered in mesh on the inside, with a leatherette Razer logo on the outside. It is flexible and can adjust to fit most head sizes.

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The ear cups slide along two thin metal rods to adjust the size, with no notches or visual cues, allowing for easy adjustments during long gaming sessions.

The ear cups are made of plastic and are oval in shape

The ear cups are made of plastic and are oval in shape. They have several controls, including a power button, a button to mute the microphone, an LED to show the status of the headphones, a USB-C port for charging, and a 3.5mm connector for the removable microphone.


The microphone is mounted on a small flexible boom for easy positioning. The left ear cup has a large wheel to adjust the volume, and the right ear cup has a button for Bluetooth pairing and switching between different sources and headphone EQs. The ear cups have memory foam pads covered in mesh for comfort, but unfortunately, they are not replaceable, which is a downside for a headset that costs under 200$.

Once on your head, the Blackshark V2 Pro is very comfortable, with well-distributed pressure points and mesh fabrics that reduce heat. It weighs 320g and can be worn for several hours without any discomfort or pain.


If the design of the Razer Blackshark V2 Pro 2023 changes very little, there are some changes in the connection side with this new version.


First important point to note, the headset only works wirelessly . If it was previously possible to connect the V2 Pro wired via 3.5 mm, the connection is no longer available on this new version.

Instead, the headset now opts for a dual wireless connection. We will thus have the choice between a 2.4 Ghz mode via the USB dongle and a Bluetooth mode. As usual, we will favor the 2.4 Ghz connection when playing on PC or console (the headset works well on PS5), which allows you to take advantage of the best possible latency and a range of around 15 meters.

The headset now uses dual wireless.We can choose between Bluetooth and 2.4 Ghz via the USB dongle.

The Bluetooth connection makes it easy to connect to your smartphone or other compatible device. The connection is very simple, by holding the pairing button on the left headset for 7 seconds. Then simply select the headset from the list of available devices.

By double-pressing this same button, you can then switch in the blink of an eye between 2.4 Ghz mode and Bluetooth mode . The switch is made in a perfectly clear way and the option can be very practical if, for example, you receive a phone call on your phone while playing on a PC.

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To go a little further, we would have liked to be able to mix the two sources altogether and adjust the volume of each of them. Some headsets already offer this option.

Battery life

The new version of the Blackshark V2 Pro offers a significant improvement in battery life. Razer claims up to 70 hours of use on a single charge, compared to just 25 hours on the previous model. Charging is done through USB-C, and a 15-minute charge can provide up to 6 hours of gaming time. In our testing, we were able to use the headphones regularly for over a week without needing to recharge. Overall, the battery life is impressive.

Razer Synapse Software

The headset is compatible with the Razer Synapse software, allowing in particular to create different configuration profiles . For each profile, you can then adjust many options concerning the sound reproduction of the headset and its microphone.

Standard Stereo appThe Razer Blackshark V2 Pro 2023 headset comes with a handy tool that allows you to customize your sound experience. You can adjust the equalizer to emphasize different in-game sound elements and even set specific equalizer settings for each game or application.

Stereo App

The tool also offers a THX Spatial Audio mode for a surround sound effect. Razer’s default equalizers are built into the headset’s memory, so you can adjust the sound without opening the tool, which is useful when playing on a PS5.

In the “Improvement” tab, you can activate a “Do not disturb” mode to block incoming calls when the headset is connected to your PC and smartphone via Bluetooth. There are also options to boost bass, vocal clarity, and normalize volume to avoid sudden increases in volume.

The “Microphone” tab lets you adjust voice capture settings such as gain, noise-gate, and monitoring level. You can also enhance vocal clarity and reduce surrounding noise.

Equalizer app View

The “Power” tab allows you to configure automatic standby for the headphones, but it doesn’t provide an estimate of how long the remaining battery will last. Note that the headset doesn’t automatically turn on when you put it on your head or when sound is played, unlike the Astro A50.

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Sound performance

The Razer Blackshark V2 Pro 2023 headset boasts 50mm Razer TriForce Titanium speakers that provide convincing sound reproduction. However, the default sound is not very neutral, with an emphasis on low frequencies and slightly aggressive high frequencies.

For music listening, the sound can be tiring for some songs, but you can adjust the equalizer to your preference. In games, the headset performs well, especially in titles where sound plays a crucial role in immersion like The Witcher 3 and God of War. The headset brings out the many sound details, dialogue between characters, and soundtracks of these games.

The headset primarily targets competitive players, as evident from the various “E-Sport” settings in the Synapse software. In games like Valorant, the headset helps players remain alert to sound cues left by opponents and easily locate them around them. Activating the sound preset for a specific game accentuates the sound cues, but at the expense of a less balanced overall sound. The headset provides a lot of customization options for players to adjust according to their needs and preferences.


The Blackshark V2 Pro 2023 boasts a revamped microphone that delivers impressive results. Compared to other wireless models, it provides clear and detailed voice capture, and Razer Synapse offers plenty of customization options to suit individual preferences.

Speaker without fur

To sound, which we find better than that of the Corsair HS80 Wireless, a previous top contender in the wireless headset category.

In addition, the microphone does an excellent job of reducing ambient noise, including the clicks of a mechanical keyboard. Even without activating the noise reduction feature, keyboard sounds are already quite discreet, and with the feature on, they are practically non-existent. Razer has done an outstanding job with this microphone!


The Razer Blackshark V2 Pro 2023 is an excellent wireless gaming headset that offers top-notch finishes, comfortable design, and modern connectivity via 2.4 Ghz and Bluetooth compatibility. It replaces the previous version of 2020 and brings some improvements.

During use, the sound performance is impressive and easily customizable to suit individual game preferences. Additionally, the microphone is among the best available on a wireless gaming headset, featuring clear audio capture and many customization options.

While the 2023 version may not have significant improvements compared to the original model, it sets the standard for wireless headsets in its category.

However, the Blackshark V2 Pro 2023’s steep price of $199 may be hard to justify, especially when the previous model is available for $121 less. Our advice would be to wait a few months for the price to drop to around $180 before making a purchase.